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Knitted Flowers

Post: Hello! I’m on a roll. Two posts in 19 hours. I’ve never done that. I’ve gotten a lot of time on my hands so I’m using it. I guess I’ve got a creative spark this week. I should be at the gym, but I guess I’m not going today. I’ve been trying to go hard at the gym so I can look even more fitter for this summer, but its hard work. My dog has to go out so I should be doing that, but I’m not. He’s a pain anyways. And a little thief. He stole a bone from some old man’s car today. Embarrassing. He’s an ass. But anywho, a new store has opened in SL called Millesime, owned by Egypt (poloxstar.collazo). It’s unisex and it’s got cute tanks and sweaters like the one pictured above. I don’t usually ask for blog review items because I don’t like asking for things and what if I get turned down? Oh the agony! But, I asked Egypt and he was very kind and gave me the above sweater. I love it. It’s big and loose and I love the prints. It’s mesh like everything else in SL these days. But, I’ve kinda started to like mesh and Firestorm. So, I guess its time for new things. I’m gonna shut down my computer today for a good two days. I need a break and a life, before my eyeballs melt. I’ve been trying to watch the last Harry Potter movie but I can’t. There’s that terrible snake. I am terrified of snakes. Like, don’t play. I will freak. It’s crazy. So I keep trying to watch it and the snake keeps coming up when I least expect it and it’s so big and scary, then I start to feel things on my legs. It’s nuts. I need snake therapy.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Back Burner in Void by Epoque (Genetic Pack)
Skin: Bird Skin in Matte Cateye 5 by Fashionably Dead
Eyebrows: Anthology of Transition #2 by La Malvada Mujer
Sweater: Loose Sweater in Floral by Millesime *Mesh*
Shirt: Denim X Leather Jacket in Worn by by Lethal Couture
Skirt: Oxford Pencil Skirt in Airline Blue by Mon Tissu *Rigged Mesh*
Stockings: Chess Tights by Izzie’s *Part of Patterned Tights pack
Shoes: Topen Platforms in Tan by Vive9
Nails: Classic Nails by Izzie’s
Rings: Shield Rings in Silver by LaGyo
Necklace: Knotted Snake Chain Necklace by Paper Couture
Earrings: Cheney Earrings in Gold by 7891
Pose: Humdrum by PDA

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Trina, You Bitch!

Post: Hello! Oh Sweet Mary Magdalene, I sure have to pee. I should go to the bathroom, it isn’t healthy for my body to hold in so much urine. It’s probably why I’m bloated. I just don’t have the strength to get up. I worked out yesterday. It was intense. I went during my regular hours and it was raining so there were no Mexicans there. So, anyways, I kinda (because I don’t promise anything) promised a synopsis of The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. It’s a story within within. There’s three stories. The story of Iris as she becomes older and closer to death and how she’s struggling with that. Her part is very comical, made me laugh. She decided to write the story of her life and her sister’s, Laura, life as well. She recounts their childhood, Iris’s marriage to a rich business man who ends up raping Laura and then places her in an asylum and has her baby aborted, she always shares her and Laura’s affair with the same man upto the point where Laura drives Iris’s car off a bridge. Laura is a weird but interesting character. Then, in between these chapters there’s the story called The Blind Assassin, which is about two unnamed lovers who meet secretly. he’s a storywriter and he tells her the sci fi story of the blind assassin that saves the tongueless princess from being sacrificed. The story of the lovers is then published under Laura’s name, even though the story is Iris’s and is about her affair with Alex Thomas. It’s a great book. Go read it. I love this pencil skirt. Great stuff. I was a big fan of MichaMi, but I had forgotten about then. New stuff at MichaMi & Lethal Couture. Go shop.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Paper Couture
Skin:Fashionably Dead
Lips: Pididdle
Shirt: Lethal Couture
Skirt: MichaMi
Stockings: No. 9
Boots: Fashionably Dead
Earrings: Paper Couture
Rings: LaGyo & DDL
Glasses: Priss
Pose: LAP

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Bowie Left His Heels!

