Queen of Saigon

queen of siagon

I’m obsessed with Queens as you can see by my titles. This little patterned number is by Cashmere and available at the Lunar New Year festival. I’ll add a lm but f you don’t wanna go through that mess of pushing and stabbing people, it most likely will be in the mainstore real soon, that is if you can wait. Also, these sunglasses are to die for! They are from Monnier and available at fi*Fridays.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Halo Braid in Black by Nylon Outfitters
Skin: Florrie in Summer by It Girls
Glasses: Round Glasses in Leather by Monnier  *fi*Fridays item*
Stole: Fuzzy Wrap in Purple by Fashionably Dead
Outfit: Relic Outfit in Oriental 2 by Cashmere & Keane  *Lunar New Year Festival Item*
Boots: Rita Boots in Magenta by Vive Nine
Pose: marukin

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Queen Bee

Queen BeeI

I’m back after my vacation! It was great thanks for asking. I really gotta go pee so bye!

The Model Wears:
Hair: Paper Couture
Skin & Lips: It Girls
Glasses: Le Primitif
Stole: Fashionably Dead *C88 item*
Dress: Cashmere
Heels: Cashmere
Hands: SLink
Pose: marukin


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Jamming hard to some Britney Jean right now. I just love that Britney is sane again and she doesn’t have that wiggy hair extension looking mess on her head anymore. Its great! I am wearing a cute silk top that I got from House of Fox for a christmas hunt that is going on at the Inspiration Point sim. The Secret Store, Tee*fy, Laviere, and House of Fox are all participating ( I hope I didn’t leave anyone out). I’ve also got on these cool layered shorts from the winter collection by Vive Nine/Ryvolter. The gloves are from Celoe. I’m expecting a surprise release from them, almost like Queen Bee style. Boots from ISON, one of my favorites, muah Harry. And my wig is from Liquence. Simple.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Liquence
Skin: It Girls
Glasses: Epoque
Top: House of Fox *Christmas Hunt*
Shorts: Vive Nine/Ryvolter
Stockings: No. 9
Glove: Celoe
Boots: ISON
Pose: marukin

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The Trojan Whore

The Trojan

the trojan 2

Ryvolter slash Vive Nine has released a gorgeous winter collection full of fur and chic essentials. Go check it out along with the new Collabor 88. Shout out to Nylon Pinkney for making my Lolita hair! Love you!

The Model Wears:
Hair: Nylon Outfitters *COLLABOR 88 item*
Skin & Lips: It Girls
Stole: Epoque *Chapter 4 item*
Dress: Vive Nine/Ryvolter *NEW*
Horse: Apple Fall
Pose: marukin

Jacket: Vive Nine/Ryvolter *NEW*
Skirt: Emery
Heels: Leverocci
Pose: marukin

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The Titanic

boat 1



Kind Nation! Look at my forehead in the first picture! You could land a spaceship on that sucker. I need to find some hairbases for my wigs. What’s going on? The Arcade’s going on. I bought some stuff, which I’m not blogging right now, a failure. But, I am blogging the new trench coat for men by Overhigh! It’s a man’s coat, but I just couldn’t resist. I don’t even have to detail how beautiful it is. I also picked up one of the new pumps that were recently released by Leverocci. I’ve also got gorgeous cape on by Diram. I’m so excited I can’t even speak. I found turbans! And they’re good ones too!

The Model Wears:
Look 1
Hair: Chemistry
Skin & Lips: It Girls
Glasses: Le Primitif
Jacket: Remy
Top: Emery
Pants: Overhigh
Heels: Leverocci

Look 2
Hair: LeLutka
Skin & Lips: It Girls
Glasses: Rekless Ambitions
Coat: Overhigh *NEW*
Stockings: Izzie’s
Boots: Ison

Look 3
Turban: Diram
Hair & Lips: It Girls
Cape: Diram
Glasses Rekless Ambitions
Earrings: Paper Couture
Boots: House of Fox

Poses: marukin

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I’m In The Desert…Again!


Hi Y’all. Happy Gobble Gobble Day to you as well. This will be as quick and less painful as I can make it. The top is from Overhigh, new stuff. The jeans are from Paperbag and they’re all new. I’m sorry for the lack of variation in photo locations, but I do love me the ISON sim. It’s just so full of possibilities. So shout out to Harry. Hey Harry! Also, the arcade is reopening for the December round. There are ads being posted and the stuff is real cute. I’m gonna go caress the turkey. Bye!

