The Vampire Collection

   (ARCADIA – Aluka by The Obscene from the Vampire Collection)

Review: Humans and Avatars have been bitten by the vampire bug! Old news, I know.  The Twilight movie and book saga have made people go gaga for vampires. Well apparently the vampire bug has also bitten [the oBscene], who are  famous for their deliciously fab skins, eyelashes, hair, and lingerie. I love these skins because of the great amount of detail that they put, especially, into the makeup. The makeup seals the deal for me on skins and these skins are exquisite. Just makes me want to bite into a juicy neck. Sorry,I know, “Not funny”. Just trying a little humor. Anyways, they come with many different styles of lipstick and eye makeup. I love the detailing of the lips on this skin with the smeared blood on the top of the lips and the blood dripping down at the corner of the mouth. Love the coloring between the nice juicy red against the more dark morbid blood. I also absolutely love the cute little scratch on the left eye. Fabulous. Bravo to [the oBscene]!


The Model Also Wears;                                                                                                                                                                                            Hair: Witch in Powder by !lamb

Eyelashes: Black Crown from The Bolder Collection by [glow] studio

Eyes: Mystic2 by [the oBscene]

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