Post: Hello! I shouldn’t even be talking to you right. I’ve got books to read about Hitler, including his own writing Mein Kampf. Ugh, I don’t even know why I’m taking a history class if I’m a biology major. Anyway, Collabor 88 has a new round, this time with collaborations. HOF & Emery, Maitreya & Celoe, ISON & Tulip to just a few. I’ve got on the comet tail skirt by Fashionably Dead, owned by Toast Bard. It has everything I love which is a high waist, some pleating, and Angelina Jolie slit, and a train. It’s an orgasmic piece. The train comes out to one side and thins out, like a comet’s tail. Then I’ve got on a classic leather jacket by Emery and a bralet by Emery paired by the uber androgynous loves of my SL which are those boots. I gotta go. Bye!

The Model Wears:
Hair: Epoque
Skin & Lips: It Girls
Eyeliner: Nox
Eyebags: Nox
Jacket: Emery
Bralet: Emery
Skirt: Fashionably Dead
Boots & Socks: Fashionably Dead
Rings: DDL
Earrings: Mons
Pose: marukin & pda

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