Post:  Hello! I shouldn’t even be on this computer. I have some obligations to get to which include walking my adorable yet definitely mentally challenged dog. He’s fucked. He’s a dumbass and he doesn’t learn. It’s like, “Dog, you need to get hooked on some doggy common sense phonics.” I don’t know what to do anymore. I should also be at the gym burning calories. I think it might not happen because I missed my time slot. I’m done with college, so I usually go at 1 or 2 because all the mexican men that invade the gym haven’t arrived yet, they arrive after 3. So if I go now, it’s gonna be infested with those little mexican men and boys walking around thinking that they’re the last burrito in Guadalajara and this gringa wants to slobber on that burrito. And I mean a burrito, no nasty business.  I’m not even sure if Guadalajara is in Mexico, but you get my point. So, why am I naked again? Well, because nudity is the way to go. Fashionably Dead’s owner and creator, Toast Bard, (cool ass name) has released this swaggingful boots or shoes. I think they’re called Bowie Boots. Wait, no, they’re called Bowie Heels. Well they’re dope. They come in color changing socks through a hud. They’re rigged mesh, so they’re editable. The fatpacks come with a special heel that’s like fatpack only. Try a demo first so that you make sure they look right on you, nothing worse than buying shoes that make you look like you have a duck feet. Even though ducks have cute ass feet. Unlike my dog. My dog has cool ass ears and his face is precious. But he’s an asshole. My haagen dazs ice cream melted and it tastes even better as a liquid smoothie thing. They should make those. Copyrights to Leona Jayaram. I just finished reading The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. She wrote The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s a great read, I’m not gonna give a synopsis during this blog post, next one. Go pick up those Bowie Heels!

The Naked Tramp Wears:
Hair: Paper Couture
Skin: FD
Lips: Handmade
Earrings: LaGyo
Boots: Floral 2 Bowie Heels by FD
Feet: SLink *Tiptoes*
Stockings: blowpop
Pose: Del May

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Gatorade Glam

Post: Hello! I shouldn’t be blogging. I’ve got my last final exam tomorrow. Biology! I should be studying or taking a shower or getting ready for bed. But, I’m not. So let me try to get this done quickly. I also have to pee, I just sucked down a whole bottle of one of those big gatorade ones. Fruit punch. It makes my lips and tongue red, so I use a straw but it’s not very helpful. Anyways, I finally changed over to Firestorm. I don’t like its setup. I like Phoenix. But, phoenix doesn’t allow multiple layers of clothes and makeup and I need higher preference for mesh. So I decided to try Firestorm for real this time. I even undownloaded Phoenix. I’m serious, man. But, my biggest problem with Firestorm is the higher preferences. I like to take outdoor photographs for my blogs and I take full advantage of the windlights and to be able to use clouds, you gotta go higher on graphic preferences. But, firestorm can’t support that. It crashes, so I gotta use these dumb fake photoshop ones. It sucks. Ugh, this Papa Gino’s pizza didn’t sit well with me today. I love their pizza. I revisited Culture Shock and I got the little shirt vest by Ladies Who Lunch. It’s so cute. I also got this cool denim jacket from Aoharu, not from culture shock. It’s swag. Go shop and don’t choose Biology as your major, it’s hard.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Femme Fatale Bun in Black by Paper Couture
Skin: Matte Cateye 5 in Bird Skin by Fashionably Dead
Lips: Lost My Keys by Pididdle
Eyebrows: 8 by La Malvada Mujer
Eye Makeup: Horn Makeup V2 by Handmade
Jacket: Riders Leather Blouson in Denim Light by aoharu
Shirt: Muertos Layering Vest in Purple by Ladies Who Lunch *Culture Shock 2012*
Undershirt: Crochet Applique Dress in Touch of Melon by Nylon Outfitters *CollaBor 88*
Skirt: Part of Vanity Gown in Black by Vanguard
Nails: Classic Nails by Izzie’s
Necklace: Silver Bead Necklace by Paper Couture
Glasses: Pacifist Glasses in Blue by Alphavillian

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Yeah Gurl, I Retouched Your Ass Twice!

