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Fish Market

Post: What up amigos? I’m brewing myself a nice mug of coffah. So, I’ve been chilling because its been so hawt. It cooled down finally. I want for Natalia Kills to go on tour & I’ll go see her. I’m on computer so my capitalization & grammar might be almost legible. My favorite new song is called End of Time by Beyonce. Everytime I listen to it, I feel like my name should be Fatima & I belong to a fatty banga shaking african tribe. It’s awesome.  There’s new stuff at R.icielli. I liked some of the stuff, but I don’t have monay.  I’m also reading Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Stout. It’s awesome, I’ve already read it but I’m reading it again while I wait for my library books to arrive. I love reading. I want to write a book someday because I have great novel ideas, at least I think so. Anyways, I’m gunna go drink my coffah, see ya latah.

The Model Wears;
Skin: Fashionably Dead
Paper Couture
Paper Couture
Royal Blue & Vive9
Makeup: La Malvada Mujer


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Post: I’m using my computer today so it’ll be a kinda normal post. Shit i just wrote a bunch of bullshit & it got erased. That really chaps my anus. So im not gunna rewrite everything. I was saying that if you look at the picture, theres something on my shoulder & yourw probably like what the fuck is that? Well, i have a jacket in rl, a jean one to be exact & i got an old blyue blazer of my mums & my sewed on the shoulder fabric & added shoulder padding. So its a one shoulder padded jacket. I want someone to make one like that. I wish i was creatively motivated to make something. Someone should hire me for my ideas. Minnu, hit me up. I would also love to have a lace tux or at least a lace tux jacket. Like the way i want sl weave. Fuck my chapped anus. Credits will be shaky, i apologize.

Hair: 69
Skin: fashionably dead
Jacket: vive9
Top: laygo
Undertop: paper couture
Skirt: tokidoki (sorry if i fucked it up)
Shoes: lelutka
Necklace: paper couture
Pad: coco
Glasses: alphavillian

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Wrap Me In Silk

Post: This post might come out shitty, but dont they all. Im using my crappy virgin mobile phone & it sucks. I might not add full credits because that might be impossible. I really wanna post this today! Can you fucliong believe that i missed hair fair! Pissed. I want someone to make sl weave. Light & jin are working on it while i stand there & look hawt.

hair: Epoque
skin: Nylon Outfitters
lips: Pididdle
blouse: dg
vest: Aoharu
jeans: Fab.Pony
purse: ufo
glasses: Paper Couture

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Canvas Flawas

Post: Happy Late 4th of July for my fellow Americans. I’ m from the USA, so I was popping, locking, and dropping for Ben Franklin. I’m about to head out to the beach in a few minutes, but I decided to make a post beforehand. I finally finished my book and I hate not having anything to read as good as that. I need to soothe my way out of the novel, so that I can enter another one. Its crazy people talk, but what can I do?

The Model Wears;
Guardian in Genetic Pack by Epoque
Beach Baby in Smokey by (NO)
Irma Shirt in Cream by LeLutka
Part of Canvas Flowers by Paper Couture
Vanessa in Smoky by R.icielli
SLink in Tiptoe

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Bullett Necklace

Post: Hola! My blog sucks. I changed the url & now the syndication is fucked and I hate messing with this crap. I feel like I lost readers and such because of that, it was the worst thing I did. Oh well! I’m currently finishing a novel called The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood and I have like 20 pages to go, but I don’t want to finish reading it. It’s a mystery kind of novel so the ending is the last piece to the puzzle & I hate finishing a good book because I keep comparing it to every other one I will try to read after this one. One thing I like to do is read the last page of every book first, so that maybe I can solve the novel while reading. I also like that in the beginning it means nothing, but when I reach that page, it makes sense. I probably sound like such a faggot but what can I do? “Did she just say faggot?” “Omg is a guy?!” No, I have a clitoris & the other accessories.  I wanna write a book someday, I have great novel ideas, I just need a writing coach to help me with setting up the novel etc. I hit the hair fair today. I am a faithful epoqueist so thats the only hair I bought. It’s the one photographed if you’re wondering. Its cute. Expensive for what it is, because its only a prim piece but Vin probably worked real hard on it, so who am I to judge? I also finally purchase the cute safari shorts at Lelutka. They’re cute! Love them. I hate fairs, it was sooo laggy there, someone should create an online bazaar fair thing. Jayaram 12! I’d be a great fashion president. I guess thats a wrap.

The Model Wears;

Hair: Guardian in Void by Epoque *Hair Fair*
Beach Baby in Smoky by Nylon Outfitters
Glasses: Oversized Shades in Muted by Epoque
Part of Seen by Moonlight by Paper Couture
Safari Pants in Vanilla by Lelutka
Sheer Tights in Black by Vive 9
Basic Pumps in Cream by
Gold Chocker by ICON
Bangle: Snakeskin Bangle in 14 Carrot Gold by Armidi
Oversized Enamel Loops by Paper Couture

Location: Silver Springs
Girls Fall Like Dominoes by Nicki Minaj

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