Miss Jackson If You’re Classy




Hi!I’m posting for Glance! Its like being hired to write for Vogue, which will eventually happen, I swear. It’s hot outside. Anyways, have you guys checked out the new pumps at Epoque? They are hawt. For those who don’t follow me yet, let me translate. Hawt means hot. Nappy weave means amazing or yuck. Gorge is short for gorgeous. Please copywright to Leona Jayaram. Jayaram for President 2012. The heels are called Revolution Pumps & they’re skyhigh. Love them. I’m cheap & got the VIP group ones, but that doesnt matter. Everything is pretty much old news except the badu turban by lelutka. Go check it out because I gotta sleep.

The Model Wears;
Skin: Beach Baby in Smokey by Nylon Outfitters
Eyelashes:Moloch by The Obscene
Turban: Badu by Le Lutka
Top: Sia Top in Callia by Yozoh
Pants: Highwaist wool pants by Milk Motion
Heels: Revolution Pumps in Pea
Satchel: PS1 satchel in Tan by HOF
Necklace: Sea Green Pearl Necklace by HOF

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