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Gawking Cuntoris

Post: First of all, if you are one of those people that hate the word “cunt” I’m sorry to inform you that that this post is entitled “cuntoris”. I just feel like people are way too tight ass about a lot of things, take some soma & chill puppy. Anyways, I’ve been busy doing nothing but I’m back here to talk about my doing nothingness. I went to Harvard Square the other day. Harvard Square = White Women with High Ponytails, Gorgeous Napes, & Fascinating Wrist Bones period. I sound like a huge scary lesbo but I’m not, does are just some things that give me a mental boner. Azure Electricteeth released some new stuff & opened a new  calledLaViere (sexy ass name). It has a stunning spring collection. I’ve also been tweeting a lot, don’t look for me on twitter because you won’t find me! Um…I think I’m done.

The Models Wear:
Ana in Butter *mod to Pink* by Vive9
Blessa in Catty by Tres Blah
Lost My Keys by Pididdle
Minuet Blouse in Black by Baiastice
Corset: Oxide by The Abyss
Shorts: Piccadilly Denim Shorts in 02 by Emery
Belt: Clothbound Bow Belt in Spring Mix by Surf Couture
Fishnet Tights by Blowpop in Black
Lavae Suede Pumps in Teal by A Bomb

Hair: Bang Bang Bob in Powder *mod in pink* by !lamb
Blessa in Catty by tres blah
Lost My Keys by Pididdle
Anya Shrunk by Sweater in Cream by BeetleBones & Part of QueenMe Dress by House of Fox
Part of Harvest Moon Rouches Dress by Gigi Couture
Dot-ed After Tights in Black by Vive9
By Light Claven
Lavae Suede Pumps in Teal by A Bomb

Soundtrack: Till The World Ends by Britney SPears & Mirros by Natalia Kills

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Posing In The Rain

“Journal Entry”: Today, I would like to have more of a fireside talk. So, SL is getting really boring it me. I’m a bit moody ,for those who dont know me, but also classy of course. My taste changes a lot but there are a few exceptions that will never change, which is my I bring a new boyfriend to Thanksgiving every year. Anywho, I dont know, but I feel like SL is loosing its spark for me, but it’ll probably pass just like gas. I’m so bored I’m seeing things and talking to objects around my house. My dog is in constant fear of me, he thinks I’m gunna pick him up again and give him a lecture. Poor stud. Anyways, I visited this cool sim called Soap yesterday. It’s a rural dark kind of city, awesome place for photos. Go check it out or come visit me for tea! I have lady fingers and lemon tea! (The reviews are on the picture, too lazy to write all that crap out!)

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Diva On The Block

Review: I was scoping blogs two days ago looking for new stuff and I saw an entry on Wasted Youth, owned by the gorgeous Kendall Freenote, and I went there to check it out. Guys, her stuff is awesome! If you dig chic, classy, new york girl style of clothing, you should check it out. Any who, the blazer is by Wasted Youth, it’s called Structured Sequin Blazer. The jacket comes with structured shoulder pads and the texture is of sequins. I love the cheerfulness of the colors of the jacket and the way the sequins really dress up the look. I adore shoulder pads so it’s a plus. Wasted Youth is now one more store on store stalker list. Go check out Wasted Youth, your time won’t be wasted. (Terrible play on words, I know.)

♥ Leona

The Model Also Wear;

Hair: The Glow Deux in Powder by !lamb (Subscriber gift, if we sign a petition she might put it up for sale 😛 )

Skin: Makeup 2 in Ife Pale by Lelutka

Eyewear: Eighties Glasses in Red by CheerNo

Jacket: Structured Sequin Blazer by Wasted Youth

Bodysuit: Luciana Bodysuit in White by R.icelli

Leggings: Black Slit Tights by Gigi’s Couture

Heels: Armadillo Plateaus in Mamba by Pacadi Jasha

Belt: Wide Waist Belt in Gray by Fri.day

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~*RunoRuno*~ Fever!

(~*RunoRuno*~ YDress Tee worn above)

Review: I was roaming through my walk-in SL closet and I came upon some designs by ~*RunoRuno*~. I think their designs are faboulous but they aren’t put out there as much. Her style is soft with a hard touch of sex appeal. I visited her store the other day and I was stunned at how good her designs are (& how cheap). I just wish talented people such as ~*RunoRuno*~ would have their designs exsposed because I think talented people should have a light to shine. With a little push, I have a feeling ~*RunoRuno*~ will start to take over the world! Bravissimo!

Hair: Epoque Gift from Ras

Dress: ~*RunoRuno*~ Y Tee Dress

Belt: League Wide Belt in Black

Leggings: Gigi Couture- Slit Tights in Black

Glasses: Paper Couture- The Beat Glasses

Pumps: Lelutka- Saffron Pumps in Electric Red

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Paper Couture Accessories!

(Dark Fur Stole and The Beat Glasses by Paper Couture)

Review: Paper Couture is the Chanel of Second Life. Glamourous with a pinch of rertro and a dab of futuristic with a load of high fashion. When I heard that PC was back with a new collection, I strapped on my stiletos and went running towards the entrance of the Tableau store. Their new collection screams old hollywood glamour. I wasn’t so finacially suit for shopping so I head for the accessories. Large obnoxiously delightful glasses, necklaces, stoles. It was like playing with my mother’s jewelry box. Back on track, these glasses are fab! They have a touch of retro glasses meets Ashley Olsen’s oversized sunglasses. They are also very old hollywood with the texturing and color. The stole is a perfect touch of glamourous fur for any outfit. Thank good for trees so that “Paper” Couture could exsist! (Real bad joke I know!)

Hair: Bang Bang by !lamb

Stole &  Glasses: Paper Couture

Leggings: Slit tights by Gigi’s Couture

Pose: Dismorph. Serpent Statue

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