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We Won’t Run!

Hello! I’m thinking of getting rid of the “Post” before my posts. It’s obvious that its a post. Anyways, Hawthorne released cute new purses today!! They are like oversized clutches and they come in shoulder (with the chain) and hand (with the chain on top of the top flap). You have to purchase them separately, which is a bummer, but the awesome design makes up for it. The purses come in pink, white, red, taupe (beige/tan), navy and black. They’re called Nostalgia. Gorge. Also, Peqe released the Inex jeans for the Fall 2011 collection a while ago but I haven’t had a chance to blog them. They are super high waist (right under the breasts) and have a super ultra flair. Elongates the torso and thickens the legs. Gorge as well. The blazer is from the vintage fair collection by ISON. Everything else is recycled. Ugh, I need to blow my nose. I wish SL had thrift shops that I could sell my overused clothes at and replace my wardrobe with someone else’s like Vega Arida. Why am I not a Linden?

The Model Wears:
Ethan in Dark Brown 01 by Burley
C88 Neon Corner in Dark Brows by Tres Blah
Tapered Glasses in Grey by Epoque
One Button Blazer in Red by ISON|
Top: Lace Onesie in White by Epoque
Pants: Inex Jeans in Soft Black by Peqe
Necklace: Pearl Strand Necklace by Paper Couture
Earrings: Oversized Enamel Loop Earrings by Paper Couture
Purse: Nostalgia in Taupe by Hawthorne *NEW*
Pose: PDA

Soundtrack: Midnight City by M83

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Vintage Broad With Bad Hair Dye

Post: This is the first day in many days that I actually roll out of bed at 10 am. I’m loving it. I’m done with work & am prepping to go back to school soon. Fifth Grade! Big step in my life. Now I have time to blog and do stupid shit.  Britney Spears came to Boston the other night and I wish I had gone. But, I’m saving my money to go see Adele when she comes by. I love Adele. I can do a killer Rolling in The Deep. Oh I adore my little android. It’s sitting next to me and serenading me some pop music. Life if good. So, I’ve been so out of SL, I don’t have much gossip or shit to talk about. Oh god, rain is pouring in through my window. Chapping my anus right now. Is rain good for wood floor? I’m too lazy to get up. I went to Orientation the other day and it was awesome. I was the baddest chick there, but what can such a fly person do? Anywho, I gotta go clean a mess. I wonder if I can get the storm clean up people in here.

The Model Wears;
Hair: lamb
Skin: &bean
Lips: pididdle
Jacket: peqe
Top:  house of fox
Skirt: vive 9 (belt included)
Necklaces: paper couture
Purse: house of fox
Location: Sea Salts
Soundtrack: Big Fat Bass by B. Spears

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the pushy broad

Post: Fuck my anus, my curtain just fell. Crap. Excuse my ladylike language. Its 10:36 p.m. and I’m still up, I’m nine years old so I should be in bed by now. Just kidding, I’m much older than that, but you’ll never know how old. Anyone catch Britney Spears at the Billboard awards? Awesome, even though she didn’t sing or dance. All she did was strut in her beautiful blonde weave, but who cares, it’s show biz baby. Wait, just got a call from her publicist, she actually did sing. Don’t you love the skirt I’m wearing? It’s from Orta. They have kinda died down, but their creations are delightful nonetheless. I feel like when people disappear for a while, they’re gunna come back with explosive new items. Everything else is old stuff in my closet, but who cares, I look hawt. I hate the warm weather, I’m not slutty enough to go nude so I’m sweating dogs right now. Or is it bullets? I feel like I should post this tomorrow morning so that people will see it, but what the hell. Nite!

The Model Wears;
Hair: Mimi 01 in Dark Blonde by 69
Bird Skin in Slasher 04 by fd
Bubbles plastic #1 by La Malvada Mujer
Pacific Cardigan in Vintage by Peqe
Part of Gathered Skins by Paper Couture
Part of Sophie Gown in Creme by Orta
Saffron Pumps in Electric Red by LeLutka
Fishnet Tights in Black by Blowpop
City of Perdition
 Fashion of His Love by Lady Gaga

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It’s Not LeToya…It’s LaToya!

