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It’s My Birthday & I’ll Cry If I Want Too.

Post: It’s my birthday! Bitch in the back row, your ass better be cheering for me! Anyways, I visited tram, owned by Moca Loup, and they have some cute stuff. I love finding these small stores because they are actually the ones that have the best quality prims & designs. Quality is everything to me. I don’t want to have to photoshop murder something, I want to be able to wear it, because if I have to murder it in photoshop, it means its not well done. Also, I visited BP*, owned by BettiePage Voyager, and she also have great stuff. The cute cape from the above picture is from there and its so gorge. The shadowing is amazing and so is the prim quality. She also makes amazing items such as stoves and pots and skyboxes. Couture. Also, Magnifico Miggins will be releasing the above boots soon. They’re called Sella boots. THEY HAVE NOT BEEN RELEASED YET, SO DONT IM HER . I was made to say that to be able to blog this picture. Well, thats all. Off to go burn.

The Model Wears;
Fresh in Black by Elikatira
Bird Skin in Slasher 4 by (fd)
Lost My Keys in Matte by Pididdle
Cape Coat in White by BP*
Part of Checkered Op Dress in Navy Red by tram
Georgie Tapered Trousers in Tall Poppy by W&B
Sella Boots by Magnifico
Pose: tram pose gift 5
Location: Soap
Soundtrack: Lovesick by Emily Osmet

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Crying Over Spilled Milk

Post: Hellio. Someone should come up with better greetings. “Hi” or “hello” is getting boring and I don’t wanna go all international because that throws some people off. Anyways, I’ve got a lot to talk about so shut up and read.

First, my birthday is tomorrow! I’m not gonna tell you how old I am, for all you know I could be a heaving twelve year old with a huge chest. I would prefer to keep certain things secrets, because the world would be boring if everyone belonged to everyone and if no one hid anything. Secrets spice up things and keep things safe. So lets just say my age is a secret due to safety matters.

Second, Magnifico Miggins, owner of Magnifico shoes, sent me a pair of these new boots that will be released very very soon and they’re hawt. She told me not to blog them, so I cant show you but I can brag about them. They’re worth checking out.

Third, Vintage McMillan is playing mind games. Just kidding about that, but you might have seen ads for schließlich, and I have found out that we are slightly closer to its release. There is no release date, but we’re closer. I tried to grab some info but that wasnt possible but I did offer suggestions. My suggestions were; a buzz cut hairdo that has a sleek high ponytail coming out of it, a leather chain dress that connects with just two leather straps on the sides, a latex tux, and something velvet lace. Ms. McMillan made no comment on what is schließlich and its ticking me off. But the above dress is from schließlich, released with Glitterati poses, so we lets hope everything else is as COUTURE.

Fourth, Nylon Pinkley has released new skins and they look hawt on Light Claven. I heard that these skins are fully painted with adds soooo much street cred to it. You can demo them at Nylon Outfitters, they are worth trying. I also fell back in love with the Slasher skin from Fashionably Dead. The face is incredibly hawt, and I love it when skin makers dedicate their time in the face, just like Nylon.

The Models Wear;
Just in Brown 08 by Elikatira
Bird Skin in Slasher 4 by (fd)
Eyebrows: Anthology of Transition #2 *only eyebrows* by La Malvada Mujer
Shirt: Polkadot Sweetheart in Deep Blue by (fd)
Dress: Debut in Nude by Epoque
Pants: July Pants in White by Glam Affair
Location: Hathian
Soundtrack: All Of The Lights by Kayne West

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Hey There Pretty Lady!

Post: Hey. The quality of this pic sucks huge hairy balls. I want someone to teach me how to smudge with class. I need to wear my glasses when I edit I think, it would help me see shit. I wanna learn how to make the skin and edges look super smooth & flawless, so if you’re interested in teaching me, text me or find me in world and I’ll love you eternally. I’ve recently finished The Handsmaid Tale by Margaret Atwood. It’s deliciously good. The way she writes the novel is intoxicating. Let me give you a mini summary. The novel is pretty much about how women are being taken captive and used as a surrogate or “rental wombs” for these barren wives, so they must lie on their backs once a month while the commander/husband pretty much rapes her. Well the novel is a narrative of one of these women’s experience. It’s so good. The writing style is intoxicatively captivating. Also, I love this new hair by elikatira. I’m addicted to high ponytails. They turn me on because I’m fascinated by napes. It’s like Nabovok described in Lolita, only some of the girls are nymphets, just like only some napes and wrist bones make me churn in excitement. Anyways, the hair is hawt & comes in two versions, full bang & almost too short bang. Yes, I am wearing the demo because I’m too cheap to buy it. But also, I kind like the grey streaks in the hair, works wonderfully. Gorge. The nipples on this skin is so perky and amazingly well done. I think thats all for tonight, see yur arse around.

