Madonna Just Ain’t Got Time For That!


Wow boy, so I’ve been slacking hard on these posts. I’m not a real blogger anyway because no one sends me anything so I can slack. I buy everything I wear so if I bought it, I’m an independent woman, ain’t that right Queen B? She’s saying, “Mmhm.” Anyway, I’m wearing these new velvet slacks from Anyway. I love Overhigh. These slacks are the right proportion of high waist and they’ve got the tailoring that I look for in slacks. I just die for slacks and jumpsuits because they’re masculine in a feminine slimming way. SL needs more jumpsuits I’ve also got on this cropped little number from Vive 9. The sleeves are slightly flared and just so good. Lastly, I’ve got on the pointy heels by ISON which is available at Shoetopia. I have no idea if it’s still going on, but you’ll probably be able to get them at the mainstore pretty soon. They are Slink compatible and they are GOOD. I also bought the ankle boots from ISON, which I will hopefully blog soon. They are fierce! Everything else is recycled from my closet but still cute. Oh and the wig by Chemistry! The wig is so channeling Madonna, love it. God I’m so sappy today with my “love it” and to “die for”s. Yuck.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Harlow by Chemistry
Skin & Lips: Florrie in Summer by It Girls /Florrie Lipstick #8
Top: Nicola Turtleneck Crop in Cream by Vive Nine
Slacks: Straight Pants in Black by Overhigh
Tied Shirt: Shirt Tied Around Waist in Boyish Check by COCO
Necklace: 24K Latvian Gold Necklack by Ameliarae Beauparlant
Heels: Pointy Strap Heel in White by ISON *SHOETOPIA ITEM*
Sunglasses: Metal Top Cat Eye in White by Le Primitif
Pose: marukin

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