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If The Olsen Twin Gained A Twin

Review: What would happen if the world gained a Mary Ashley Olsen? I think Starbucks would run out of business. But I have to admit, I would love to have their wardrobes. I’m not really in the mood for a detailed review, I guess they speak for themselves. I love the quirikness of the mismatched colors and textures. I created a little mohawk on the !lamb hair, I hope she won’t kill me. Maybe she’ll make one and name it Leona :p

The Models Wear;

Look # Uno:

Hair: Bang Bob in Powder by !lamb & Life Preserver by Epoque

Skin: Estelle by Lelutka

Eye Makeup: Bohemian Eyelashes by [glow] studio

Shirt: Meshington Body Suit in Silver by Royal Blue

Skirt: Lost Ballet in Tomato by Royal Blue

Stockings: Line to the Crown in Cookie Monster by Royal Blue (Gift)

Gloves: Glamour Gloves in Black by SL Glamour

Shoes: Sluts in Skyscrapers in Noir and Lemon by Royal Blue

Look # 2 :

Hair: Bang Bob in Powder by !lamb & Life Preserver by Epoque

Skin: Estelle by Lelutka

Eye Makeup: Bohemia Eyelashes by [glow] studio

Skirt: Spring Bum in Ultra Violet by Royal Blue

Leggings: Country Noise Leggings in Grey by Royal Blue

Shoes: Vintage Armarda Boots by *Kookie*

Look # Tres:

Hair: Bang Bob in Powder by !lamb & Life Preserver by Epoque

Skin: Estelle in Lelutka

Eye Makeup: Bohemia Eyelashes by [glow] studio

Jacket: Hamilton Military in Navy Baby by !Ohmai

Skirt: Subversive Bows in Emerald by Royal Blue

Stocking: Line to the Crown in Rubberduck by Royal Blue

Heels: Saffron Pumps in Electric Red by Lelutka

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Avoiding the Paparazzi

Review: I can;t seem to find my pants anymore. I think my crotch bones have become allergic to being covered! Anyways, this outfit is pure Royal Blue, minus the boots. I’m in love with Royal Blue! Ok so I love this jacket so much. It has this soft silky looking texture to it. I also love how it’s dressed up by the soft touch of shine. The bottom attachment is to die for, I love the shape of it and they way it kinda sticks out at the ends. The bodysuit underneath the jacket is to die for! It’s grey with white lining stripes on the sides pointing vertically towards the crotch. I heard that is slimming so I’m loving it. It’s also open mid back which adds a touch of sexiness (minus the exposed crotch bones) to it if you remove a jacket or just wear like that. I love the short blue gloves and the stockings are so incredibly cute. Royal Blue is now on my stalker list! :p

The Model Also Wears;

Hair: Life Preserver by Epoque (Freebie!)

Skin: Estelle in Nude by Lelutka (Gift @ LE Look)

Eyelashes: Regina by Beauty Avatar

Jacket: Corporate Pow Wow in Corporate Room Blue by Royal Blue

Bodysuit: Meshington Bodysuit in Silver by Royal Blue

Gloves: Half Glove in Cobalt by Royal Blue

Stockings: Garter Socks in Noir

Boots: Pearl in Black by UTOPI@ Designs

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Packing Plastic (Royal Blue)

(Beetle Juice in Blue by Royal Blue)

Review: I was at Cupcake sim the other day and I was looking for specific store. I get so aggravated there because I normally have no sense of direction whatsoever and I get even more lost and confused at Cupcake. No offense to Cupcake sim, I think its cool, I’m just demented. But anyways, so I was strutting around when I came upon a cute little boutique called Royal Blue. OMG! It is amazing! The designer’s name is Marni Grut and I hear that she also designs for Lelutka. So when I went to the main store it was like a clash between Lelutka’s high-class fashion with this cute spunky style. I see a very very bright future in world (and on my blog 🙂 ) for Ms. Marni. Anyways, don’t you just love that outfit? ^^. I love anything that shows off legs so that a plus and I also love the soft circus tone that it has to it with the coloring, the stripes, and the overall pin-up outfit that it has. The suspenders are so cute, they cross at the back and they have cute little diamonds on the right, have to love the details. But please, go check her stuff out and you will not regret it!

The Model Also Wears;

Hair: Life Preserver by Epoque (Freebie!)

Skin: Estelle by Lelutka (Gift @ LE Look)

Eyelashes: Regina by Beauty Avatar (Made thicker by GIMP)

Outfit: Beetle Juice in Blue by Royal Blue

Heels: Sluts in Skyscrapers in Noir and Lemon String by Royal Blue


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{Gasqhe} Fever

(Marri by {Gasqhe} )

Review: Couture Heaven! These clothes are so diva! I love the exaggerated tops (like in the top photos) and the amazing scultpties. These clothes are so fashion. I think {Gasqhe} is gunna take over the SL fashion world. I love clothing that speaks for itself, like you don’t even need a true explanation. I think these outfits have all that! Bravissimo!

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“Sale At Armidi”

(Sale at Armidi Skin by &Bean)

Review: There’s a sale at Armidi?! When, where?! Calm down fashionistas! It’s just the new skin from &Bean. I was strutting through the Cupcake sim when I came upon &Bean. I’ve seen a lot of their designs but I never got the chance to visit their stores and gladly, as if by destiny, I was able to come upon them with a purse full of money, not that you need it there. I love shops that offer great items for low prices, just had to get that out there! Anyways, I love this new 50L trend that’s going around SL and I found this great skin at &Bean for only 50L. It comes in different shades, if interested, but those are different prices. The theme of the makeup is having been beaten up because of a sale at Armidi (sales do tend to get pretty violent,especially for the short ones :P),  so there are bruises under the eyes as well as scratches and the facial expression is of pain. I love the lips on this skin, there are like dry spots on the lips and spots where the lip is supposed to be swollen. I guess this chick got really messed up at the Sale At Armidi.

