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Post: Hello! What’s popping ho? Born To Die: Paradise Edition is gonna be out in 10 days! If you’re a Lana Del Rey fan like moi, you’ll know what I’m talking about, if not, you should give her a listen and you’ll change your mind. It’s like religion, I can’t push it on you, but I can sure hit you with the Bible until you get marked by the word. I wont hit you will LDR, (yes I can abbreviate her name like that) but she’s got nice songs.  I’m not actually gonna buy the album, but it’s not like they need the money. Well they probably do, but I’m a single mom. No, I don’t actually have children. So, what’s going on? I’ve started reading Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson. I LOVE it! It’s a novel composed of short stories. Some are intertwined and some are random, but it’s so beautiful. Oh Jesus, I sound like a wuss.

Anyways, I bought the new Ajla Suede Sandals by Vive 9. They’re uber cute and they’ve got TOES! Who doesn’t love toes? The heels are mega high and hawt and they’ve got the skin matching hud, you know how they do. Then I discovered a store called Remy and they’ve got coat cape things. Like, that’s heaven. And they also make these kick ass fur stoles. I’m don’t support mistreating animals for fur because that not cool, but I do enjoy the fur vault at Macy’s. And I found this gorgeous slick back ombre do at ISON. I love this hair so much. Go shop!


The Model Wears:
All looks:
Hair: Renata in Ombre 5 by ISON
Skirt: Carmen in Summer by ItGirls
Brows: Paper Bag
Heels: Ajla Suede Sandals in Cobalt by Vive 9
Collar: Epoque

Look 1
Jacket: Remy
Shorts: Vive 9

Look 2
Stole: Remy
Shorts: CheerNo

Look 3
Jacket: Remy
Shorts: CheerNo

Poses: Marukin

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Hey Thelma…It’s Louise, Bitche!


Post: Greetings people! Yes, I’m on a roll! Two blog posts in one week. I’m exhausted. I don’t know how these skinny bitches do it. Popping blog posts out of their anuses. I’m not an anus girl, so it’s definitely not for me. I havent’ relogged so many times in my whole life. Nuts. I’m so pooped that I have a lack for words. So I guess this post will be short. I’m looking pretty fall but I guess that’s alright, the summer’s boring. I’ve got on these shoes that Vanguard has remade from the McQueen shoes like decades ago, yes I’m super late. And yes, I got the blogger pack, I just haven’t gotten to wearing them but here they are now. They’re cool. Mesh. Nice. Then I’ve got on my favorite jacket, which is from COCO. I love leather and I love strong structured clothing with shoulder pads and its hawt. Then I bought the Bad ring from Swallow. Nice. I love it. Trying to expand my jewelry. And I also picked up this belted skirt by House of Fox yesterday. I was shopping topless with a maxi skirt on, I looked fab. Ugh fuck my anus, the sun is coming in and its blinding. I really gotta clean this computer. Whatever. See ya soon.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Zina in Platinum Highlight by Vive 9
Skin: Matte Cateye 5 in Bird Skin by FD
Glasses: Anouk Glasses in Tortoise by Yummy *texture changeable*
Jacket: Black Leather Jacket by COCO
Shirt: Part of Leopard Seductress by Paper Couture
Skirt: My Silk Skirt in Seaweed by HOF
Stockings: Tights 25 in Semi Opaque Black by Sheer
Heels: McQueen Bones Shoes in Blue by Vanguard
Earrings: Oversized Enamel Loop Earrings by Paper Couture *mod*
Necklace: Tumbled Stone Statement Necklace by Paper Couture
Ring: Bad Ring in Gold by ^^Swallow^^
Nails: Classic Nails by Izzie’s
Pose: skin & bones


