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Miss Jackson If You’re Classy




Hi!I’m posting for Glance! Its like being hired to write for Vogue, which will eventually happen, I swear. It’s hot outside. Anyways, have you guys checked out the new pumps at Epoque? They are hawt. For those who don’t follow me yet, let me translate. Hawt means hot. Nappy weave means amazing or yuck. Gorge is short for gorgeous. Please copywright to Leona Jayaram. Jayaram for President 2012. The heels are called Revolution Pumps & they’re skyhigh. Love them. I’m cheap & got the VIP group ones, but that doesnt matter. Everything is pretty much old news except the badu turban by lelutka. Go check it out because I gotta sleep.

The Model Wears;
Skin: Beach Baby in Smokey by Nylon Outfitters
Eyelashes:Moloch by The Obscene
Turban: Badu by Le Lutka
Top: Sia Top in Callia by Yozoh
Pants: Highwaist wool pants by Milk Motion
Heels: Revolution Pumps in Pea
Satchel: PS1 satchel in Tan by HOF
Necklace: Sea Green Pearl Necklace by HOF

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Nappy Weaves

Post: I should be out walking my poor little puppy, but I guess his tiny bladder can wait. I finally got a chance to post something new, this week has been busy for me. Finals coming up soon & I cant wait to fail em & get out of there. Anyways, so I have exciting news. I got those above pants (yes I begged for them) from the owner of Fab Pony. They are called the Chloe jeans & they’re mega hawt. They’re highwaist bell bottom jeans which bring back the 70s and I kinda wish I was there for that century. The jeans are well designed, the texture is gorge. The bottom prims are cool, theres one for heels & one for flats. Go pick those up.
Also, So Many Styles released some cool stuff. The above blazer is from there. For the record, I got it pre released but wasn’t allowed to blog it, so I don’t know what I’m trying to prove but its been proven. The hair is a new nappy weave (nappy means gorge, but it can be used as negative, so don’t play) at Lelutka. Well there are plenty new nappy weaves there, but this one is my favorite. It reminds me of French models & croissants. Its gorgeous  & well put together like all Lelutka things. Yes, I’m kissing ass, but its true as well. They’re also at the shoe fair but a cute new shoe! FD also has a 50% off sale. I smell new things, but who can blame me for having a schnoze. Everything else is recycled because money is tight. If you would like to send me new items to wear & blog, let me know. I might even suck up to ya!

The Model Wears;
Look #1
Hair: RYKIEL hair in Irish Red by LeLutka
Bird Skin in Slasher 4 by Fashionably Dead
Hi Twiggy! by La Malvada Mujer
Boyfriend Blazer in Blue by {SMS}
Chloe Jeans in Vintage by FAB.PONY
Saffron Pumps in Electric Red by LeLutka

Look #2
Hair:RYKIEL hair in Irish Red by LeLutka
Bird Skin in Slasher 4 by Fashionably Dead
Moloch by The Obscene
Blush in Brown by LG Concept
Jacket: Metal Stripes (Broach Version) by Paper Couture
Shirt: Claven Blouse in Antique by W&B
Skirt: Debut Gown by Epoque
Pants: July Pants in White by Glam Affair
Belt: Vanessa Belt by R.icielli

Location: District 8
Soundtrack: Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga

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Sunny Skins, Bitches!


Hi Guys! It’s been a busy week, so I’ve got a lot of updating to do so shut up and read. My friend got the smart lipo done, its amazing. I believe in doing it the right way because lipo, to me, is cheating. Pushups and sit-ups are the way to go, but its fascinating how fast the procedure is and how fast she recovered. I’ve also been busy with stupid bullshit, like watching Celebrity Apprentice. Love that show, I jizz every time La Toya Jackson speaks, even though Janet is much hotter.

Anyways, so the above pictured skin is one of the new skins by Nylon Pinkney called Sunny Skins. Nylon is the talented designer of Nylon Outfitters & Ooh La La. The skin is Honey Beige. I gotta take my hat off to Nylon because I was told that first, the whole skin is painted! Do you know how incredibly hard that is? You gotta have major hairy balled skills. Amazing. The skin’s face also has these incredibly cute pores, they kinda got removed with the PS editing, but inworld you can see them and they’re such a great detail. It’s kinda what foundation looks like on the skin in the summer. Gorge. I didn’t buy the skin because I’m poor as fuck, but I wanted to just show how great these skins are and how talented Nylon’s work is, so sue me. I love great in a pencil skirt so I’ll see you in court. But go check out the skins first!

