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Unexpected Fear


Review: Hi! It’s been a long time since my last post I think but it feels like 5 seconds. Time has been flying! I’m gunna be a cop for Halloween btw, I have a cuff and one of those whipping stick things, so watch out. Gretchen won Project Runway! I wanted April to win but since she left, Gretchen was my second choice. Epoque has new stuff, hence this whole post. ETD has also reopened under another name, which of course, I dont have at the moment. But the black hair I’m wearing is from there and it reminds me of the slicked look in Alejandro by Lady Gaga. Me gusta. Also I finally got a chance to check out skin&bones. It’s a pose shop by Dot Chaffe (I hope I didnt butcher your name, I logged out of SL so I have nothing!). Dot is also Vintage McMillian’s assistant, yes I have been people stalking/watching again. Well she’s really good at pose making, all the above poses are from there. Go check out every store I listed and have a safe Halloween. Check your candy before you eat it. Don’t hand out candy corn because your house will be egged, we want chocolate!

;** (That a kiss btw)

The Models Wear;
Look #1

Hair: Escape in Black by [elikatira] (NEW)
Jejune in Dig It! by Tres Blah
High-Waist Paneled Skirt in Grey by Epoque (NEW)
Fire Fish Sleeves by Aitui
Pose: Contortion 1 by skin&bones

Look #2
Hair: Escape in Blac by [elikatira] (NEW)
Jejune in Dig It! by Tres Blah
The Soldier on Big Maneuvers by La Malvada Mujer (NEW)
Lace Onesie in White by Epoque (NEW)
Belt: Clothbound Bow Belt in Spring by Surf Couture
Suede Platform Pumps in Pink by Paper Couture
Melancholy 10 by skin&bones

Look #3
Hair: Cricket in Sand by Kin
Skin: Jejune in Dig it! by Tres Blah
Antology of Transition #1 by La Malvada Mujer
Lace Onesie in Royal by Epoque (NEW)
WaistHighs in AcidWash by Vive9
Shoulders: Part of Patio Dress in Violet by Tee*fy
Pose: Malheureusment 06 by skin&bones

Location: Unexpected Fear
Soundtrack: Fireworks by Katy Perry, 1983 by Animal Tree, Girlfriend by Nicki Minaj

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Blog Entry: Hola Amigos! Wow, I need to stop using the crop button, the picture looks tiny. I’m pooped, I think I need some weed. Someone should honestly fucking censor me. Anyways, I love this blog part, I get to write whatever. I wish more bloggers would write more in their entries because to me, its not about my picture, it probably sucks balls but at least I get a chance to share my ideas, opinion, and routine with complete strangers and I like that “unpeeling of onion layers” if you will. R.icelli has released their new Fall/Winter 2010 collection. Good stuff, very structured and strong items. La Malvada Mujer has also released new makeup layers called Yes Sir, I actually think that its for the chicos but that doesnt stop me. So, I watched Project Runway last night and I’m fuming! April Jonhson or Johnston or the pretty blonde chick with the bun on her head, you cant miss her, was outted last night. I really loved her clothing and ideas, I dont think color pallete means much but whatever, I stopped watching if you’re wondering. My dog has started chewing at these new payless shoes I bought, fucking asshole, I swear I’m gunna muzzle his ass. Anyways, if anyone is interested in the crap I picture and or talk about, hook me up with a gig because I’m sooo bored, or you could try to fight me, I would love a heated discussion! Also, I’m a book freak, I love reading. I’m currently reading Lolita by Nabovo or some crap like that (I’m so sorry for double fucking your name up Mr. Writer, good book btw) and its sooo “perverted & disgusting” but I secretly (not anymore) get turned on by it, probably just because I’m a sicko. The feminine would be sicka? Wow I’m babbling. Anyways, R.icielle, La Malavada Mujer & LeLutka have new stuff out, go check them out!

  Jejune in Dig It in Light by Tres Blah
Alejandro in Grain (pack) by Epoque * Hair Fair, but I think you can get it in store*
Yes Sir # 3 by La Malvada Mujer *NEW*
Moloch by The oBscene
Ballone Dress in Navy by R.icielli *NEW*
*KK!* Black Pantyhose/Tights

Location:  Hathian
Soundtrack: Fembot by Robyn

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My Name Is Charlie C.H.A.P.L.I.N, Bitch!

Review: Bonjour! I should’ve taken French in High School, I think it’s incredibly sexy. Russian, French, and Italian are a turn on, so chicos pull out those dictionaries. Wow, I haven’t blogged anything in sooo long, I’m loosing my touch I think. I’m back to school and my life is hectic. My apartment building got broken into so I moved in with my mother and she won’t get off my back. No, don’t “awww” it’s not cute. NO PRIVACY! Grrr. She means well but she needs a hobby or another child to take care of. My dog chewed my first pair of Louboutin pumps, that got him in time out big time! I got a new phone which is so sexy. And some bitch on SL tried to fight me but in the end I got compliments on my blog and a pretty dress, take that slut! Anyways, my Charlie Chaplin mustache comes from La Malvada Mujer, which I fucking adore! Faina (I think I butchered your name, I’ll fix it) Cortes is a beast at these new SL2 Viewer Makeup tattoos, they’re off the hook, like for real, I’m not a hired actor reading these lines to you, I’m a fucking slave to La Malvada Mujer products like everyone else is to Covergirl. Good stuff, go check it out, I wish I had the slurl but just look it up or IM me in world for a lm.

Credits to my Designers;
Witch in Powder by !lamb
Skin: Jejune Dig It in Light by Tres Blah
Jacket:  Spiky Receptionist Jacket in Purple by Royal Blue
Shorts: High Waist Spandex Shorts in Grey by Epoque
Makeup: City Lights by La Malvada Mujer

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