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Knitted Flowers

Post: Hello! I’m on a roll. Two posts in 19 hours. I’ve never done that. I’ve gotten a lot of time on my hands so I’m using it. I guess I’ve got a creative spark this week. I should be at the gym, but I guess I’m not going today. I’ve been trying to go hard at the gym so I can look even more fitter for this summer, but its hard work. My dog has to go out so I should be doing that, but I’m not. He’s a pain anyways. And a little thief. He stole a bone from some old man’s car today. Embarrassing. He’s an ass. But anywho, a new store has opened in SL called Millesime, owned by Egypt (poloxstar.collazo). It’s unisex and it’s got cute tanks and sweaters like the one pictured above. I don’t usually ask for blog review items because I don’t like asking for things and what if I get turned down? Oh the agony! But, I asked Egypt and he was very kind and gave me the above sweater. I love it. It’s big and loose and I love the prints. It’s mesh like everything else in SL these days. But, I’ve kinda started to like mesh and Firestorm. So, I guess its time for new things. I’m gonna shut down my computer today for a good two days. I need a break and a life, before my eyeballs melt. I’ve been trying to watch the last Harry Potter movie but I can’t. There’s that terrible snake. I am terrified of snakes. Like, don’t play. I will freak. It’s crazy. So I keep trying to watch it and the snake keeps coming up when I least expect it and it’s so big and scary, then I start to feel things on my legs. It’s nuts. I need snake therapy.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Back Burner in Void by Epoque (Genetic Pack)
Skin: Bird Skin in Matte Cateye 5 by Fashionably Dead
Eyebrows: Anthology of Transition #2 by La Malvada Mujer
Sweater: Loose Sweater in Floral by Millesime *Mesh*
Shirt: Denim X Leather Jacket in Worn by by Lethal Couture
Skirt: Oxford Pencil Skirt in Airline Blue by Mon Tissu *Rigged Mesh*
Stockings: Chess Tights by Izzie’s *Part of Patterned Tights pack
Shoes: Topen Platforms in Tan by Vive9
Nails: Classic Nails by Izzie’s
Rings: Shield Rings in Silver by LaGyo
Necklace: Knotted Snake Chain Necklace by Paper Couture
Earrings: Cheney Earrings in Gold by 7891
Pose: Humdrum by PDA

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Highlighter Pink Ink

Post:  Hello! I had something important to share but I can’t seem to remember. It probably wasn’t important. I don’t really like sharing. I dread participation points. Sorry that I’m not an attention whore who doesn’t jump at every opportunity to share my life story. That’s why I made a blog, so I can share when I feel like it and there isn’t a dumb bitch standing there trying to look sympathetic towards my teenage struggles which include not finding the right shade of lipstick from the 99 cent store. I’m a nude lip girl! Damn corporations. Wow, tense energy. I think I might need a hug right after I deck someone. Sorry…anger problems, already medicated for them. So, what’s popping? It sure isn’t my 99 cent store lipgloss. Ugh, I have ticks! I know, mega gross. I took my dog to the dog park, he’s a beagle, and he likes to go hunting and I like to give him some foreplay before we get home to have doggy sex so I let him walk through the field or whatever and I’m being attacked by big black ticks. That would’ve been a good place to place a typo. “I’m being attacked by big black dicks”, which is incorrect because I don’t let black children holler at this. Sorry black children. I’m not a racist, I’m just afraid of wginormous penises inside of me. According to WordPress, wginormous is a word. Who the hell is in charge of spell check? Anywho, I’m wearing some cool ass leggings by Vive 9. Is the 9 separate from Vive? I’m never sure. I like that they’re high waist. Coolios. Everything else is recycled. Go buy some tick & fleas spray, they’re everywhere.

The SuperModel Wears; 

Hair: Bedhead in Washed Out by Lamb
Skin: Bird Skin in Matte Cateye 5 by Fashionably Dead
Lips: Lola in Turquoise by Handmade
Blouse: Sheer Layered Shirt in Charcoal by ISON
Shirt: Lace Top in Black by Madsy *Closed*
Pants: Chain Illusion Leggings in Pink by vive 9
Shoes: Basic Pumps in Cream by fri.day
Ring: I’ll Rock You by Glow Studio
Nails: Classic Nails by Izzie’s
Glasses: Samuel Glasses in Tortoise Shell/Black Lens by Alphavillain
 Pose: PDA

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Sorry For Being Addicted To Bodysuits, Bitch!

Post:  Hey hey hey! I’ve been planning what to write in my sleep. I took this photo last night and I was prepping my blog post. I do that for everything. Most of my scholarly essays have been written that way, so you get a nice mixture of snoring, words, and drool. Yes, I drool and so are you right now while looking at my amazing figure. What, what? Get at me Jennifer Hudson. By Jove, I have a lot of anger as you can see.  So, you see, I have a crazy addiction. Jessie J and I share this addiction. I’m not proud of it because I’ve destructed many people’s stores while on the hunt for them. So, I would like to take this blog entry to make a formal apology, I’m not sure if Jessie J wants to do the same, she or her lawyers haven’t called me yet. Here goes: I’m sorry for being addicted to bodysuits. Did I keep a straight face? Damn it, I gotta work on that straight face, so that when I run for president, I’ll be able to stare straight into the camera lens and tell the world that, “No I’ll never use government money to pay for shoes.”, I gotta be able to pokerfaced. Anywho, I do love bodysuits. They’re so easy to wear and they look great. They versatile & look great with layers, without layers, with heels or sneakers, belted. I like baggier ones but I also like the skimpy skin tight like this one. Bold prints are big for the spring/summer this year and so is print clashing as pictured. I’ve also got a bindi on. I think they’re so cool. A nice touch of face jewelry. Go get a bodysuit, you might wanner pick up some Crisco to get into one of these skin thigh, I recommend the original brand, no store brand business. Bye.

