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Don’t have to say much. Perfection from Harry Hyx, owner of ISON once again. Available at this month’s round at Collabor 88.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Chemistry
Top: ISON *Collabor 88*
Shorts: Emery
Hands: SLink
Pose: Skin & Bones

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Queen Bee

Queen BeeI

I’m back after my vacation! It was great thanks for asking. I really gotta go pee so bye!

The Model Wears:
Hair: Paper Couture
Skin & Lips: It Girls
Glasses: Le Primitif
Stole: Fashionably Dead *C88 item*
Dress: Cashmere
Heels: Cashmere
Hands: SLink
Pose: marukin


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I’m In The Desert…Again!


Hi Y’all. Happy Gobble Gobble Day to you as well. This will be as quick and less painful as I can make it. The top is from Overhigh, new stuff. The jeans are from Paperbag and they’re all new. I’m sorry for the lack of variation in photo locations, but I do love me the ISON sim. It’s just so full of possibilities. So shout out to Harry. Hey Harry! Also, the arcade is reopening for the December round. There are ads being posted and the stuff is real cute. I’m gonna go caress the turkey. Bye!

The Model Wears
Hair: LeLutka
Skin & Lips: It Girls
Top: Overhigh *NEW*
Jeans: Paperbag *NEW*
Necklace: LaGyo
Ring: DDL
Hands: SLink
Pose: marukin
Location: ISON

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Seafoam Lemonade

seafoam lemonade


I should really be reading my genetics textbook but I can’t so I refuse to. How cute is this dress? I was hunting for something to pair with the stuff I bought at the HOF sample sale but then I caught my eye on this little numero. The color, the length, the collar and buttons, the faux belted waist, ugh its to die for. AND the best part are the little boots. They were an arcade item, but they’re still available in stores. The dress and boots are Fashionably Dead btw. And this wig! I have been looking for something that has shorter bangs, I like that kinda alien forehead feel. Weird, I know, but the hair is fab. Look at all the commas that I just throw in. Pathetic. Shout out to Harry Hyx and his amazing sim!

The Model Wears:
Hair: Chemistry
Skin & Lips: It Girls
Eye Makeup: La Malvada Mujer
Dress: Fashionably Dead
Ring: DDL
Hands: SLink
Boots: Fashionably Dead
Pose: marukin
Location: ISON

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The Bronze Queen

the bronze queen

There is a huge sale going on for the House of Fox Platinum Group people. You gotta join by paying a discounted fee of 250L and then you get to access the warehouse where almost everything House of Fox is either 100L or 50L! Like shoes and everything! The Rider Boots that were available for the Arcade are there for 50L a pop. So, I don’t even know why you bugging over the acceptance fee because when would you be able to buy HOF items for 100L? Come on boo, get it togetha, its like your 5th year in SL.

The Model Wears:
Hat: LaGyo
Hair: Faenzo
Skin & Lips: It Girls
Blouse: House of Fox
Shorts: ISON
Stockings: No. 9
Boots:  House of Fox
Hands: SLink (Casual Pose)
Pose: marukin

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Money Is Always The Anthem



I sure love me some a jumpsuit! I think they’ll leave you looking slimmer and longer, with a touch of sexy masculinity. I’d love it if you could share with me more beautiful jumpsuits because mine are started to kinda slack.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Coreen in Dark Tones 03 by ISON
Skin & Lips: Florrie in Summer by It Girls
Eye Decor: Warrior #5 by La Malvada Mujer *Cosmetic Fair 2013*
Headpiece: The Loop Headpiece in Gold by Rekless Ambition *Rebranded to LAYOVER*
Jacket: Oversized Blazer in Camel by ISON
Jumpsuit: Aubrey Jumpsuit in Moro by Celoe
Heels: Patent 120 in Nude by Leverocci *SLink compatible only*
Feet: AvEnhance Femal Feet in Mid by SLink
Ring: The Envy Ring in Gold by Paper Couture
Pose: marukin *Collabor 88 item*

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Where The Hell Are The Bikinis?

