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To The Hamptons…Part 2

The Hamptons...Part 2

The Model Wears:
Turban: Yummy
Hair base: Cashmere
Skin: It Girls
Blouse: Goucci
Shorts: Tee*fy
Stole: Ameliarae Beauparlant
Glasses: Yummy
Ring: DDL
Nails: Nylon Outfitters *Arcade item*
Heels: Color.Me.H.O.F
Pose: Marukin

For To The Hamptons…Part 1


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To The Hamptons

To The Hamptons

The Model Wears:
Hair: Twogue Hairbase in Brown by Cashmere
Skin: Florrie Skin in Summer by It Girls
Glasses: Tortoise Face Round Frames in Blue Lens 4 by [Rekless Ambitions]
Dress: Skyler Maxi Dress in Berry by Emery
Stole: Westwood Bare Fur Stole in Rococo by Ameliarae Beauparlant
Shoulder Cuff: Santigold Shoulder Cuff in Gold by Ameliarae Beauparlant
Rings: Semi Precious Stone Ring in Opal by DDL & Cube Ring in Gold by LaGyo
Clutch: Zanzi Clutch in White by Color.Me.H.O.F *Arcade Gatcha item*
Nails: Sweet Heart Nails by Nylon Outfitters *Arcade Gatcha item*
Pose: Marukin


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Hold Me For Ransom, Upper Echelon

hold me

Post: Hello! I haven’t blurbed in a little while. I wasn’t feeling it. So, what’s popping hot stuff? The arcade is going on. I haven’t  been able to get into the sim. I was planning on invading during the wee hours of the eastern coast, but I start to fall asleep around 9. I really need a life. Anyway, look at my incredible top by .Shi. I’ve always loved .Shi, mega high class stuff. This top has got everything I love, leather and fur. No fur in real life because of the real animals, but I do walk through the fur vault at Macy’s and I get a tingling sensation in an undisclosed area. The top comes in a set of three options, leather and then dual tones in 2 other colors. The shoulder fur comes in many different colors along with textures. It’s all hud operated and wicked cool. There’s also the whore couture fair. Go visit that one, they’re got cute trashy stuff. Well, thats it. I’m off to have some raisin bran, high in fiber.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Back Burner in Void by Epoque
Skin: Florrie in Summer by It Girls
Eyeshadow: Eyeliner Summer in Black by MONS
Top: Fur Pullover in Black Set by .Shi
Skirt: Lee Skirt in Print #2 by Priss *closed, although I think a petition should be sign for it to be reopened*
Necklace: Roped Up Chain in Gold by Dirty Mind
Heels: Arch Boots in Nude by House of Fox
Pose: Marukin

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