The SuperModel Wears; (Yes, I’m a supermodel… I’ve got the license to prove it)
Hair: Femme Fatale Bun in Black by Paper Couture
Skin: Matte Cateye 5 in Black Brows by Fashionably Dead
Bindi: bindi in Blue by Zaara
Vest: Distressed Denim Vest in Grey by Vive9
Vest: Apolo Vest in Pale by H.Luzza
Shirt: Cropped Top in Floral Bev [03] by Emery
Bodysuit: Leopard Bz Bodysuit Original by !Redemption!
Glasses: Tapered Shades in Neutral by Epoque
Earrings: Pearl Cluster Studs by Paper Couture
Necklace: Upper Class Ghetto Necklace in Off White & Black by Royal Blue
Belt: Ryna Belt in Smoke by R.icielli
Nails: Classic Nails by Izzie’s
Heels: Revolution Pumps in  Indigo by Epoque
Pose: PDA

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James Dean’s Blue Jeans

 Post: Hello! Happy Easter. I’m so pissed. I was expecting for my mother, I mean the Easter Bunny, to go buy me one of those so super cool Easter baskets that I feel too awkward to buy. The awkwardness comes from I don’t look young enough to buy it for myself and not old enough to buy it for my assumed child. My mom, I mean the dumbasss Easter Bunny, bought me chocolate instead. I love chocolate, but I would love it much more if it were in one of those cool baskets, Mom! Ugh, the agony of being middle aged. So what’s up peeps? Peeps is kinda ironic right now because like peeps are sold during Easter, yeah you get it. I was gonna make a nice plate with cut up construction paper and set it out for the bunny, but I’ve been feeling sick so I popped 300 nyquills and took a nice long nap. So, look at that cool Chantkare skirt. It’s mesh, of course. Everything’s gonna be mesh soon. It’s nice high waist and when you sit, walk, or pose, these cool realistic wrinkles/shadows appear on the skirt which is real cool. It adds that realisitic affect. I also bought this hair from Lelutka that’s also mesh. I kinda like mesh hair. It sits right, moves right, I don’t have to edit it. I don’t know. I made my lips bigger in PS. It looks a bit weird but that’s what it is. Everything is recycled except the cool ring from DDL. The sunglasses are theirs too. She makes nice accessories. Everything else is recycled. Go eat a painted boiled egg.

The SuperModel Wears; (Who the hell am I kidding, I’m the model. It should say supermodel)
Hair: Oops in Marilyn by Lelutka *Roots reinforced in PS* *Mesh*
Skin: Matte Cateye 5 in Black Brows by fashionably dead
Glasses: Raining Inside in Green 2 by DDL
Headband: Novelize Headband in White by LaGyo
Ring: Semi Precious Stone Ring in Opal Gold by DDL
Necklace: Ewa Ram Necklace in Gold by LaGyo
Nails: Classic Nails by Izzie’s
Bracelet: Shield Bangle in White by LaGyo
Belt: Part of Style Dress in Plum by Lelutka
Vest: Distressed Denim Vest in Grey by Vive9
Shirt: Coral Dress by Emery *TDRB item*
Skirt: Pippy Peplum Skirt in Crimson by Chantkare *mesh*
Heels: fu(n)k you shoes in Emerald by h.m.a.e.m
Pose: Jet Plane by PDA

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Jumping Jehovah!


Post: Whoo! Thats a lot of pictures. They’re kinda fucked up, I’m sorry. So, ladies and gents, I don’t discriminate, jumpsuits are back. I love jumpsuits. Zip zip its on and you look great. These are the necessary SL jumpsuits for this spring. You have the options of long, short, or mid, long sleeve or short, halter top etc. They’re all in vibrant colors and look best when belted. So go buy one and wear a belt.

These credits are for the big pictures.

Hair: Epoque *Old hair fair gift, no longer for sale*
Skin: Nylon Outfitters
Makeup: Cheap Makeup
Necklace: Paper Couture
Shoes: Vive 9
Nails: Izzie’s
Jumpsuit: R.icielli

Hair: Elikatira
Skin: Nylon Outfitters
Makeup: Cheap Makeup
Jumpsuit: Celoe
Shoes: Elikatira
Earrings: Paper Couture
Nails: Izzie’s

Hair: Epoque
Skin: Nylon Outfitters
Necklace: Paper Couture
Jumpsuit: Emery *not sure if on sale anymore*
Shoes: Lelutka
Nails: Izzie’s

