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Vera Was Choked With Fur

Post: Hello! Well I’m in pain. Yes, not the usual loin awakening pain, but real hardcore “I’m getting a tattoo” pain. My wisdom teeth are coming in and there’s not enough room for these unwelcome intruders because my mouth is fucked up, even though I had braces for three and a half years of my middle school education. I have a feeling the dentist took my money and screwed me and the insurance company over. I have a baby tooth that doesn’t have an adult tooth underneath so it’s just chilling there like Flava Flav and it’s hogging up all the room. This really chaps my anus. But, let’s talk about other stuff. Eclair! I love Eclair. The stuff is so cute and well made. I’ve got on this little printed peplum skirted dress, which is mesh, and is perfection. Go check them out. Also, Swallow has released some new shades (not pictured because I’m poor) and gorgeous drop earrings, pictured above. The earrings are only 90L and they come in like 5 different colors so go snag those. I’m gonna go overdose on antibiotic pills and ice cream. The ice cream doesn’t really help my teeth, but no one needs to know that.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Simplest Bob in Grain by Epoque *hair fair gift from a while ago so I don’t think it’s for sale*
Skin: Eva in SPF200 Yellow Tan by Vive 9
Eyebrows: Anthology of Transition #2 by La Malvada Mujer
Blush: LG Concept
Eyeshadow: Eyeliner Summer in Black by MONS
Dress: Vera Dress by Eclair
Stole: Dark Fur Stole in P by Paper Couture
Harness: Gold Harness by Milk Motion
Heels: Arch Boots in Nude by HOF
Earrings: Mesh Drop Earring in White by ^^swallow^^
Ring: Semi Precious Stone Ring in Opal by DDL
Nails: Classic Nails by Izzie’s
Pose: tram


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She Went Black & She Might Not Go Back

Post: Hello World! What’s popping? Nothing much out in Boston. It’s just hot and humid. I’ve had like 25 cups of Welch’s Grape Juice with 3 ice cubes. I’ve got to pee like a race horse.  So, I changed skins! A big step for me because I get rutted into a skin and I don’t like to change. And (it’s incorrect to start a sentence with and) this skin is black. It’s not black, but compared to my Fashionably Dead one it is. And ( once again incorrect) I take a grab at any chance to get nude, so there you go. Now you’re looking at my black buttocks. The skin is from Vive 9 and it’s called Eva. I think it’s pretty old but I like it. The boobs are really perky, I like saggier smaller boobs but I’ll adjust. The vagina area is very cute in this skin. The shading is nice and the eyebrows are large and thick which is a plus for this parisian girl, even though I’m not from Paris. Take a risk and buy a new skin, I’m gonna go pee.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Femme Fatale Bun in Black by Paper Couture
Skin: Eva in SPF200 Yellow Tan Thick Brows by Vive 9
Lips: Lost My Keys by Pididdle
Eyeliner: Eyeliner Summer in Black by MONS Makeup
Blush: Blush Friends of Sh** in Dark Red by DDL
Ruff: White Ruff by Milk Motion
Heels: Revolution Pumps in Pea by Epoque
Nails: Classic Nails by Izzie’s
Ring: Diamond Encrusted Square Cut Amethyst by Paper Couture
Pose: Skin & Bones

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Filet-O-Fish & Cheerios


Post: Hello! Yuck, Filet-o-Fish & Cheerios! Yeah, a disgusting title but I think it’s catchier than Peroxided Cuntoris. So what’s popping? Nothing much on the East Coast. I’m reading some books that are gonna be required reading for a humanities class that I’m gonna take in the fall. So, a new store has opened that has been deemed the name of Dumani.Very classy stuff.  The brand is run by Giuseppa Dumani & Vierno Dumani. The collection is mesh and its small for now, but it’s got great potential. The collection includes the little number pictured in another print and then the rest are color-block textiles, jewelry studded purses, lavish earrings & sunglasses. The detailing is great. I love people that put in effort towards realism with zippers and seams. Go visit Dumani, I’m gonna get some filet-o-fish and cheerios.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Bang Bang Bob in Obsidian by Lamb
Skin: Matte Cateye 5 in Bird Skin by FD
Glasses: Tapered Glasses in Neutral Pack by Epoque
Dress: 3021 Vestire di Piet in Tropico by Dumani
Stockings: My High Socks by Milk Motion *without folds*
Heels: Revolution Pumps in Indigo by Epoque
Ring: Shield Ring in White & Silver by LaGyo
Necklace: Silver Bead Necklace in Paper Couture
Nails: Classic Nails by Izzie’s
Pose: PDA