The Model Wears;
Fresh in Brown 08 by Elikatira
Honey Beige by Nylon Outfitters
Moloch Eyelashes by The Obscene
Princess Rehab in Matte by Pididdle


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Blog Entry: Hola Amigos! Wow, I need to stop using the crop button, the picture looks tiny. I’m pooped, I think I need some weed. Someone should honestly fucking censor me. Anyways, I love this blog part, I get to write whatever. I wish more bloggers would write more in their entries because to me, its not about my picture, it probably sucks balls but at least I get a chance to share my ideas, opinion, and routine with complete strangers and I like that “unpeeling of onion layers” if you will. R.icelli has released their new Fall/Winter 2010 collection. Good stuff, very structured and strong items. La Malvada Mujer has also released new makeup layers called Yes Sir, I actually think that its for the chicos but that doesnt stop me. So, I watched Project Runway last night and I’m fuming! April Jonhson or Johnston or the pretty blonde chick with the bun on her head, you cant miss her, was outted last night. I really loved her clothing and ideas, I dont think color pallete means much but whatever, I stopped watching if you’re wondering. My dog has started chewing at these new payless shoes I bought, fucking asshole, I swear I’m gunna muzzle his ass. Anyways, if anyone is interested in the crap I picture and or talk about, hook me up with a gig because I’m sooo bored, or you could try to fight me, I would love a heated discussion! Also, I’m a book freak, I love reading. I’m currently reading Lolita by Nabovo or some crap like that (I’m so sorry for double fucking your name up Mr. Writer, good book btw) and its sooo “perverted & disgusting” but I secretly (not anymore) get turned on by it, probably just because I’m a sicko. The feminine would be sicka? Wow I’m babbling. Anyways, R.icielle, La Malavada Mujer & LeLutka have new stuff out, go check them out!

  Jejune in Dig It in Light by Tres Blah
Alejandro in Grain (pack) by Epoque * Hair Fair, but I think you can get it in store*
Yes Sir # 3 by La Malvada Mujer *NEW*
Moloch by The oBscene
Ballone Dress in Navy by R.icielli *NEW*
*KK!* Black Pantyhose/Tights

Location:  Hathian
Soundtrack: Fembot by Robyn

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We Are A Semi United Front

Review:  Hey Guys! I haven’t been on here for a long time, I’m beginning to see cobwebs. I finished my article and pictures for the July issue of Essence of Style Magazine, so I have more time on my hands.  I’m super excited for the end result, I’ll keep you guys posted. I haven’t done white screen pictures in a long time so I was bored as f*** (trying to keep it clean) so I decided to play around with GIMP and my inventory. I found moccasins in SL!!! I was sooo thrilled when I saw these cute little fellas, I don’t usually wear them in RL, but I’m not the same person in SL or am I? Any who, enjoy! Mustache released new stuff btw, go check it out!

~ Leona

The Models Also Wear;

Look 1:

Hair: Sour in Butter by !lamb

Skin: Makeup 2 in Eclat Light by Lelutka

Eyelashes: Regina by Beauty Avatar

Jacket: Blazer in Red by (madsy) *closed*

Top: Antique Top in Plum by {SMS} *FLF*

Bottoms: Draped Pant Version 2 in White by (madsy) *closed*

Heels: Baby T’s in Black by Pixel Mode

Look 2

Hair: Ride in Platnium Blonde by [69]

Skin: Makeup 2 in Eclat Light by Lelutka

Eyelashes: Regina by Beauty Avatar

Top: Long Panama Sweater in White by *Crazy*

Skirt: Subversive Bows in Emerald by Royal Blue

Shoes: Moccasins in Tan by Mustache

Purse: Pearl Mini Bag in Black by {SMS}

Look 3

Hair: Witch in Powder by !lamb

Skin: Makeup 2 in Eclat Light by Lelutka

Eyelashes: Moloch by The oBscene

Vest: Fur Gilet in Black by (madsy) *closed*

Top: Vintage Flower Top in Rain Black by Paparazzi

Skirt: Antonia High Waist Skirt in White by R.icielli

Heels: Baby T’s Plain in Royal by Pixel Mode

Socks: Knitt Socks in Grey by {SMS}

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The Obscene Face of Mona

Review: So this week, I was hunting down new eyelashes when I reminded myself of  [the oBscene]. [the oBscene]used to be, well at least to me, famous for their gorgeous thick eyelashes and soul-searching eyes. Well while I was there, I noticed that they’re back with a new set of kick ass, pardon my french, skins and lingerie.  There is where I met Mona. Mona is their new skin collection and I’m head of heels for it. I contacted  the quite stunning vixen Kuja Akina earlier this week and I was thrilled that she was kind enough to comply with my request of blogging about Mona.  Mona is a different kind of skin. It still had vampire tones intertwined, for those of you that didn’t know The Obscene came out with a vampire collection of skins, but it’s much more glamorous, and if you will, more innocent. It still has its sex appeal but in a more sophisticated way. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the skin comes with a “push it!” cleavage enhancer.  To be quite frank, like I usually am, watch out Lelutka because this is a mix of Lola with a sexy bottle of Vodka. Now go get your skins now at [the oBscene]!

