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Jamming hard to some Britney Jean right now. I just love that Britney is sane again and she doesn’t have that wiggy hair extension looking mess on her head anymore. Its great! I am wearing a cute silk top that I got from House of Fox for a christmas hunt that is going on at the Inspiration Point sim. The Secret Store, Tee*fy, Laviere, and House of Fox are all participating ( I hope I didn’t leave anyone out). I’ve also got on these cool layered shorts from the winter collection by Vive Nine/Ryvolter. The gloves are from Celoe. I’m expecting a surprise release from them, almost like Queen Bee style. Boots from ISON, one of my favorites, muah Harry. And my wig is from Liquence. Simple.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Liquence
Skin: It Girls
Glasses: Epoque
Top: House of Fox *Christmas Hunt*
Shorts: Vive Nine/Ryvolter
Stockings: No. 9
Glove: Celoe
Boots: ISON
Pose: marukin

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Wind Fans Are Hazardous For Long Long Weave


Post:  I was gone but now I am back.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Faenzo
Skin: It Girls
Eye Makeup: Cheap Makeup
Turban: Yummy
Dress: Emery  *Collabor 88 item*
Leggings: Paperbag
Boots: Vive 9 *gift*
Nails: Izzie’s
Pose: marukin


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Tropical Tangerine

Snapshot_001 copy

The Model Wears:
Hair: Paper Couture & Epoque
Skin: It Girls
Dress: Fashionably Dead
Necklace: Ameliarae Beauparlant
Boots: Vive 9 *group gift*
Pose: marukin

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Six Inch Slit


The Model Wears:
Hair: Lelutka
Skin: It Girls
Glasses: Priss *closed*
Sweater: Overhigh
Skirt: Ison
Necklace: Paper Couture
Sandals: Vive 9
Pose: marukin

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White Jeans

White Jeans

The Model Wears:
Hair: Kiko in DippuDye 04 by taketomi
Skin: Carmen in Summer by It Girls
Glasses: Victoria’s Pearl Shades by ChicZafari
Top: Kafta Mesh Shirt in Contrast Tanager by Emery
Jeans: Edge Skinny in White by Paperbag
Jeweled Stole: Fur Tippet & Pearls in Gold & Dark Brown Fur by COCO
Boots: Rita Boots in Magenta by Vive 9
Clutch: Alimony Clutch in Mint by Epoque
Rings: Cherub Ring by LaGyo & Semi Precious Stone Ring in Malachite & Gold by DDL
Pose: Marukin

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Censored, Again


Post: Hello! So, I went to fi.friday yesterday and I visited the boutiques around the main event thing and I visited Loovus Dzevavor, owned by Vikeejeah Xevion, for the first time. I had seen the ads for her store and I always wanted to go, but now I did, and anyways, I found these pants! I adore them. They’re highwaist, I love that, and they’re black in the back and white in the front. They’re gorgeous and very well made so go visit  Loovus Dzevavor!

The Model Wears:
Hair: Zina in Platnium Highlight by Vive 9 *no longer avaiable*
Skin: Carmen in Summer by It Girls
Eyebrows & Teeth: Custom Made by La Malvada Mujer
Lipstick: Dont Stop Yet by Pididdle
Eyeliner: Eyeliner Summer in Black by MONS
Earrings: Geometric Wingtip Earrings in Gold by illmatic
Trousers: Editor’s Trousers by Loovus Dzevavor
Pose: Humdrum by PDA



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Post: Hello! What’s popping ho? Born To Die: Paradise Edition is gonna be out in 10 days! If you’re a Lana Del Rey fan like moi, you’ll know what I’m talking about, if not, you should give her a listen and you’ll change your mind. It’s like religion, I can’t push it on you, but I can sure hit you with the Bible until you get marked by the word. I wont hit you will LDR, (yes I can abbreviate her name like that) but she’s got nice songs.  I’m not actually gonna buy the album, but it’s not like they need the money. Well they probably do, but I’m a single mom. No, I don’t actually have children. So, what’s going on? I’ve started reading Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson. I LOVE it! It’s a novel composed of short stories. Some are intertwined and some are random, but it’s so beautiful. Oh Jesus, I sound like a wuss.