Post: Hello! I’m mad. Grrr. So, I finally opened up my heart and mind to new experiences, such as Firestorm, and it sucks anus. Maybe not something as drastic as anus, more like popsicles. I shall tell you why. I like to take on location photos and I use everything SL has to offer such as the wind-light and clouds, but to get those you need to hike up graphics. When I do that, Firestorm crashes. So I was told I need to deselect the basic shaders box and then the clouds don’t show. Grrr. Annoying. I don’t know how to fix it, so if you do, holla at your homegirl. Also, no one has made bikinis or swimwear yet. Well, maybe they have but I haven’t been notified. It’s high school all over again. I’m pushed to the corner along with my fellow whores. Even though I wasn’t a whore in high school. I was nice. Anywho, I want swimwear! Some very vintage and cool, like something Wallis Simpson would wear. So I guess because I don’t have any swimwear, I gotta wear hot-pants and a sheer button shirt so now you get camel toe and nipples. Take that world. The picture sucks, look at my fake clouds and birds. Pathetico. Whatever. Oh, I’m also pissed off because. Got an epiphany. My battery pack broke so I had to pay hundreds of dollars for a battery pack. Now that sucks anus. Big anus. Ugh! Btw, let me know about any new swimwear!

The Model Wears:
Headpiece: Ce Cubic Effect
Skin: Fashionably Dead
Eyebrows: La Malvada Mujer
Shirt: ISON
Shorts: R.icielli
Glasses: Priss
Nails: Izzie’s
Feet: SLink
Bracelet: Armidi
Earrings: 7891

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Bowie Left His Heels!

Post:  Hello! I shouldn’t even be on this computer. I have some obligations to get to which include walking my adorable yet definitely mentally challenged dog. He’s fucked. He’s a dumbass and he doesn’t learn. It’s like, “Dog, you need to get hooked on some doggy common sense phonics.” I don’t know what to do anymore. I should also be at the gym burning calories. I think it might not happen because I missed my time slot. I’m done with college, so I usually go at 1 or 2 because all the mexican men that invade the gym haven’t arrived yet, they arrive after 3. So if I go now, it’s gonna be infested with those little mexican men and boys walking around thinking that they’re the last burrito in Guadalajara and this gringa wants to slobber on that burrito. And I mean a burrito, no nasty business.  I’m not even sure if Guadalajara is in Mexico, but you get my point. So, why am I naked again? Well, because nudity is the way to go. Fashionably Dead’s owner and creator, Toast Bard, (cool ass name) has released this swaggingful boots or shoes. I think they’re called Bowie Boots. Wait, no, they’re called Bowie Heels. Well they’re dope. They come in color changing socks through a hud. They’re rigged mesh, so they’re editable. The fatpacks come with a special heel that’s like fatpack only. Try a demo first so that you make sure they look right on you, nothing worse than buying shoes that make you look like you have a duck feet. Even though ducks have cute ass feet. Unlike my dog. My dog has cool ass ears and his face is precious. But he’s an asshole. My haagen dazs ice cream melted and it tastes even better as a liquid smoothie thing. They should make those. Copyrights to Leona Jayaram. I just finished reading The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. She wrote The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s a great read, I’m not gonna give a synopsis during this blog post, next one. Go pick up those Bowie Heels!

The Naked Tramp Wears:
Hair: Paper Couture
Skin: FD
Lips: Handmade
Earrings: LaGyo
Boots: Floral 2 Bowie Heels by FD
Feet: SLink *Tiptoes*
Stockings: blowpop
Pose: Del May

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Post: Hey Yo Seawn, You Mr. Kingston! I love that song. I also love This Is What Makes Us Girls by Lana Del Rey. She’s a cool cat. What’s popping jellybean? Happy PDA Day. I’m so bitter I’m turing yellow. It’s gross. No one wants to tap this, which I honestly doubt. I’m starting to turn into Jennifer Aniston. She gets tapped for like two months and splits. Either she’s really boring in bed (I kinda believe that), or she has a weird stench that comes out of her which men discover in about two months, or she’s a robot. I visited Back To Black today. I picked up some stuff, including that little black number from Vive9. I also visited Shi. She has some very high quality clothing and hairs. But, she sells set outfits and I would prefer to just buy separate items to mix and match. Go visit Back To Black, its for a good cause, its for mental illnesses. I don’t like fairs at all but I always go to help out, so go. I did it and so should you. See ya soon!

The Model Wears:
Hair: S h i
Skin: Fashionably Dead
Blush: LG Concept
Feet: SLink
Gloves: S h i
Ring: LaGyo
Pose: PDA


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Canvas Flawas

Post: Happy Late 4th of July for my fellow Americans. I’ m from the USA, so I was popping, locking, and dropping for Ben Franklin. I’m about to head out to the beach in a few minutes, but I decided to make a post beforehand. I finally finished my book and I hate not having anything to read as good as that. I need to soothe my way out of the novel, so that I can enter another one. Its crazy people talk, but what can I do?

The Model Wears;
Guardian in Genetic Pack by Epoque
Beach Baby in Smokey by (NO)
Irma Shirt in Cream by LeLutka
Part of Canvas Flowers by Paper Couture
Vanessa in Smoky by R.icielli
SLink in Tiptoe

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