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Post: Hello! What’s popping ho? Born To Die: Paradise Edition is gonna be out in 10 days! If you’re a Lana Del Rey fan like moi, you’ll know what I’m talking about, if not, you should give her a listen and you’ll change your mind. It’s like religion, I can’t push it on you, but I can sure hit you with the Bible until you get marked by the word. I wont hit you will LDR, (yes I can abbreviate her name like that) but she’s got nice songs.  I’m not actually gonna buy the album, but it’s not like they need the money. Well they probably do, but I’m a single mom. No, I don’t actually have children. So, what’s going on? I’ve started reading Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson. I LOVE it! It’s a novel composed of short stories. Some are intertwined and some are random, but it’s so beautiful. Oh Jesus, I sound like a wuss.

Anyways, I bought the new Ajla Suede Sandals by Vive 9. They’re uber cute and they’ve got TOES! Who doesn’t love toes? The heels are mega high and hawt and they’ve got the skin matching hud, you know how they do. Then I discovered a store called Remy and they’ve got coat cape things. Like, that’s heaven. And they also make these kick ass fur stoles. I’m don’t support mistreating animals for fur because that not cool, but I do enjoy the fur vault at Macy’s. And I found this gorgeous slick back ombre do at ISON. I love this hair so much. Go shop!


The Model Wears:
All looks:
Hair: Renata in Ombre 5 by ISON
Skirt: Carmen in Summer by ItGirls
Brows: Paper Bag
Heels: Ajla Suede Sandals in Cobalt by Vive 9
Collar: Epoque

Look 1
Jacket: Remy
Shorts: Vive 9

Look 2
Stole: Remy
Shorts: CheerNo

Look 3
Jacket: Remy
Shorts: CheerNo

Poses: Marukin

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Awfully Pale

Post: Hello! Well I sure am pooped. I’ve beaching almost everyday and when I beach, I go hard. I swim, run around, play racquetball, I do it all. Nuts. The water is so warm. Oh Jehovah, I sure love the summer. I’ve got killer tan lines, even though I’m not into big dark tans. I like to be sunkissed. So anyways, Nylon Outfitters, owned by Nylon Pinkney (the swagger mastah) has released some new cute stuff. This new cute stuff includes this super cute romper, rigged mesh beach dresses (or are they full mesh, well they’re still mesh), shorts, tanks, bustiers. Cool stuff. I’ll forward the blog post so that you can take a look before heading out into the wild wild desert of Tableau. http://newlyborn84.blogspot.com/2012/06/june-update-summer-fun.html. There you go. So, the romper comes in pale pink, green, blue, and a cool floral red. The belt is drawn in or whatever you call things that aren’t prim. Simple, classic, gorgeous. I love the layering of the booby area. My outfit is horridly pale, I have no idea what’s up with that. I like color. But what the hell. Yummy, owned by Polyester Partridge, released these cool anus shades. They are color change, but I love the cheetah print. Everything is recycled, except for the kinda still new Bowie Heels by Fashionably Dead. I’m gonna go eat some pizza flavored Goldfish cracker things. The name just slipped my mind. Pizza flavor, it’s a latin party in your mouth.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Principe in Platinum by CheerNo
Skin: Nyx by Fashionably Dead
Lips: Lost My Keys by Pididdle
Jacket: Boyfriend Blazer in Beige by So Many Styles
Shirt: Tied Denim Shirt by ISON
Romper: Belted Romper in Aquamarine by NO
Earrings: Ewa Ram in Gold by LaGyo
Necklace: Knotted Snake Necklace by Paper Couture
Rings: Shield Rings in White by LaGyo
Nails: Classic Nails by Izzie’s
Boots: Bowie Heels in Floral 2 by FD
Glasses: Anouk Glasses by Yummy
Pose: PDA

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Dear Sandstorm, Take Me Away.

       Post:  Hi! So, this post shall be a mini autobiography of moi. I’m 18 years old. I just started college this week and I’m thrilled and nervous. So, I think I started SL when I was 14. I’m majoring in pre med. I wanna be Dr Grey from Grey’s Anatomy, but I’m debating if I should also be Sarah Oh because she used to have a sex with a black penis. But seriously, I wanna become an ER doctor because I wanna be able to say, “I save lives.” in a nice big girl voice. So that’s who Leona is.             Don’t you love my blog? Mine isn’t all cute and proper, it’s quite grungy and vulgar and I love that. I’m trying to make the HOF fashion show at Fashion Week. Ok, so let’s get down to serious business. The above mannequin avi is made by Mijn Seoung. She used to own Mijn.t but it’s been re-branded to BRB. I like BRB bettah, it’s easier to remember. I always screwed up Mijn.t  It’s available at BRB if you are interested. They have it in black and silver. Anyways, I have fallen in love with the mannequin avie at Mijn.t, owned by Mijn Seoung. I’ve been trying to do something with for a long time, so finally  I decided to do a little mini editorial on the Modavia Fashion Week. So I had to at least put up another picture. Anyways, I’m going to be adding up pictures and potential posts (or just adding more words) throughout the week. The items seen on the runway are being sold at Modavida II. Most outifts cost around $450L and up. I tried to pop in for the shows but the lag is horrid. But, anyone thats anyone is there. That’s all I’m going to say. See you on the runway!