Post: Hola Amigos! I’m so pumped for Celebrity Apprentice tonight, even though I hoped that the Trump men would be more attractive. Yes, Don…I’m talking to you. He creeps me out with his gelled back hair and creepy smile. Ivanka should wear sexier clothing, that might make me happier. But anyways, the competition is really tight so I’m breathing in every single second of drama. My heart skips a beat every time La Toya opens her mouth. I am a Jackson family fan because I feel like they’re shit is so well hidden. I have started taking Photoshop classes with my buddy Light Claven. I’m learning from the best and I hope my pictures have improved, not that I give a fuck. Well, at least half a fuck. My pictures used to be super blurry because of the pixelized skin that drove me insane, but you actually have to increase your picture’s dimensions and then resize instead of smudging the fuck out the pics. By the way, WordPress’ spell check sucks ass! I’m either not typing in english or they just don’t understand me. So if I sound like a fucking tard, its not my fault because I passed english in high school. Don’t you just adore the jacket I’m wearing? Its by Peqe and I adore it! Go check it out. I gotta go watch Julia Child or get high.

The Model Wears:
Ambrosia in Powder by !lamb
Beach Babe in Smoky by Nylon Outfitters
Custom Made for Me by La Malvada Mujer
Pacific Jacket in Vintage by Peqe
Strapless Bra in Wine by Epoque
WaistHighs in Acid by Vive9
Fishnet Tights by Blowpop
Basic.pumps in Cream by fri.day
Bohemian Glow in Grey by !_Ce Cubic Effect
Brooch: My Skully Feather Brooch by Oh! Studio
Virtual Decay Quaratine
Welcome to Medina by Medina

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Overpriced Trashy Vixens

Post: Hi Chicos & Chicas. I’m using Safari and did you know that they auto spellcheck shit for ya? Well they do, so I might sound less of a dirty whore. Anyways, La Malvada Mujer released a purse (pictured above, duh) thats ultra gorge. Gorge means gorgeous btw. The bag comes with an ao which is cool, but the bag is extremely chic even though its bold neon. I love their little seal on the top, reminds me of my Guess bags.  The bag is only avaiable at the Fashion House. Also, Irie Campese, the super chic owner of SMS is releasing the above wine dress for TDR, go pick it up for 60L. I love the color and the fabric. The design is gorge as well. The Secret Store released a cute little numba at the fashion house as well, I only used the skirt but its cute & cheap. I think I’m done, nite bitches.

The Models Wear:
Just in Blonde 02 *mod in Yellow* by [e] *NEW*
Skin: Blessa in Catty by tres blah
Lips: Lost My Keys! by Pididdle
Top: Bold in Aqua by Peqe
Bodysuit: Rigid Bodysuit in Grey by Epoque
Skirt: FrouFrou in Navy by The Secret Store *NEW*
Stockings: Sheer Tights in Black by Vive9
Socks: Nifty Knit Socks in Swim Like A Pink Fish by Glasnost
Heels: Move Pumps in Nude by [e]

Hair: Same as Above
Skin: Same as Above
Lips: Princess Rehab in Matte by Pididdle
Top: Top Lace Bow in Natural by Emery
Dress: Tulip Dress in Burgundy by SMS *TDR*
Belt: Vanessa Belt in Smoky by R.icielli
Gloves: Put Em Up Gloves in Charcoal by Royal Blue
Bag: In Neon by La Malvada Mujer *NEW*
Stockings: Garter Socks in Noir by Royal Blue
Shoes: Move Pumps in Nude by [e]


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Vroom Vroom

Review: Wow I’m on a roll this week! I’m so incredibly bored and I should be doing hw but I’m not going to. I have decided to boycott everything and anything that has to do with school. This post is just some clothes I had bought like the Peqe jacket and have never worn. Also, I was added to the House Of Fox Blogger group and it almost made me shit my pants with excitement. The satchel and clutch is by HOF and they’re spectacular. I’ll try to get in a close up shot of them sometime in the near future. HOF is growing up fast and becoming my favorite store because I love new ideas but I also love amazing quality and they’ve really stepped up their game and it can be seen. Thank you HOF and now I gotta go find something to do with myself. Btw, tres blah has released some new stuff on the marketplace.

The Model Wears:
Jules in Happy Blonde by fri.day
Jejune in Dig It by tres blah
Princess Rehab in Matte by Pididdle
Flowery Jacket by Peqe
Draped Pants in White by madsy *closed*
Belt Radia in Black by emery
Stella Cluth in Candy & PS1 Suede Satchel in Turquoise by House of Fox
The Fame pumps in Royal Blue by Lelutka
Peacock by Katy Perry

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