The Models Wears:
Glory in Brown 02 by Elikatira
LG Peau d’Ange – AYIL
Eyebrows: Anthology of Transition #2 *only eyebrows* by La Malvada Mujer
SeaGreen Pearl Necklace by House of Fox
Put Em Up Gloves in Charcoal by Royal Blue
Aviator Glasses in Cream by Paper Couture

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Overpriced Trashy Vixens

Post: Hi Chicos & Chicas. I’m using Safari and did you know that they auto spellcheck shit for ya? Well they do, so I might sound less of a dirty whore. Anyways, La Malvada Mujer released a purse (pictured above, duh) thats ultra gorge. Gorge means gorgeous btw. The bag comes with an ao which is cool, but the bag is extremely chic even though its bold neon. I love their little seal on the top, reminds me of my Guess bags.  The bag is only avaiable at the Fashion House. Also, Irie Campese, the super chic owner of SMS is releasing the above wine dress for TDR, go pick it up for 60L. I love the color and the fabric. The design is gorge as well. The Secret Store released a cute little numba at the fashion house as well, I only used the skirt but its cute & cheap. I think I’m done, nite bitches.

The Models Wear:
Just in Blonde 02 *mod in Yellow* by [e] *NEW*
Skin: Blessa in Catty by tres blah
Lips: Lost My Keys! by Pididdle
Top: Bold in Aqua by Peqe
Bodysuit: Rigid Bodysuit in Grey by Epoque
Skirt: FrouFrou in Navy by The Secret Store *NEW*
Stockings: Sheer Tights in Black by Vive9
Socks: Nifty Knit Socks in Swim Like A Pink Fish by Glasnost
Heels: Move Pumps in Nude by [e]

Hair: Same as Above
Skin: Same as Above
Lips: Princess Rehab in Matte by Pididdle
Top: Top Lace Bow in Natural by Emery
Dress: Tulip Dress in Burgundy by SMS *TDR*
Belt: Vanessa Belt in Smoky by R.icielli
Gloves: Put Em Up Gloves in Charcoal by Royal Blue
Bag: In Neon by La Malvada Mujer *NEW*
Stockings: Garter Socks in Noir by Royal Blue
Shoes: Move Pumps in Nude by [e]


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Gawking Cuntoris

Post: First of all, if you are one of those people that hate the word “cunt” I’m sorry to inform you that that this post is entitled “cuntoris”. I just feel like people are way too tight ass about a lot of things, take some soma & chill puppy. Anyways, I’ve been busy doing nothing but I’m back here to talk about my doing nothingness. I went to Harvard Square the other day. Harvard Square = White Women with High Ponytails, Gorgeous Napes, & Fascinating Wrist Bones period. I sound like a huge scary lesbo but I’m not, does are just some things that give me a mental boner. Azure Electricteeth released some new stuff & opened a new  calledLaViere (sexy ass name). It has a stunning spring collection. I’ve also been tweeting a lot, don’t look for me on twitter because you won’t find me! Um…I think I’m done.

The Models Wear:
Ana in Butter *mod to Pink* by Vive9
Blessa in Catty by Tres Blah
Lost My Keys by Pididdle
Minuet Blouse in Black by Baiastice
Corset: Oxide by The Abyss
Shorts: Piccadilly Denim Shorts in 02 by Emery
Belt: Clothbound Bow Belt in Spring Mix by Surf Couture
Fishnet Tights by Blowpop in Black
Lavae Suede Pumps in Teal by A Bomb

Hair: Bang Bang Bob in Powder *mod in pink* by !lamb
Blessa in Catty by tres blah
Lost My Keys by Pididdle
Anya Shrunk by Sweater in Cream by BeetleBones & Part of QueenMe Dress by House of Fox
Part of Harvest Moon Rouches Dress by Gigi Couture
Dot-ed After Tights in Black by Vive9
By Light Claven
Lavae Suede Pumps in Teal by A Bomb

Soundtrack: Till The World Ends by Britney SPears & Mirros by Natalia Kills

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