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Hello! The Arcade is coming up! LaGyo has turbans. Fucking turbans! I love a good turban.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Travail in Praline Fade by Lelutka
Skin: Florrie in Summer by It Girls
Eyeshadow: Electric Liner in Yellow by Nox
Nose Makeup: Geometrica #4 by La Malvada Mujer
Top: Basic Knot TShirt in White by Tee*fy
Trousers: Tuxedo Pants in Grey by Milk Motion *February Collabor 88 item*
Heels: Nola Platform Wedges in Nude by Renegrade
Headpiece: Nizam Head Jewel in Gold White by Zaara
Bracelet: Chunkey 24K Gold Set by Mandala *part of a set*
Pose: marukin

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Rococo Vomit

rococo vomit

The Model Wears:
Hair: Paper Couture
Skin & Lipstick: It Girls
Blouse: Remy
Shorts: Tee*fy
Boots: House of Fox
Earrings: LaGyo
Purse: The Secret Store
Glasses: Le Primitif
Bindi: Zaara
Nails: Izzie’s
Pose: marukin

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Le Audacieux


Post: Hello! What’s popping slim bean? This post will be relatively short because I’m tired and I’ve pre calculus to do. Yep, pre calculing like a G. So, Elate has released this adorable bow tied pencil skirt. I love it. It’s mesh and it’s so soft looking. The bow is so well made. I gotta learn how to make stuff, I really do. So, go pick up this skirt. I’m gonna go make soup because I’m cold.

The Model Wears;
Hair: Epoque
Skin: FD
Eyebrows & Teeth: Custom Made by La Malvada Mujer
Blush: LG Concept & DDL
Shirt: Paper Couture
Undershirt: Madsy *closed*
Skirt: Elate
Heels: Leverocci
Earrings: Beetlebones
Bindi: Zaara
Ring: DDL
Bracelet: Yummy
Nails: Izzie’s
Pose: Skin & Bones

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Sorry For Being Addicted To Bodysuits, Bitch!

Post:  Hey hey hey! I’ve been planning what to write in my sleep. I took this photo last night and I was prepping my blog post. I do that for everything. Most of my scholarly essays have been written that way, so you get a nice mixture of snoring, words, and drool. Yes, I drool and so are you right now while looking at my amazing figure. What, what? Get at me Jennifer Hudson. By Jove, I have a lot of anger as you can see.  So, you see, I have a crazy addiction. Jessie J and I share this addiction. I’m not proud of it because I’ve destructed many people’s stores while on the hunt for them. So, I would like to take this blog entry to make a formal apology, I’m not sure if Jessie J wants to do the same, she or her lawyers haven’t called me yet. Here goes: I’m sorry for being addicted to bodysuits. Did I keep a straight face? Damn it, I gotta work on that straight face, so that when I run for president, I’ll be able to stare straight into the camera lens and tell the world that, “No I’ll never use government money to pay for shoes.”, I gotta be able to pokerfaced. Anywho, I do love bodysuits. They’re so easy to wear and they look great. They versatile & look great with layers, without layers, with heels or sneakers, belted. I like baggier ones but I also like the skimpy skin tight like this one. Bold prints are big for the spring/summer this year and so is print clashing as pictured. I’ve also got a bindi on. I think they’re so cool. A nice touch of face jewelry. Go get a bodysuit, you might wanner pick up some Crisco to get into one of these skin thigh, I recommend the original brand, no store brand business. Bye.

