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More Soap

Review: Hey Peoples! I’m not in the mood for a long chat today, feeling kinda bleh & bluh. But, I would like to let you guys know that I’ve having an article released in July’s issue of Essence of Style Magazine. It’s packed with suggestions for hot summer looks. The main goal of the magazine is to show you how many options there are to look sexy and tasteful but still respecting your body. Wow, I said I wasn’t going to write much and here I am writing a novel. I like giving my blog viewers a little inside of my world or fashion updates etc. Well, heads up, (kinda late, I know!) R.icielli released a new line and its packed with high waist skirts and pants, jackets, mini tops etc. Also, I’ve uptained some info from a reliable source that told there will be a R.icielli Skin and Hair Line being released pretty soon, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that. Looks like they’re aiming to become a big store like Lelutka. My only problem with R.icielli is that their store is so big and the clothes are so far apart, you have to like walk miles to get to it. Also, keep your eyes and ears peeled for the summer release of Royal Blue’s new line. I posted a picture that Ms. Marni Grut posted up and it said that they’re coming back Summer 2010! Count your pennies and keep your eyes open!

~ Leona

The Model Also Wears;

Look #1

Hair: Cricket in Sand by Kin

Skin: Makeup 2 in Eclat Light by Lelutka

Outfit: Darling Baby Seal Maedb by Pig

Heels: Armadillo Plateaus in Vivid II by Pacadi Jasha

Glasses: The Blues by Mustache

Necklace: Chloe Back Knot Long Pearls in White by Dahlinks

Look #2

Hair: Cricket in Sand by Kin

Skin: Makeup 2 in Eclat Light by Lelutka

Top: Floral Pullover Sweater in Pink by Nylon Outfitters

Skirt: Pleated High-Waist Skirt in White by -LMK-

Belt: Wide.Waist Belt in Gray by

Glasses: The Blues by Mustache

Heels: Lemon Patent Leather Stilletto by Mustache

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Posing In The Rain

“Journal Entry”: Today, I would like to have more of a fireside talk. So, SL is getting really boring it me. I’m a bit moody ,for those who dont know me, but also classy of course. My taste changes a lot but there are a few exceptions that will never change, which is my I bring a new boyfriend to Thanksgiving every year. Anywho, I dont know, but I feel like SL is loosing its spark for me, but it’ll probably pass just like gas. I’m so bored I’m seeing things and talking to objects around my house. My dog is in constant fear of me, he thinks I’m gunna pick him up again and give him a lecture. Poor stud. Anyways, I visited this cool sim called Soap yesterday. It’s a rural dark kind of city, awesome place for photos. Go check it out or come visit me for tea! I have lady fingers and lemon tea! (The reviews are on the picture, too lazy to write all that crap out!)

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Shipwrecked Turban Wearing Slut

Review: Hi Guys! So I’ve been away because my SL and RL have been a bit overwhelming. My finals are knocking on my doorstep! But I do have some exciting news that I would love to share. I was recently approached by the very smart Bliss Windlow, for those that don’t know her, she’s the fabulous CEO of Essence of Style Magazine. She approached me a few days ago and asked me if I would like to become a journalist at the magazine, and now its official! I’m so excited because I’m so past the “Oh and Ahing” at everything in SL, I want to do something productive with my SL, and whats better than being a journalist about fashion?! Anywho, the above picture is a little preview of an article that I’m writing for July’s issue of the magazine. If you would like to find out whats trendy and what you shouldn’t dare to touch, keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming issue!

♥ Leona

The Model Also Wears;

Hair: Ambrosia in Powder by !lamb

Skin: Makeup 2 in Eclat Light by Lelutka

Turban: Bohemian Glow in Gray by !_Ce Cubic Effect

Glasses: The Beat Glasses in Oxidized Silver by Paper Couture

Jacket: Stigma Jacket in Black by Lelutka

Bodysuit: Luciana Bodysuit in Neutral by R.icielli

Bottom: Joanne High Waist Short in Teal by R.icielli

Boots: Vintage Armada Boots by *kookie*

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