The Model Wears;
Look 1:
Avie: BRB
Jacket & Dress: Chantkare *Modavida Items*
Heels: Lelutka

Look 2:
Avie: BRB
Dress: CheerNo *Modavida Item*
Jacket: Epoque
Heels: Elikatira
Glasses: Paper Couture

Location: Deep Desert


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Bowl Cuts Aren’t Helmets

Post: So I’m a beantown girl. I live in Boston and we’re mid hurricane. Oh God I’m terrified. I’ve been alive only 19 years and I’ve never witnessed a hurricane, some scary shit fo show. So let me keep this pose very short. If I die, I have life insurance. Both SL & RL insurance. Call Mr. Phillip Linden and he’ll forward you the money.

The Model Wears; (IDK Why I Still Say That, I Do Everything)
CheerNo (Male Section)
Fashionably Dead
La Malvada Mujer
Football Suit:
CheerNo (Male Section)
Neck Thing:
Atelier AM

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i’m a free bitch.

Post: It’s three o’clock and twenty-five minutes in the morning and I’m up blogging over nothing. I don’t know what part of my brain was damaged when my mother had sex while she was pregnant but I feel like it’ll impact my life tremendously through common sense. I hate driving. It’s uncomfortable, my legs are too long, my skirt is too short. I don’t want to be Britney (no offense homegirl, keep rocking the commando) but its cold in Boston and I dont wanna freeze my labia. I love monkeys, they’re so cute! I don’t want children, at least not born from my body because it would cause me to shut my body down by feeling like I’m not able of carrying children. I wanna go to Fiji or Madrid. I wanna go touch the poverty in Africa and India. I want weave that smells like curry dipped in wine. I want California highlights. I want to line up a bunch of skinny girls and dress them up and then tear the dresses off their bodies. I want a muse thats anorexically gorgeous (yes I am against eating disorders so I mean very thin by nature, not by fingering her throat).  I wanna be able to tell someone their outfit sucks and strut away. A lot of wants, not enough money or balls.

The Models Wear:
Hair: Jules in Happy Blonde by fri.day *bleached yellow by moi*
Skin: Jejune in Dig It! by tres blah
Lips: Don’t Stop Yet in Matte Teeth by Pididdle *Kozmetica*
Headband: Shoelace Headband by FreshTrash *Itny Isle*
Pads: Part of Rigid Bodysuit in Grey by Epoque
Shirt: Anya Shrunk My Sweater in Lite Blue by BB
Shorts: Denim Short in Piccadily #2 by Emery
Stockings: Fishnet Tights in Black by blowpop
Nails: True Enhance by Armidi *which is still open!* in black.
Soundtrack: Born This Way & Then You’d Love Me by Gaga

Hair: Elsa in Blonde by kin *dyed yellow by moi*
Skin: Jejune in Dig It! by tres blah
Face: My Custom Plastic Surgery by La Malvada Mujer *custom made*
Top: Part of Victorian Damask Coat in Red/Emerald by So Many Styles
Bottom: STD Forever Corselet by CheerNo in White
Stockings: Fishnet Tights in Black by blowpop
Ring: Shield Ring in White by LaGyo
Earrings: Oversized Enamel Loop Earings by Paper Couture *Sping 09 Collection*

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I Already Told You, I’m Not Gaga!

Review: Hey Buddies! So listen up, there’s ton of stuff I want to discuss/share/opinion about. First of all, Vive9 is releasing new stuff today at 6pm slt. For those of you that don’t know, Vive9 is run currently by the gorgeous and talented Sanya Bilavio, I added you on Flick btw, lol shout out moment. Anyways, I peeked into her store even though she had ban lines up, those don’t stop me from snooping. There’s ton of cute stuff, some old, some new and reinvented, too bad I couldn’t buy anything there and then. Switching gears, Hair Fair starts tomorrow. This year the Hair Fair is benefiting a program that creates wigs for children. I think it’s a great idea and program, but… I don’t like the Fair idea. Don’t toss tomatoes yet. I just don’t want to get up off of my fat ass and having to push these skinny bitches out of my way to end up buying the wrong thing. Fairs aren’t good, you end up moneyless and lonely at the end of the day. I wish I could purchase online! Technology people! I’ll be running for SL president, Jayaram 2012, vote for me bitches! So, I’ve also joined an RP city and its fascinating, great workout for the mind and imagination. The above pics were taken at this city, you can find the location below. I was going for softer lighting and I’m learning how to toy with sky setting etc. Watch out for Designers United that I think also starts tomorrow!

