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Frozen Necklaces & Bank Accounts

Post: Hello! How is everyone? It’s going to snow today! I love the snow, the snow makes me happy. I hate when it gets slushy and gross. But, I love when its soft and white outside. Ah, my childhood memories come back to me. Anyways, it’s getting cold outside, I’m so ready for my layers! I adore the winter and fall because I like the wide range of choices you have for clothing. You can wear multiple scarves, sweaters, blouses, etc. It makes it easier to hide imperfections, especially when I get that extra little roll because of all those holiday cookies and egg nog. Halloween is soon. I’m gonna dress us my doggy as a fireman. He’s a beagle, I could’ve dressed him up as Snoop Dog, but thats too much. I ran out of weed. Anyways, credits are below this blurb. Have a nice Halloween!

The Model Wears;

Brunch Queen in Bliss by Epoque (Genetic Pack)
C88 Neon Corner in Tan Dark Brows by Tres Blah
Mayden Couture- Eyelashes V2 9

aztec cardi in Gray by TokiDoki
Dakota Tie Up Tee in Mustard by Vive9
High Waisted Cigarette Trousers in Cream by ISON
Knitt Socks in Grey by So Many Styles
Move Pumps in Nude by Elikatira

scarf from my aunt in tiger by TokiDoki
Knot Belt in Walnut by LG Femme
Leonard Leather Satchel in Silver Sparkles by Vive9
Ewa Ram Earrings in Gold by LaGyo (Set to Pompei)
Ewa Ram Necklace in Gold by LaGyo (Set to Pompei)
Boho Shades in Metal by VintageWear (Discontinued…now Epoque)

Pose: tram

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I Don’t Know Much About ALEGABAH

Post: Gurl, how you doing? I’m not sexist so that “gurl” means chicos as well. How are my little nuggets? I hope everyone is feeling pumped for Halloween! I don’t have a costume yet, but I do have a pumpkin spice colored jacket. So, get at me! You’re probably wondering, the title of this post sounds so familiar. It’s a line from 1+1 by Beyonce. She says, “I don’t know much about ALEGABAH, but I know, 1+1=2.” So, this line is about Bionic B telling the world that she only has 2 tracks of horse hair. We know that’s not true B. But, it’s all good. I want my weave straight from India smelling like wine and curry. I’ve got demands. I have a list just in case I become famous or have at least ten bucks in my purse. Anyways, no one has taught B how to say that because she says that every time she sings this song. Gurl, it’s coool, you from Texas, and your weave is blonde, its all cooh. The picture is horrid but I do love the “Rose just got out of the car that leads her to Titanic”. You know she’s gorgeous, but you can see her face under her hat. The face speaks for itself, its what I always long to see.

The Model Wears;
Tres Blah
Jacket: Lelutka (Without the jacket layer & edited)
Gloves: LaGyo
Jeans: Fab.Pony
Blush: LaGyo
Earrings: LaGyo *NEW*

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I envy her Elegant Neckline

Post: Hello! The English language is such a bore. I don’t have enough greeting words. They’re just so boring. I wish English were as exotic and delicious like the foggy railroad scene of a classic romance movie. I guess I’m the only one who knows what I’m talking about. Anyways, I’m a blogger for HOF (House of Fox) and I had never visited the mainstore. I get the messages with the gift and I call it a day, but I was bored and I went to check it out and I discovered this cute jacket and belt (pictured above). I fell in love. It makes me think that if I had a store, I would’ve made designs like that. I like to relate. I’m babblining and typing so fast I’m gunna carpal tunnel. That is probably not the correct typing. Anyways, friend me because I’m so lonely. I’m a lonely broad. I’m love with the hair I’m wearing. I am the model who wears all the stuff. I do my own makeup, carry the heavy photograph equipment while wearing heels, pick out the location, style, everything. I am every woman. But, I’m not a girl, not yet a woman.

The Model Wears;
Paper Couture
Tres Blah
Jacket: HOF
Skirt: Paper Couture
Belt: HOF
Leggings: Oh fuck I forgot, I’ll edit this soon.
Shoes: Maitreya

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Strictly Platforms

Post: Tiny mini post. I have to go in a few minutes but I like to add a few words. I’m watching Ringer and its soooo good. Everyone should watch it. Sarah Michelle Gellar is soo good and her clothes are killer. Happy Columbus Day to all you peeps. I might elaborate on this post later, who knows?

The Model Wears:
Paper Couture. The bun is super cute!
Tres Blah (Collar88)

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I Love The grunge of paris

Post: Hello! Fall is here. I love the fall, the slow color changing leaves and the crunch of the dry ones under my feet. The chilly air brushing up against my face. I can’t wait to start carving pumpkins. I sound like a nine year old, but I guess thats what I am at heart. Anywho, I went snooping at the forgotten jackets at Lelutka and I found this gorgeous trench coat. I love fall/winter for another reason = LAYERS! I love layers. It makes the body look sleeker and I feel like there is much more to play with than in the summer. I also love the incomparable elegance of a trench coat or fur jacket over cute layers. Gorge.

I also went hunting for the new shoes at Vive 9. They’re uber cute and well made. They remind me of oxfords but with a platform front and chunkier stiletto heel. I also love the sock or no sock option! I’m not taking them off of my feet for a long time. I also got the new hair at Epoque. I love it. I’ve always been into the head-wrap/ turban look and SL, sadly, lacks that. The hair reminds me of a more ethnic hairstyle, which I love. I love curly to coarse hair, maybe because my hair is so straight. Everything else is old except the leopard blouse which is from the uber super couture Paper Couture fall collection.

The Model Wears;
Epoque (NEW)
Skin: Tres Blah (Neon Corner)
Glasses: Paper Couture:
Jacket: Lelutka
Shirt: Paper Couture
Pants: So Many Styles
Heels w/ Sock: Vive 9 (NEW)
Belt: Emery

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