The Model Wears
Hair: LeLutka
Skin & Lips: It Girls
Top: Overhigh *NEW*
Jeans: Paperbag *NEW*
Necklace: LaGyo
Ring: DDL
Hands: SLink
Pose: marukin
Location: ISON

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Madonna Just Ain’t Got Time For That!


Wow boy, so I’ve been slacking hard on these posts. I’m not a real blogger anyway because no one sends me anything so I can slack. I buy everything I wear so if I bought it, I’m an independent woman, ain’t that right Queen B? She’s saying, “Mmhm.” Anyway, I’m wearing these new velvet slacks from Anyway. I love Overhigh. These slacks are the right proportion of high waist and they’ve got the tailoring that I look for in slacks. I just die for slacks and jumpsuits because they’re masculine in a feminine slimming way. SL needs more jumpsuits I’ve also got on this cropped little number from Vive 9. The sleeves are slightly flared and just so good. Lastly, I’ve got on the pointy heels by ISON which is available at Shoetopia. I have no idea if it’s still going on, but you’ll probably be able to get them at the mainstore pretty soon. They are Slink compatible and they are GOOD. I also bought the ankle boots from ISON, which I will hopefully blog soon. They are fierce! Everything else is recycled from my closet but still cute. Oh and the wig by Chemistry! The wig is so channeling Madonna, love it. God I’m so sappy today with my “love it” and to “die for”s. Yuck.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Harlow by Chemistry
Skin & Lips: Florrie in Summer by It Girls /Florrie Lipstick #8
Top: Nicola Turtleneck Crop in Cream by Vive Nine
Slacks: Straight Pants in Black by Overhigh
Tied Shirt: Shirt Tied Around Waist in Boyish Check by COCO
Necklace: 24K Latvian Gold Necklack by Ameliarae Beauparlant
Heels: Pointy Strap Heel in White by ISON *SHOETOPIA ITEM*
Sunglasses: Metal Top Cat Eye in White by Le Primitif
Pose: marukin

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Seafoam Lemonade

seafoam lemonade


I should really be reading my genetics textbook but I can’t so I refuse to. How cute is this dress? I was hunting for something to pair with the stuff I bought at the HOF sample sale but then I caught my eye on this little numero. The color, the length, the collar and buttons, the faux belted waist, ugh its to die for. AND the best part are the little boots. They were an arcade item, but they’re still available in stores. The dress and boots are Fashionably Dead btw. And this wig! I have been looking for something that has shorter bangs, I like that kinda alien forehead feel. Weird, I know, but the hair is fab. Look at all the commas that I just throw in. Pathetic. Shout out to Harry Hyx and his amazing sim!

The Model Wears:
Hair: Chemistry
Skin & Lips: It Girls
Eye Makeup: La Malvada Mujer
Dress: Fashionably Dead
Ring: DDL
Hands: SLink
Boots: Fashionably Dead
Pose: marukin
Location: ISON

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The Bronze Queen

the bronze queen

There is a huge sale going on for the House of Fox Platinum Group people. You gotta join by paying a discounted fee of 250L and then you get to access the warehouse where almost everything House of Fox is either 100L or 50L! Like shoes and everything! The Rider Boots that were available for the Arcade are there for 50L a pop. So, I don’t even know why you bugging over the acceptance fee because when would you be able to buy HOF items for 100L? Come on boo, get it togetha, its like your 5th year in SL.

The Model Wears:
Hat: LaGyo
Hair: Faenzo
Skin & Lips: It Girls
Blouse: House of Fox
Shorts: ISON
Stockings: No. 9
Boots:  House of Fox
Hands: SLink (Casual Pose)
Pose: marukin

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Money Is Always The Anthem



I sure love me some a jumpsuit! I think they’ll leave you looking slimmer and longer, with a touch of sexy masculinity. I’d love it if you could share with me more beautiful jumpsuits because mine are started to kinda slack.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Coreen in Dark Tones 03 by ISON
Skin & Lips: Florrie in Summer by It Girls
Eye Decor: Warrior #5 by La Malvada Mujer *Cosmetic Fair 2013*
Headpiece: The Loop Headpiece in Gold by Rekless Ambition *Rebranded to LAYOVER*
Jacket: Oversized Blazer in Camel by ISON
Jumpsuit: Aubrey Jumpsuit in Moro by Celoe
Heels: Patent 120 in Nude by Leverocci *SLink compatible only*
Feet: AvEnhance Femal Feet in Mid by SLink
Ring: The Envy Ring in Gold by Paper Couture
Pose: marukin *Collabor 88 item*

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