The SuperModel Wears; (Yes, I’m a supermodel… I’ve got the license to prove it)
Hair: Femme Fatale Bun in Black by Paper Couture
Skin: Matte Cateye 5 in Black Brows by Fashionably Dead
Bindi: bindi in Blue by Zaara
Vest: Distressed Denim Vest in Grey by Vive9
Vest: Apolo Vest in Pale by H.Luzza
Shirt: Cropped Top in Floral Bev [03] by Emery
Bodysuit: Leopard Bz Bodysuit Original by !Redemption!
Glasses: Tapered Shades in Neutral by Epoque
Earrings: Pearl Cluster Studs by Paper Couture
Necklace: Upper Class Ghetto Necklace in Off White & Black by Royal Blue
Belt: Ryna Belt in Smoke by R.icielli
Nails: Classic Nails by Izzie’s
Heels: Revolution Pumps in  Indigo by Epoque
Pose: PDA

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Fish Market

Post: What up amigos? I’m brewing myself a nice mug of coffah. So, I’ve been chilling because its been so hawt. It cooled down finally. I want for Natalia Kills to go on tour & I’ll go see her. I’m on computer so my capitalization & grammar might be almost legible. My favorite new song is called End of Time by Beyonce. Everytime I listen to it, I feel like my name should be Fatima & I belong to a fatty banga shaking african tribe. It’s awesome.  There’s new stuff at R.icielli. I liked some of the stuff, but I don’t have monay.  I’m also reading Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Stout. It’s awesome, I’ve already read it but I’m reading it again while I wait for my library books to arrive. I love reading. I want to write a book someday because I have great novel ideas, at least I think so. Anyways, I’m gunna go drink my coffah, see ya latah.

The Model Wears;
Skin: Fashionably Dead
Paper Couture
Paper Couture
Royal Blue & Vive9
Makeup: La Malvada Mujer


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The Fame Hurts!

Review: So, this is the first item that I pre-release blog about. I received these Fame Pumps by Le Lutka before they were in stores but I was stumped on how to make the picture big, so they’re late. But I got them before they were in stores! Ask Minnu. Anyways, these pumps are sooooooooo cute! You can wear them while touring SL, or while being glamourous, or feeling like wonderwoman and wearing no clothin while lapdance….too much? I thought so. The heels are almost as big as the saffron pumps but they’re square like the pow pumps. They come in many colors, some colors have the front blue and some dont as you can see above. They also come with legwarmers, striped and not, with scripted colors and resizer. I wish my fat lazy ass had blogged about them earlier, but what can I do? Go check ’em out!


The Model Also Wears;
Look # 1
Hair: Elsa in Blonde by Kin
Jejune in Dig It!
The Soldier on Maneuver in Pink by La Malvada Mujer
My Blazer in Nude by Milk Motion
Vivian Skirt in Neon by Yozoh
Fame Pumps in Moccasin by Le Lutka

Look # 2
Hair: Cricket in Sand by Kin
Makeup: The Time Bomb Lips by La Malvada Mujer
Betty Bodysuit in Cream by Ooh La La!
The Aviator Glasses in Cream by Paper Couture
Necklace: Silver Bead Necklace by Paper Couture
Earrings: Pearl Cluster set  by Paper Couture

Look # 3
Hair: Samara 2.0 in Powder by Lelutka
Jejune in Dig It by Tres Blah
Lingerie: Trikaya Lingerie Set in Forest by Zaara
Fame Pumps in Pink by Lelutka

Location: Zaara
Soundtrack: S &M by Rihanna

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Posing In The Rain

“Journal Entry”: Today, I would like to have more of a fireside talk. So, SL is getting really boring it me. I’m a bit moody ,for those who dont know me, but also classy of course. My taste changes a lot but there are a few exceptions that will never change, which is my I bring a new boyfriend to Thanksgiving every year. Anywho, I dont know, but I feel like SL is loosing its spark for me, but it’ll probably pass just like gas. I’m so bored I’m seeing things and talking to objects around my house. My dog is in constant fear of me, he thinks I’m gunna pick him up again and give him a lecture. Poor stud. Anyways, I visited this cool sim called Soap yesterday. It’s a rural dark kind of city, awesome place for photos. Go check it out or come visit me for tea! I have lady fingers and lemon tea! (The reviews are on the picture, too lazy to write all that crap out!)

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