Who is This Biatch?


Well, My name is Leona. I live in Boston but I wish I could move to NYC or somewhere full of grungy streets and heels and yellow taxis. I’m19. Whoop Whoop! I study Pre-med at Umass Boston. I’m thinking about becoming an ER doctor. I’m a complete weirdo, a loner, and some people like to call me “funny”.  I enjoy smoking weed with my dog, even though he’s not much of a smoker. The smoking weed part is true. No alcohol, just herbs. I’m also extremely vulgar, because vulgarity is the way to go. I’m drama free, drama’s only for the movies. Even though, I am a pivotal character in an eighties Woody Allen movies set in NYC, where everything is  desaturated and is smoggy. I’ve got my own trenchcoat and soundtrack. Top that, Julia Roberts. Anywho, I love fashion and I’ve created this blog as a way of sharing my personal style to those who care. I like to think of my blog as a fashion in-depth twitter. Everything is Second Life based because SL is my life, which is why I’m a loner. I’ll share little posts that occasionally talk about me, my dog. I kinda wish this blog would count for in classroom participation points. Say hello or throw a rock at me. Whatever.



One thought on “Who is This Biatch?

  1. tjoux says:

    I dig your candid self. Oph. is deff. missing out on having you in her OWN channel…that’s where she is loosing her profit by not having you on her channel ;D

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