Leona ♥

Look #1
Ambrosia in Granny by !lamb
Skin: Arsenic Blur by Tres Blah
Makeup: Bubbles Plastic #1 by La Malvada Mujer *Viewer 2 Compatible Only*
Tops: Paito Dress in Violet by Tee*fy worn as undershirt, I Kill Her! by &bean
Skirt: Ruffle Flower skirt in White by minj.t
Pose: Simply, Cheryl by Dismorph

Look #2
Telephone in Coffee by ploom
Skin: Arsenic Blur by Tres Blah
Makeup: I Want To Be Beth Ditto #1 by La Malvada Mujer
Top: a.C.Power**Shirt. by CheerNo
Skirt: MOCOMOCO chiffon  SK – PF by::{u.f.o}::
Pose: Gutsy by [LAP] *Long Akward Poses*

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The Epoque in which Royal made love in Blue sheets

Review: Ok guys, so sit down and shut up! I have tons to tell you but such little time & effort. Lets start with my life. This past week, I popped my mic cherry. I can just hear my mother saying, “Do you have to be so vulga?” (the r is off for a reason) Anyways, I’m now a microphone user so if you are interested in speaking to me, add me on Skype = leona.jayaram. Ok back to the real juicy stuff. Royal Blue is back! Oh how I’ve missed you. Royal Blue, for those of you who might not know, is run by the talented Marni Grut. She is also a designer for the LeLutka group. Did you guys know that LeLutka meant The Dollhouse is some language, apparently the one that the incredible Minnu Palen speaks. Anyways, Marni has been teasing her Flickr contacts, including me, with pictures of her fabulous new collection and now they’re finally out. I was stalking her shop on the release date hehe. The jacket in the top picture is hers and the hot pink boots in the third picture is also hers. Ok, now bigger news, this blog post is a two for oner. Epoque released new clothing! Agh, I always knew she had amazing clothing talent. I’m talking about the lovely Vintage McMillan. Royal Blue opened her store at Eugene which is Epoque’s main store so hence the title of this blog post. Anyways, I went to Epoque looking for hair and I found gorgeous lingerie. I bought a ton, I might post my transaction to prove it. Then, I went back and there’s clothing! Gorgeous dresses and pants. But, I would like to give my sincere apologize to Ms. McMillan, I screwed up your pants in the top picture, I didn’t see they weren’t rezzed and it was too laggy to retake, but they are worth the trip to Epoque. I haven’t blogged in centuries, it feels good to be back. Now get off her lazy asses and go visit Eugene, you’ll find amazing shit there. (Shit as in hot stuff, not shit and in bad shit.) I’ll post up credits in a little bit.

Look #1
Hair: Be in Platnium Blonde by 69
Skin: Makeup 2 in Eclat Light by Lelutka
Makeup: Borderline #1 by La Malvada Mujer
Jacket: Spiky Reception Jacket in Royal Purple by Royal Blue
Pants: High-Waist Spandex Trousers in Grey
Necklace: Neelia Beaded Yoke Tank by Whippet &Buck

Look #2:
Hair: Vitor in Vino by CheerNo
Skin: Makeup 3 in EclatFair by LeLutka
Makeup: Borderline #1 by La Malvada Mujer
Dress: Latex Fin Dress in Grey by Epoque
Shoes: Oxford Shoes in Black by COCO
Tattoos: Rat Barbers by AITUI

 Look #3
Hair: Cricket in Sand by Kin
Skin: Makeup2 in Eclat Light by LeLutka
Makeup: Pois Modern #1 by La Malvada Mujer
Bodysuit: Rigid Bodysuit in Black by Epoque
Shoes: Tough Love Boots in Hot Pink & Pewter

 Look #4:
Hair: Witch in Powder by !lamb
Skin: Makeup 2 in Eclat Light by LeLutka
Makeup: I Want To Be Beth Ditto #5 by La Malvada Mujer
Dress: Fin Dress in Cobalt by Epoque
Tattoos: Fire Fish & Rat Barbers in AITUI
Glasses: Flat Top Shades in Loud by Epoque

Location: Siden
Soundtrack: Woohoo by Christina Aguilera & Got Your Back by T.I. ft Keri Hilson

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Pose for the camera, Bitches!