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Peroxided Cuntoris

Post: Hello! Well put me in a suit and call me Pee Wee, I’m shooting posts out of my cuntoris, its like my second post in a couple of days. Crazy stuff. I think I used the Pee Wee joke before on this blog, but just wanted to make sure I was heard. You know, some people just don’t listen when royalty speak. I wouldn’t miss a moment if the Queen spoke to me. I would love to swear in front of her or describe masturbation to her and see what her reflexes would do. So, you might be appalled at all this vulgarity on what should be a pretty fashion blog, well we keep things real here gurlfriend. Gurlfriend is plural for boys and girls. Anyways, let’s get to the blog stuff. The Secret Store has released these cool pants along with a mini cropped structured top in black and white that is a set with the pants.  Picture. I also visited DDL. Now that’s a cool ass main store. I kinda wanna live in it. The jewelry and stuff is awesome, which include the jean top and the ring. The pants and shirt are mesh, of course. Mesh is posh so to be posh you must mesh. Everything else is recycled in the huge recycle bin of my innovatory. Go put some peroxide on your vagina.

The Model Wears;
Hair: Kik
Skin: FD
Blush: DDL
Glasses: Yummy
Shirt: DDL
Pants: The Secret Store *NEW*
Stole: Paper Couture
Socks: Milk Motion
Heels: Epoque
Necklace: Paper Couture
Ring: DDL
Nails: Izzie’s

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Bling Blinga!

Post: Hey Hey! There should be another hey, but that would be too predictable. What’s popping home sling? Or is it home ice? Not sure. Ugh, I almost already have to go back to school. I went yesterday for some financial aid crap, because I’m not big balling, and I don’t wanna go back ever ever ever again. But back to school time means fall time! I love the fall because of LAYERS! Yes, I love layering. Vintage Fair is still going on and I finally bought this little blingafied numbah from (let me get the right spelling) Götzsche. Everyone’s wearing it as a summer dress, so I wanted to add some pre fall layering by adding a light poofy button down shirt underneath and some very sheer stockings topped off by some color coordinating heels and sunglasses.I also had a belt on it, the Ryna belt by R.icielli, but it wouldn’t rezz once I landed at Virtual Decay and I ain’t got time for funny business, you know. So go to vintage fair before it’s all over. And also head to Walmart, great prices on back to school stuff. And let you children stay home when they beg you to stay because school isn’t all that fun Mom, I mean fellow blog reader.

The Model Wears:
Hair: MKY001 in Blonde by Saboteurs
Skin: Matte Cateye 5 in Bird Skin by FD
Lips: Priscilla in Light Pale by Handmade
Shirt: Irma Shirt in Cream by LeLutka
Dress: Midnight. Vanguard by Götzsche *vintage fair*
Stockings: Nylon High Waist Pantyhose in Black 50 by No.9
Heels: Revolution Pumps in Pea by Epoque
Glasses: Raining Inside in Green2 by DDL
Ring: Bad Ring in Gold by ^^Swallow^^
Nails: 80’s Round Nails by Izzie’s *vintage fair*
Pose: Frooti

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Topaz Blue

Post: Hello! Let’s go to the beach beach, lets go get a wave. I love the beach. I was swimming around in the Atlantic Ocean last night at 7 pm. Awesome. I think it’s the Atlantic. I want to visit the Red Sea, they say its so warm and you float like a buoy. Ugh my post was interrupted. You probably didn’t notice but I sure did. So I guess the post is gonna be kinda short because I’m running out of things to say. I picked up this little shiny number at collabor 88, designed by the Vive 9 team. Coolio. You can dress it up with heels, or dress it down with socks and kicks. I don’t know. Go pick it up at collabor 88, along with all the other cool stuff there.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Kik
Skin: FD
Dress: Vive 9 *Collabor 88*
Ring: LaGyo *Collabor 88*
Nails: Izzie’s
Glasses: Alphavillain
Pose: Skin & Bones


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Love Prunes, Not Fig Newtons.


