The Obscene Face of Mona

Review: So this week, I was hunting down new eyelashes when I reminded myself of  [the oBscene]. [the oBscene]used to be, well at least to me, famous for their gorgeous thick eyelashes and soul-searching eyes. Well while I was there, I noticed that they’re back with a new set of kick ass, pardon my french, skins and lingerie.  There is where I met Mona. Mona is their new skin collection and I’m head of heels for it. I contacted  the quite stunning vixen Kuja Akina earlier this week and I was thrilled that she was kind enough to comply with my request of blogging about Mona.  Mona is a different kind of skin. It still had vampire tones intertwined, for those of you that didn’t know The Obscene came out with a vampire collection of skins, but it’s much more glamorous, and if you will, more innocent. It still has its sex appeal but in a more sophisticated way. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the skin comes with a “push it!” cleavage enhancer.  To be quite frank, like I usually am, watch out Lelutka because this is a mix of Lola with a sexy bottle of Vodka. Now go get your skins now at [the oBscene]!

♥ Leona

The Model Also Wears;

Hair: Sour in Butter by !lamb

Skin: Mona in Tone 2 by [the oBscene]

Eyelashes: Moloch by [the oBscene]

Gloves: Fur Gloves from the Elevator outfit by Manifesto

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