Review:  Hiya Fellow Readers! I’ve been super busy and bored with SL. I’ve done some things that I said that I would never redo, but money is tight and life is short, right? Anyways, I broke into an idol’s of mine in SL house, not gonna tell you who she is but her house is gorgeous, I’m green with envy! But I guess a little bit of envy is always good, or you’ll turn into a snobby “haveitall”. So, this week I was creeping my idol’s blog and I saw the store Ribbon owned by the fabulous Mao Melody. My idol has great taste and sense of style so I decided to visit and her stuff is sooo cute, well designed, and fucking cheap! I love when I find a store like that, but her stuff was so great that I felt guilty for buying her stuff at the low price that I did. Seriously Mao, between me and you, *whispers* hike the price up a few lindens and buy yourself something nice. Anywho, I bought the lace vest that I’m wearing above and I wrecked it with my poor PS skills, you can still see the green, it’s a mess.  My theme for the picture was to show the photographer behind the lens but through the lens kinda. You probably think I’m hammered while writing this, thank god for spell check, huh? Anyways, visit Ribbon by Mao Melody and pick up her cute way to cheap stuff!

Fierce & Love,

The Model Also Wears;
Hair: Principe in Platinum by CheerNo
Skin: Makeup 2 in Eclat Light by Lelutka
Vest: Lace Vest in Karashi by *RibboN*
Top:  Military Vest in Navy by Wasted Youth
Bottom: Part of Luciana Bodysuit in White by R.icielli
Camera: NyloniFlex with Tripod by Nylon Outfitters

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They Call Me AYIL

Review: So guys, I guess I’ve been added to LG Concept’s gift list and I’m pretty darn psyched! I’ve never been added to a store’s gift list, especially not a great store as LG Concept. This makes Leona very happy and I just had to blog about their generous gift. For those that aren’t familiar with LG Concept,  its owned and designed by the gorgeous Gyorgyna Larnia and partner (forgot the name but will put it in).  You might be familiar with the re-create of Alexander McQueen’s orange and black striped poncho that they released as a gift after his death. Ms. Larnia, correct if I’m wrong, also designs for Lagyo, the awesome accessories store. Any who, they have decided to release their first skin line and the line is called Peau d’ange and the skins are called AYIL (hence the title). It’s to be released this weekend but I got a preview gift and I’m so thrilled! Shucks, no one has every given me a preview of anything hehe. The above skin is AYIL in Lumineux Dark Brows. It’s gorgeous. I applaud them for such a great skin, especially it being their first skins. I love the Pierrot/ Lady Gaga Paparazzi lips and they’re such a fun bright color for the summer. The two tones of pink is to die for! The eyebrows are high arched which adds a bigger touch of Pierrot to the skin.  Magnifico and Bravo to LG Concept!

♥ Leona

The Model Also Wears;

Hair: The Wallflower (Shorter Bangs) in Rice Cake in Chips Pack by Epoque

Skin: LG Peau d’Ange – AYIL skin opening gift by LC Concept

Eyelashes: Eyelashes V2 9 by Mayden Couture

Gloves: Half Glove in Cobalt by Royal Blue

Bottom: STD Forever Corselet by CheerNo

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No Pictures Of The Duchess At Tea!

Review: I visited a cute little boutique a few weeks ago and right next to it there was a castle of a store called LA MAISON KAESTNER, owned by the quite gorgeous and very talented Polina Kaestner. I went inside and I felt like I had just walked into Jackie Kennedy’s walk-in closet. The clothing there is spectacularly classy with a touch of sexy vintage. The above look is from LMK. I love the cute cardigan, it comes with a longer attachment if desired to be worn that way. The buttons on the sweater and the detailing of the wrinkles are amazing. The texture of the sweater also adds a “umph” to the expensive look. The skirt is a simple pleated high waist skirt that every woman should own in their closet. It’s flattering, glamorous, the high waist is sexy. LMK is the definition of glamour and that doesn’t always mean expensive. So get shopping at LMK!

The Model Also Wears;

Hair: Principe in Platinum by CheerNo

Skin: Makeup 2 in Eclat Light by Lelutka

Sweater: Long Opened Cardigan in Nude by LMK

Skirt: Pleated High Waist Skirt in White by LMK

Belt: Cinch Belt in Silver by Fri.day (Included in Paradiso Romper by Fri.day)

Heels: Sluts in Skyscrapers in Noir & Yellow by Royal Blue

Ring: Charcoal Rose Ring by (Elate)

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