The Model Also Wears;

Hair: Jules in Black by

Heels: Saffron Pumps in Electric Red by Lelutka

Eyebrows: Deviantart brushes

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LOTD 2.18.2010

Hair: Witch in Powder by !lamb

Skin: Beauty Avatar (AKA Glam Affair)

Jacket: &Bean

Dress: Beauty Avatar (AKA Glam Affair)

Heels: Lelutka

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The Vampire Collection

   (ARCADIA – Aluka by The Obscene from the Vampire Collection)

Review: Humans and Avatars have been bitten by the vampire bug! Old news, I know.  The Twilight movie and book saga have made people go gaga for vampires. Well apparently the vampire bug has also bitten [the oBscene], who are  famous for their deliciously fab skins, eyelashes, hair, and lingerie. I love these skins because of the great amount of detail that they put, especially, into the makeup. The makeup seals the deal for me on skins and these skins are exquisite. Just makes me want to bite into a juicy neck. Sorry,I know, “Not funny”. Just trying a little humor. Anyways, they come with many different styles of lipstick and eye makeup. I love the detailing of the lips on this skin with the smeared blood on the top of the lips and the blood dripping down at the corner of the mouth. Love the coloring between the nice juicy red against the more dark morbid blood. I also absolutely love the cute little scratch on the left eye. Fabulous. Bravo to [the oBscene]!


The Model Also Wears;                                                                                                                                                                                            Hair: Witch in Powder by !lamb

Eyelashes: Black Crown from The Bolder Collection by [glow] studio

Eyes: Mystic2 by [the oBscene]

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Roses on Her Neck


Review:  I was parading across the SL grid, bored and broke out of my mind, when I thought ‘let’s go see whats new at [glow] studio.’ I love [glow] because their accessories, eyelashes, sunglasses etc. are very extravagant and I’m the queen of extravagance. Their stuff also looks great in pictures by the way for all you photographers. So, I saw this gorgeous necklace and I had to have it. I love the thick chocker style that it has. I also love the rose jewelry detail of the diamonds, hence the name “Roses on her Neck.” The price is also very nice :)!  The necklace is a 5 out of 5 on my style scale!  So listen up photographers and just plain fashionistas… go hit [glow] studio for the gorgeous designs, you won’t regret it.

The Model Also Wears:

Hair: Nikhita V2 in Black by Truth

Eyelashes: Black Crow from the New Collection The Border by [glow] studio

Heels: Safrron Pumps in Electric Red by Lelutka


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$GaNKeD$ Jewelry

(Nightdance Jewelry Set by $GaNKeD$ Jewelry)

Review: This morning I logged onto SL and I noticed that someone had dropped me a blogger goody bag. I adore free stuff so I immediately rezzed it etc and I found out that the good bag was overflowing with gorgeous jewelry. In SL and as well as in RL, I don’t really wear jewelry. Just not my thing. But these jewels are gorgeous. The designer of these precious gems is Misti Merryman. I can’t believe how gorgeous they are. The colors are very vivid and I love the soft shine that she gave the jewels because it makes them look real inside of just colored in prims. So if I were you, I’d hop into my shopping stilettos and run for $GaNKeD$ Jewelry’s main store and buy yourself  or your loved one (especially because its close to Valentnes Day) a lovely gem!

 The Model Also Wears;

Hair: Naomi in Black by ETD

Nails: True Enhance in Cherry by Armidi

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Label Mode

(Long Black Jacket by Label Mode)

Review: This jacket is a cutie. I love the modern trench coat feel that it portrays with the longer bottom skirt. The detailing of the pockets and buttons are essentially irresistible. I also love the nice leather texturing. The shiny leather belt dresses it up a bit, making it feel casual with a touch of glitz & glam.

The Model Also Wears;

Broken Jeans in Grey by Label Mode

Tooth Prim by Label Mode

(White Poncho by Label Mode)

Review: This is one of my favorite looks by Label Mode. Fashion to me is about difference and everyone thinks ponchos are so “lame” and I love the way Label Mode turns it into this fabulous outfit. I love the thick brown seaming that eye pops against the nice soft white. The neck buckle is irresistibly fab. Love the nice warm feel to the texture and the hood just pulls it all together.

The Model Also Wears;

Tooth Prim by Label Mode

(Odellete Coat by Label Mode)

Review: How cute is this outfit?! It is so valley girls meets city. I love the detailing on this jacket. I also love the way the belt is a little high waist. These shorts are fab. Ripped cutoffs are a girl’s best friend!

The Model Also Wears;

oO Glasses:: Turttle

Mini-bagged Shorts in Gold denim

Winter low boot in White

(Hillary Dress by Label Mode)

Review: Now this outfit is spectacular! I love dark colors and I love “night scence” ecletic clothing. This outfit is all that wrapped into a cute little bag named chic. It’s obnoxiously fashionable and I love the strapless style to the dress.

The Model Also Wears;

California Glasses in Black

 Hillary dress in Black

Handbag [comming soon]

Ankle boots in Grey