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Highlighter Pink Ink

Post:  Hello! I had something important to share but I can’t seem to remember. It probably wasn’t important. I don’t really like sharing. I dread participation points. Sorry that I’m not an attention whore who doesn’t jump at every opportunity to share my life story. That’s why I made a blog, so I can share when I feel like it and there isn’t a dumb bitch standing there trying to look sympathetic towards my teenage struggles which include not finding the right shade of lipstick from the 99 cent store. I’m a nude lip girl! Damn corporations. Wow, tense energy. I think I might need a hug right after I deck someone. Sorry…anger problems, already medicated for them. So, what’s popping? It sure isn’t my 99 cent store lipgloss. Ugh, I have ticks! I know, mega gross. I took my dog to the dog park, he’s a beagle, and he likes to go hunting and I like to give him some foreplay before we get home to have doggy sex so I let him walk through the field or whatever and I’m being attacked by big black ticks. That would’ve been a good place to place a typo. “I’m being attacked by big black dicks”, which is incorrect because I don’t let black children holler at this. Sorry black children. I’m not a racist, I’m just afraid of wginormous penises inside of me. According to WordPress, wginormous is a word. Who the hell is in charge of spell check? Anywho, I’m wearing some cool ass leggings by Vive 9. Is the 9 separate from Vive? I’m never sure. I like that they’re high waist. Coolios. Everything else is recycled. Go buy some tick & fleas spray, they’re everywhere.

The SuperModel Wears; 

Hair: Bedhead in Washed Out by Lamb
Skin: Bird Skin in Matte Cateye 5 by Fashionably Dead
Lips: Lola in Turquoise by Handmade
Blouse: Sheer Layered Shirt in Charcoal by ISON
Shirt: Lace Top in Black by Madsy *Closed*
Pants: Chain Illusion Leggings in Pink by vive 9
Shoes: Basic Pumps in Cream by fri.day
Ring: I’ll Rock You by Glow Studio
Nails: Classic Nails by Izzie’s
Glasses: Samuel Glasses in Tortoise Shell/Black Lens by Alphavillain
 Pose: PDA

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The DeheteMany Woman

Post: Hello! Merry Navidad. I’m watching Love & Hip Hop and eating some baked chips. Baked because I keep my figure tight. And I also ate ten donuts. Shhh, don’t tell Jenny. I visited Tableau to visit Cheap Makeup’s new store and I also visited Fashionably Dead. Did you know Toast has skins out for 250L? AWESOME! Cheap Makeup also has these cute Parisian brows which I love. I love the Frida/ Brooke Shields look. Thick brows….yum. But, they have to be well groomed thick brows, nothing like giant caterpillars. I also adore this hair. It’s by Vive9 and its not new, but its new to me and thats what counts. Jesus, I’m sleepy. I’ll see you guys soon.

The Models Face:
Zina in Platinum Highlight by Vive9
Bird Skin V3 by Fashionably Dead 
False. eyelashes in Fascination by glow studio (Only top ones)
Parisian Eyebrows by Cheap Makeup
Black Tie in Pink Tourmaline by FuLo

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Vive9 Hair Salon

Review: Wow! Vive9 owned by the Bilavio sisters, Inna & Sanya, released three new hairs called Freja (above), Yulia & Luca. Freja is my personal favorite. I am wearing it in Dust& Sand. My piggy bank is broke so I had to make money from collecting dimes at the city fountain. I like the soft look of the hairs, it’s not flexi though which sucks with some poses but it’s worth the sacrifice. But I enjoy the highlighted look of the hair, makes it look very realistic, especially the darker pigment at the hairline. My only critique is that its hard to edit with my head so the hairline looks good but maybe its just me. But overall, its smashing. I have heard that 7 more hairs will be released along with the Sasha skin, but you didn’t hear it from me. Go check it out!

The Model Wears;
Freja in Dust&Sand by VIVE9
Jejune in Dig It! by tres blah
Princess Rehab in Matte by Pididdle *Kozmetica*
Innocent Eyelashes by glow studio

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Review: This is the new hair by !lamb. Aren’t you excited?! I sure am!! Any who, it is a retake on the previous style called Witch but it has a type of knot/bun sitting on the top of the head like a beautiful crown instead of the poof kind of bang. It has a few “baby hairs” pointing out from the top hairline to add a realistic look and also so the forehead isn’t the main focus. I love the cute little sideburns that she adds. There is also a different style called Soma that comes with feathered side bangs. It comes in Black (Ink), Grey (Granny), Blonde (Blonde), and Obsidian. I think I found my new favorite hairstyle! Un luxe!! Go get your hair styled at el salon !lamb at Tableau.

