Nappy Weaves

Post: I should be out walking my poor little puppy, but I guess his tiny bladder can wait. I finally got a chance to post something new, this week has been busy for me. Finals coming up soon & I cant wait to fail em & get out of there. Anyways, so I have exciting news. I got those above pants (yes I begged for them) from the owner of Fab Pony. They are called the Chloe jeans & they’re mega hawt. They’re highwaist bell bottom jeans which bring back the 70s and I kinda wish I was there for that century. The jeans are well designed, the texture is gorge. The bottom prims are cool, theres one for heels & one for flats. Go pick those up.
Also, So Many Styles released some cool stuff. The above blazer is from there. For the record, I got it pre released but wasn’t allowed to blog it, so I don’t know what I’m trying to prove but its been proven. The hair is a new nappy weave (nappy means gorge, but it can be used as negative, so don’t play) at Lelutka. Well there are plenty new nappy weaves there, but this one is my favorite. It reminds me of French models & croissants. Its gorgeous  & well put together like all Lelutka things. Yes, I’m kissing ass, but its true as well. They’re also at the shoe fair but a cute new shoe! FD also has a 50% off sale. I smell new things, but who can blame me for having a schnoze. Everything else is recycled because money is tight. If you would like to send me new items to wear & blog, let me know. I might even suck up to ya!

The Model Wears;
Look #1
Hair: RYKIEL hair in Irish Red by LeLutka
Bird Skin in Slasher 4 by Fashionably Dead
Hi Twiggy! by La Malvada Mujer
Boyfriend Blazer in Blue by {SMS}
Chloe Jeans in Vintage by FAB.PONY
Saffron Pumps in Electric Red by LeLutka

Look #2
Hair:RYKIEL hair in Irish Red by LeLutka
Bird Skin in Slasher 4 by Fashionably Dead
Moloch by The Obscene
Blush in Brown by LG Concept
Jacket: Metal Stripes (Broach Version) by Paper Couture
Shirt: Claven Blouse in Antique by W&B
Skirt: Debut Gown by Epoque
Pants: July Pants in White by Glam Affair
Belt: Vanessa Belt by R.icielli

Location: District 8
Soundtrack: Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga

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