Post: Hello! What’s popping honey boo boo? Have you had the Passion Fruit juice from Welch’s? That stuff is so good. It keeps my life festive. My mom’s out of town so I’m all alone this weekend. So I’ve got the carton of juice by my side with a straw in it. She’d be appalled at my behavior, like I’m the duchess of york or something. There’s no point in using a cup if I’m gonna be the only person drinking it except me, Mother. I left the orange juice carton alone for any potential visitors. I kinda wish two creepy guys would try to break in and steal all out money and I could make booby traps for them. I doubt they’d be after our money, but more after my boobies, but they wouldn’t get neither. They might get a cup of orange juice. Or I’d give them the passion fruit juice with plenty of backwash, but then I would’ve wasted potential drinking juice. I guess they’ll just remain thirsty. One might wonder, “Why is Madonna staring at me almost like Nicki Minaj from those Vevo ads on Youtube when I’m clearly watching a Justin Beiber video?” Well sir, I’m dreadfully bored. I’ve already walked the dog, drove around aimlessly, touched myself thrice, ate and drank (passion fruit juice of course), so what else is there to do? I’m out of weed and I don’t wanna do it alone. Second Life has made me a bit bored, so I decided to try my photoshop skills on real people. I need these skills for my future flaws and blemishes because currently my face is like a baby’s bottom, minus the shit. Why Madonna… again? She’s got the skin. Her skin is so easy to photoshop because its creamy white and she’s got good makeup people. Pre photoshop makeup is essential for good photoshop, I can’t fucking make your discolored green ass face completely white. I guess you could potentially do that, but I just don’t know how yet. Anyways, I came upon this picture of her in 1987. She’s not naked, she’s got clothes on, unlike me. Hold your horses fellow perverted readers, I do have undies and a bra on. No, I’m not going to describe them to you or slip my hands under them. How dare you ask such a thing? Well, that’s pretty much it. Go buy some passion fruit juice, get some passion in your life or digestive system.

I did the one of the left if you were wondering. The touched by moi was supposed to be humorous. You should chuckled now.

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Alias Wallis

Post:  Hello! How is everyone? There’s such a huge coat of fog over Boston. It’s a little frightening, like that movie where the fog takes over and then scary things happen. Speaking of movies, I watched some movies over the last few days. I watched W.E by Madonna. I’ve been dying to see it and I after I did, I kinda wanna change my wardrobe and just wear A line dresses with belts. Its so glam. The movie’s pretty good, I loved the costumes and scenery. Andrea Risenborough is a kick ass actress. She’s so good. The story line is pretty good, but Madonna had said she wanted to portray Wallis Simpson’s feelings about marrying a man who was willing to abdicate the throne because of her, and I feel the film lacked that. We only get to see a raw Wallis during one of the closing scenes where her letters are being read and that’s like two minutes of screen time. I wish the film showed more of her suffering, if she was suffering, which I think she was because her commitment to him was stronger than just marriage morals, but he gave up everything for her, so they’re relationship was unbreakable. Madonna has kick ass skills with camera movement and filming. The scenes are filmed in such a cool way. Good eye. I also watched Elizabeth: The Golden Age. It was also good, but I also felt like the story was rushed. The costumes and acting was superb, but like the attack on England was like two seconds, and Elizabeth’s character was a bit muted of what she must of been like. I think that for me to love a movie, it would have to be directed by me. Then, I would be completely satisfied. Switching gears, I visited Culture Shock. I bought some stuff like this gorgeous ISON jumpsuit. I also bought the lace gown because you never know when you’re gonna need a gown. I also bought some jewelry from LaGyo and then I crashed and I don’t have the strength to go back, because I don’t like fair like events. It’s the lag, and the nakedness of it. I gotta walk about naked and ramming into people like the whore from babylon. So, I’ll pass. But I never am able to resist, so go visit Culture Shock.

The SuperModel Wears; (I don’t have the strength to write out full credits, sorry!)
Hair: S h i
Skin: Fashionably Dead
Lips: Pididdle
Jumpsuit: ISON *Culture Shock*
Shirt: ISON
Heels: House Of Fox
Rings: LaGyo *Culture Shock*, Paper Couture
Necklace: Paper Couture
Pose: tram

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