♥ Leona

The Model Also Wear;

Hair: Ambrosia in Powder by !lamb

Skin: Makeup 7 in Eclat light by Lelutka

Eyelashes: Regina by Beauty Avatar

Tears: Smudged Tears by [glow] studio designs

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If The Olsen Twin Gained A Twin

Review: What would happen if the world gained a Mary Ashley Olsen? I think Starbucks would run out of business. But I have to admit, I would love to have their wardrobes. I’m not really in the mood for a detailed review, I guess they speak for themselves. I love the quirikness of the mismatched colors and textures. I created a little mohawk on the !lamb hair, I hope she won’t kill me. Maybe she’ll make one and name it Leona :p

The Models Wear;

Look # Uno:

Hair: Bang Bob in Powder by !lamb & Life Preserver by Epoque

Skin: Estelle by Lelutka

Eye Makeup: Bohemian Eyelashes by [glow] studio

Shirt: Meshington Body Suit in Silver by Royal Blue

Skirt: Lost Ballet in Tomato by Royal Blue

Stockings: Line to the Crown in Cookie Monster by Royal Blue (Gift)

Gloves: Glamour Gloves in Black by SL Glamour

Shoes: Sluts in Skyscrapers in Noir and Lemon by Royal Blue

Look # 2 :

Hair: Bang Bob in Powder by !lamb & Life Preserver by Epoque

Skin: Estelle by Lelutka

Eye Makeup: Bohemia Eyelashes by [glow] studio

Skirt: Spring Bum in Ultra Violet by Royal Blue

Leggings: Country Noise Leggings in Grey by Royal Blue

Shoes: Vintage Armarda Boots by *Kookie*

Look # Tres:

Hair: Bang Bob in Powder by !lamb & Life Preserver by Epoque

Skin: Estelle in Lelutka

Eye Makeup: Bohemia Eyelashes by [glow] studio

Jacket: Hamilton Military in Navy Baby by !Ohmai

Skirt: Subversive Bows in Emerald by Royal Blue

Stocking: Line to the Crown in Rubberduck by Royal Blue

Heels: Saffron Pumps in Electric Red by Lelutka

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The Vampire Collection

   (ARCADIA – Aluka by The Obscene from the Vampire Collection)

Review: Humans and Avatars have been bitten by the vampire bug! Old news, I know.  The Twilight movie and book saga have made people go gaga for vampires. Well apparently the vampire bug has also bitten [the oBscene], who are  famous for their deliciously fab skins, eyelashes, hair, and lingerie. I love these skins because of the great amount of detail that they put, especially, into the makeup. The makeup seals the deal for me on skins and these skins are exquisite. Just makes me want to bite into a juicy neck. Sorry,I know, “Not funny”. Just trying a little humor. Anyways, they come with many different styles of lipstick and eye makeup. I love the detailing of the lips on this skin with the smeared blood on the top of the lips and the blood dripping down at the corner of the mouth. Love the coloring between the nice juicy red against the more dark morbid blood. I also absolutely love the cute little scratch on the left eye. Fabulous. Bravo to [the oBscene]!


The Model Also Wears;                                                                                                                                                                                            Hair: Witch in Powder by !lamb

Eyelashes: Black Crown from The Bolder Collection by [glow] studio

Eyes: Mystic2 by [the oBscene]

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Roses on Her Neck


Review:  I was parading across the SL grid, bored and broke out of my mind, when I thought ‘let’s go see whats new at [glow] studio.’ I love [glow] because their accessories, eyelashes, sunglasses etc. are very extravagant and I’m the queen of extravagance. Their stuff also looks great in pictures by the way for all you photographers. So, I saw this gorgeous necklace and I had to have it. I love the thick chocker style that it has. I also love the rose jewelry detail of the diamonds, hence the name “Roses on her Neck.” The price is also very nice :)!  The necklace is a 5 out of 5 on my style scale!  So listen up photographers and just plain fashionistas… go hit [glow] studio for the gorgeous designs, you won’t regret it.

The Model Also Wears:

Hair: Nikhita V2 in Black by Truth

Eyelashes: Black Crow from the New Collection The Border by [glow] studio

Heels: Safrron Pumps in Electric Red by Lelutka


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Futuristic Bitch


Hair: HairBase from Estelle skin by Lelutka

Lashes: [glow] studio

Gloves, Collar, Leggings: *kookie*

Pose: Dismorph. Serpent Statue II

Review: I got this outfit at a 50L sale at *kookie*. I love the outfit and I cant wait to try more stuff from there. The Estelle skin is the base one from LE Look by Lelutka. I love the eyeliner cat eye mark on the eyes. Wish I had the money to buy it in different colors. Please make donations! :p

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*COCO* Black Leather Jacket

Review: This jacket is called Black Leather Jacket by *COCO*.  Honestly, its just breathtaking. It has cool proportional shoulder pads that add a modern Gaga touch. The jacket also comes with a type of short open cape thats attached to the midback. The jacket’s texture and high quality details are what brings this jacket all together into one more masterpiece made by *COCO*. Bravo!

Hair: !lamb

Eyewear: [glow] studio

Jacket: *COCO*

Pose: SP_Play Me Softly_6 Pose

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!Lamb- Bang Bang Bob

(Picture: Bang Bang Bob in Powder)

Review: The hairstyle in the picture is called Bang Bang Bob and its new by !Lamb. It is an edgier take on the classic bob with a shorter length and eye covering bangs. I recommend more discreet eyelashes or else you’ll have  a hard time with the bangs and the lashes. The hairstyle comes in natural black (ink), black with blue tones (obsidan), silver (granny), powder (blonde as shown in the picture above).  Once again, !lamb has outdone many of our expectations.

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