Post: Hello! Well put me in a suit and call me Pee Wee, Vintage Fair has arrived once again. Exciting, I know. My piggy bank is getting hammered, and not in the nice cool alcoholic way. ISON has released some cool dresses (pictured and model by moi) and some thigh high leather boots. Milk Motion has also released some cool pleated maxi skirts, some tops + sweaters, and a cool ass suspenderized leotard. Everything is mesh because mesh is the way to go. Be mesh or go home. Oh God, I just had lunch and I’m stuffed. I’ve been eating prunes for fiber. Yum. Prune juice is nasty. Nothing like the prune. Well, go get vintage and hit vintage fair at sims Classic, Retro, and Chic.

The Models Wears:
Hair:  1920’s Hair in Black by Shi
Skin: Nyx by FD
Lips: Lost My Keys by Pididdle
Glasses: Round Shades by Yummy
Dress: Shift Blazer Dress in Pink by ISON *Vintage Fair*
Shoulders: Part of Rigid Bodysuit in Grey by Epoque
Belt: Shoelace Headband by =FT
Kicks: UBU Dunks
Ring: Encrusted Emerald Ring by Paper Couture
Pose: Ribbon

Hair: Tall Tales Pony in Albine Rooted by Vive 9
Skin: Matte Cateye 5 by FD
Glasses: Round Shades by Yummy
Dress: Sheer Sleeve Dress in Beige by ISON *Vintage Fair*
Skirt: Vintage Silk Pleated Skirt in Electric Blue by Milk Motion *Vintage Fair
Socks: My High Socks by Milk Motion
Shoes: Oxford Shoes in Black by COCO
Earrings: Ewa Ram Earrings in Gold by LaGyo
Rings: Water Over Wine Ring by Paper Couture
Nails: Round Nails by Izzie’s *Vintage Fair*
Pose: D.Luxx *Vintage Fair*

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Fruit Punch Thirst Quencher

Post: Hello! What’s popping fellow people? Vintage Fair is here! Yes, it is here, well almost. So let me give you a little rundown on what is happening.

“Vintage Fair (from Aug 4th – Aug 29th) will showcase 250+ brands each exploring inspiration from the vintage eras of 1920 – 1980. We will also this year be allowing ‘Antique’ fashions (pre 1920s). With new and exclusive items from every brand involved and music every day. A CHIC Management SL event. It will be held over 3 sims.

This event is NOT FOR CHARITY. A pure profit event created to showcase the excellent products available in the vintage community and to encourage designers to attempt a vintage inspired product.” This comes straight off of

I’ve been honored to be selected as one of the blogger for the event. I’ve visited and there sim currently is pretty lag free but make sure you read Sasy Scarborough’s guide to low lag event, it really works. The event is sponsored by Aura, Belleza, Cheeky Pea, ColdLogic, GizzA Creations,Indyra Originals, oOo Studio, PurpleMoon Creations, and Trompe Loeil.

Ok, so after I’ve finished the announcement blurb, let’s talk about the clothes. Vintage is great because its from 1920’s until 1990’s (I think the latest done is 80’s but whatever). Do you know how many years and outfits and styles that is? Enough to give me fashion diabetes. Most designers are already set up but I’m waiting for a few still such as ISON, Epoque, Vive 9 and Gotzsche. The event is open to the public at 12:00 AM August 4, 2012. So get ready!

The Model Wears:
Hair: Femme Fatale Bun in Blonde by Paper Couture
Skin: Bird Skin in Matte Cateye 5 by Fashionably Dead
Glasses: Tsumo Round Sunnies in White by Priss *closed*
Shirt: Tied Denim Shirt in Old Wash by ISON
Dress: Robe de vacances Oiseaux foret by  :NuDoLu:  *Vintage Fair*
Stockings: Destruction Tights in Nude by Epoque
Heels: Arch Boots in Nude by House of Fox
Purse: No, You Boys Purse in Green & Brown by DDL *Vintage Fair*
Rings: Semi Precious Stone in Opal & Gold by DDL + Diamond Encrusted Square Cut Amethyst Ring by Paper Couture
Nails: 80’s Round Nails by Izzie’s *Vintage Fair*
Pose: Skin & Bones

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