Hair: Epoque
Skin: Nylon Outfitters
Shirt: LMK
Jumpsuit: Milk Motion *not sure if on sale anymore*
Earrings: FuLo
Belt: fri.day
Shoes: Epoque


Hair: Elikatira
Skin: Nylon Outfitters
Earrings: FuLo
Jumpsuit: R.icielli
Bra: Epoque
Shoes: fri.day

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Post: Hey Yo Seawn, You Mr. Kingston! I love that song. I also love This Is What Makes Us Girls by Lana Del Rey. She’s a cool cat. What’s popping jellybean? Happy PDA Day. I’m so bitter I’m turing yellow. It’s gross. No one wants to tap this, which I honestly doubt. I’m starting to turn into Jennifer Aniston. She gets tapped for like two months and splits. Either she’s really boring in bed (I kinda believe that), or she has a weird stench that comes out of her which men discover in about two months, or she’s a robot. I visited Back To Black today. I picked up some stuff, including that little black number from Vive9. I also visited Shi. She has some very high quality clothing and hairs. But, she sells set outfits and I would prefer to just buy separate items to mix and match. Go visit Back To Black, its for a good cause, its for mental illnesses. I don’t like fairs at all but I always go to help out, so go. I did it and so should you. See ya soon!

The Model Wears:
Hair: S h i
Skin: Fashionably Dead
Blush: LG Concept
Feet: SLink
Gloves: S h i
Ring: LaGyo
Pose: PDA


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Oh These Deep Set Roots Of Mine!

Post:  I have no idea why I write the word post before each post but I just can’t get rid of it. Hello! I’ve been around, but negligent to my precious blog. I need to be inspired to photograph and blog, I just can’t send them out of my tush like these professional bloggers. I need time to style, to shop, to think, to find a location, to relog ten times, to photograph and edit, then finally post. It takes me 5647392039 hours. It’s hard work children. Anyways, I made a friend! Lila Vila is now my friend (her last name isn’t actually Vila, duh!). She’s probably like, this bish just put me on blast. And she might just think I’m some weird ass loner who smokes weed. But, she’s on my list and thats what counts. So, I picked up vive’s weave at collarbor88. It’s cute and I love roots, so thats awesome. I also received this dress from Boom and its so cute. It’s mesh and I had refused to wear/blog mesh because I have the Phoenix viewer and to wear mesh you have to put your preferences on med or high = lag!  But, it’s so cute that I couldn’t resist, and the lag wasn’t dreadful. I figured out that I fit small through large, so I can either squeeze or relax.  Also, I visited DDL. It’s an accesory story by Melina Anatine. She sells jewelry and glasses. Her glasses are bomb. I bought 3 pairs, I couldn’t help myself and neither did the screaming piggy bank in my purse. Her store is also sooo dreadfully cute. I adore it. And last but not least, the Roman Bag 2.0. I love it. It’s so cute and glamourous. Everything is recycled, go check these places out!

The Model Wears:
Tall Tales Pony in Albine w/ Roots by Vive9 @ Collarbor88
Bird Skin V3 in Black Brows by Fashionably Dead (Only 250L, I think)
Lips: Lost My Keys by Pididdle
Glasses: Raining Inside in Green 2 by DDL
Cape: Cape Coat in White by BP*
Dress: Oslo Baggy Sweater Dress in Indigo by *BOOM*
Tights: Large Fishnets by Izzie’s
Belt: Vanessa in Smoky by R.icielli
Earrings: Ewa Ram Earring in Gold by LaGyo
Ring: Anais Ring by LaGyo
Shoes: Move Pumps in Nude by Elikatira
Socks: Knitt Socks in Grey  by SMS
Bag: The Roman 2.0 by HouseOfFox
Pose: Too Young To Burn by PDA

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The DeheteMany Woman

Post: Hello! Merry Navidad. I’m watching Love & Hip Hop and eating some baked chips. Baked because I keep my figure tight. And I also ate ten donuts. Shhh, don’t tell Jenny. I visited Tableau to visit Cheap Makeup’s new store and I also visited Fashionably Dead. Did you know Toast has skins out for 250L? AWESOME! Cheap Makeup also has these cute Parisian brows which I love. I love the Frida/ Brooke Shields look. Thick brows….yum. But, they have to be well groomed thick brows, nothing like giant caterpillars. I also adore this hair. It’s by Vive9 and its not new, but its new to me and thats what counts. Jesus, I’m sleepy. I’ll see you guys soon.

The Models Face:
Zina in Platinum Highlight by Vive9
Bird Skin V3 by Fashionably Dead 
False. eyelashes in Fascination by glow studio (Only top ones)
Parisian Eyebrows by Cheap Makeup
Black Tie in Pink Tourmaline by FuLo

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