♥ Leona

The Model Also Wears;

Hair: Sour in Butter by !lamb

Skin: Mona in Tone 2 by [the oBscene]

Eyelashes: Moloch by [the oBscene]

Gloves: Fur Gloves from the Elevator outfit by Manifesto

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Fashion Risks

Review: Hi Guys! I’m super hyped about this editorial I did. I did it for my own good because no one wants to hire me for their magazines :(, So I decided to make an article for myself. I got this idea from the May issue of Glamour magazine with the lovely Lauren Conrad on the cover. As you can see, it says that there’s 7 risks but it’s actually 6, I just can’t count. I actually think they might be more tips or suggestions (is that the same thing?) than “risk:s”. Anywho, I hope you like it and maybe you’ll talk my advice. If anyone needs a columnist, an editor, photographer, coffee getter for their magazines, let me know!

♥ Leona

Look #1

Hair: Paio in Lightbrown by Mirai

Skin: Makeup 2 in Eclat Light by Lelutka

Lashes: Moloch by The Obscene

Shorts: High Waist Shorts in White by R.icielli

Look #2

Hair: The Wallflower in Chips by Epoque

Skin: Makeup 2 in Eclat Light by Lelutka

Shorts: High Waist Shorts in White by R.icielli

Jacket: Corporate Pow Wow in Board Room Blue by Royal Blue

Heels: Saffron Pumps in Electric Red

Socks: Knit Socks in Grey by {SMS}

Look #3

Hair: Bang Bang Bob in Powder by !lamb

Skin: Makeup 2 in Eclat Light by Lelutka

Lashes: Moloch by The Obscene

Dress: French Dress by Wasted Youth

Heels: Armadillo Plateaus in Mamba by Pacadi Jasha

Look # 4

Hair: Witch in Powder by !lamb

Skin: Makeup 7 in Eclat Light by Lelutka

Pantsuit: Snowdrift Suit by Paper Couture

Glasses: The Beat Glasses in Oxidized Silver by Paper Couture

Heels: Sluts in Skyscrapers in Noir & Yellow by Royal Blue

Look #5

Hair: Jules in Sensitive Black by fri.day

Skin: Makeup 2 in Eclat Light by Lelutka

Dress: Viscus Merte by Equus

Stockings: Line to the Crown in Rubberduck by Royal Blue

Kicks: Demi Trainers in White by Lelutka

Look #6

Hair: Principe in Platinum by CheerNo

Skin: Makeup 2 in Eclat Light by Lelutka

Sweater: White Knitt Cardigan by Wasted Youth

Skirt: High Waist Pencil Skirt in Bordeaux by Whippet & Buck

Heels: Saffron Pumps in Electric Red by Lelutka

Stockings: Pantyhose in Black by Vextra Messing

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The Vampire Collection

   (ARCADIA – Aluka by The Obscene from the Vampire Collection)

Review: Humans and Avatars have been bitten by the vampire bug! Old news, I know.  The Twilight movie and book saga have made people go gaga for vampires. Well apparently the vampire bug has also bitten [the oBscene], who are  famous for their deliciously fab skins, eyelashes, hair, and lingerie. I love these skins because of the great amount of detail that they put, especially, into the makeup. The makeup seals the deal for me on skins and these skins are exquisite. Just makes me want to bite into a juicy neck. Sorry,I know, “Not funny”. Just trying a little humor. Anyways, they come with many different styles of lipstick and eye makeup. I love the detailing of the lips on this skin with the smeared blood on the top of the lips and the blood dripping down at the corner of the mouth. Love the coloring between the nice juicy red against the more dark morbid blood. I also absolutely love the cute little scratch on the left eye. Fabulous. Bravo to [the oBscene]!


The Model Also Wears;                                                                                                                                                                                            Hair: Witch in Powder by !lamb

Eyelashes: Black Crown from The Bolder Collection by [glow] studio

Eyes: Mystic2 by [the oBscene]

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