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Unconstructed Couture

Postal: Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Ihate the holidays. So Maitreya is giving the above hair as a gift. I love it. The above hair has been edited by myself with the help of my new friend, Light Claven. I died the hair egg yolk yellow and left in some of the original platnium. Also, Le Lutka has released their new formal line. It consists on glitter dresses, elaborate gowns, good stuff. I bought the shiver dress in grey but I don’t have the patience to shoot another pic. Have fun! Go check out the new formal line by Le Lutka.

The Model Wears:

Hair: Lauren in Platnium by Maitreya
Skin: Jejune in Dig It by Tres Blah
Skirt: Prison skirt in Nude by Le Lutka

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The Fame Hurts!

Review: So, this is the first item that I pre-release blog about. I received these Fame Pumps by Le Lutka before they were in stores but I was stumped on how to make the picture big, so they’re late. But I got them before they were in stores! Ask Minnu. Anyways, these pumps are sooooooooo cute! You can wear them while touring SL, or while being glamourous, or feeling like wonderwoman and wearing no clothin while lapdance….too much? I thought so. The heels are almost as big as the saffron pumps but they’re square like the pow pumps. They come in many colors, some colors have the front blue and some dont as you can see above. They also come with legwarmers, striped and not, with scripted colors and resizer. I wish my fat lazy ass had blogged about them earlier, but what can I do? Go check ’em out!


The Model Also Wears;
Look # 1
Hair: Elsa in Blonde by Kin
Jejune in Dig It!
The Soldier on Maneuver in Pink by La Malvada Mujer
My Blazer in Nude by Milk Motion
Vivian Skirt in Neon by Yozoh
Fame Pumps in Moccasin by Le Lutka

Look # 2
Hair: Cricket in Sand by Kin
Makeup: The Time Bomb Lips by La Malvada Mujer
Betty Bodysuit in Cream by Ooh La La!
The Aviator Glasses in Cream by Paper Couture
Necklace: Silver Bead Necklace by Paper Couture
Earrings: Pearl Cluster set  by Paper Couture

Look # 3
Hair: Samara 2.0 in Powder by Lelutka
Jejune in Dig It by Tres Blah
Lingerie: Trikaya Lingerie Set in Forest by Zaara
Fame Pumps in Pink by Lelutka

Location: Zaara
Soundtrack: S &M by Rihanna

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