Anyways, I bought the new Ajla Suede Sandals by Vive 9. They’re uber cute and they’ve got TOES! Who doesn’t love toes? The heels are mega high and hawt and they’ve got the skin matching hud, you know how they do. Then I discovered a store called Remy and they’ve got coat cape things. Like, that’s heaven. And they also make these kick ass fur stoles. I’m don’t support mistreating animals for fur because that not cool, but I do enjoy the fur vault at Macy’s. And I found this gorgeous slick back ombre do at ISON. I love this hair so much. Go shop!


The Model Wears:
All looks:
Hair: Renata in Ombre 5 by ISON
Skirt: Carmen in Summer by ItGirls
Brows: Paper Bag
Heels: Ajla Suede Sandals in Cobalt by Vive 9
Collar: Epoque

Look 1
Jacket: Remy
Shorts: Vive 9

Look 2
Stole: Remy
Shorts: CheerNo

Look 3
Jacket: Remy
Shorts: CheerNo

Poses: Marukin

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Even Though I Don’t Vogue

The Model Wears:
Hair: Epoque
Skin: vive 9
Lips: Pididdle
Blush: LG Concept
Glasses: Nylon Outfitters
Earrings: Paper Couture
Necklace 1: Yummy
Necklace 2: Paper Couture
Stockings: No.9
Heels: Epoque
Ring 1: DDL
Ring 2: Swallow
Nails: Izzie’s
Sink: FD

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Wind In My Weave

Post: Hello my fellow peeps! How have you been? I’m doing swell, still alive. I’ve been studying a lot, you know how we college whores roll. I’ve rewritten this intro like three hundred times, Safari keeps closing on me. Grrr. So, shorts in the fall. Yes I support shorts in the fall, but tasteful loose ones with stockings underneath. And I’m also an advocate for layering. I bought a new weave that makes me look like I’m constantly walking around with a fan. It Beyoncifies me. Ok, well I’m off to do something useless.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Bella in Honey Roots by^;^CaTwA^;^
Skin: Eva in Spf200 Yellow Tan by vive9
Lips: Gift by Handmade
Glasses: Tsumo Round Sunnies in White by Priss *closed*
Earrings: Nugget Earring in Emerald Silver by BeetleBones
Sweater 1: Used Flower Cardigan in Red by *KUROTSUBAKI*
Sweater 2: Sweater Dots Zara in Nastur by Emery
Undershirt: Denim X Leather Jacket in Worn by Lethal Couture
Shorts: Abbey High Waist Basics Shorts in White by Tee*fy
Stockings: Sheer Dotted Tights in Black by vive9
Boots: Wooden Leather Boots in Black by mijn.boutique
Pose: DDL

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Turby Turb Turban

Post: Hello! So this post will be very quick because I’ve gone back to school and I’m flabbergasted in crap and I’m tired as hell. So, I’m wearing the super uber cool coat by Mijn.boutique. It’s like a hobo/bag lady’s coat and I love it. It comes in various other prints but according to my Macy’s catalogue, houndstooth print is huge for the fall. I’ve also got on her wooden sole boots (also by Mijn.boutique if I’ve lost you). They’re also smoking cool. So, go get the stuff. I’m so tired and HUNGRY!

The Model Wears:
Turban: Yummy
Skin: Vive 9
Eyebrows & Teeth: La Malvada Mujer *custom made*
Blush: LG Concept & DDL
Jacket: Mijn.boutique
Gloves: Shi
Shoulder Pieces: Epoque
Necklace: Paper Couture
Stockings: Nylon Outfitters
Boots: Mijn.boutique
Pose: Skin & Bones

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