She Went Black & She Might Not Go Back

Post: Hello World! What’s popping? Nothing much out in Boston. It’s just hot and humid. I’ve had like 25 cups of Welch’s Grape Juice with 3 ice cubes. I’ve got to pee like a race horse.  So, I changed skins! A big step for me because I get rutted into a skin and I don’t like to change. And (it’s incorrect to start a sentence with and) this skin is black. It’s not black, but compared to my Fashionably Dead one it is. And ( once again incorrect) I take a grab at any chance to get nude, so there you go. Now you’re looking at my black buttocks. The skin is from Vive 9 and it’s called Eva. I think it’s pretty old but I like it. The boobs are really perky, I like saggier smaller boobs but I’ll adjust. The vagina area is very cute in this skin. The shading is nice and the eyebrows are large and thick which is a plus for this parisian girl, even though I’m not from Paris. Take a risk and buy a new skin, I’m gonna go pee.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Femme Fatale Bun in Black by Paper Couture
Skin: Eva in SPF200 Yellow Tan Thick Brows by Vive 9
Lips: Lost My Keys by Pididdle
Eyeliner: Eyeliner Summer in Black by MONS Makeup
Blush: Blush Friends of Sh** in Dark Red by DDL
Ruff: White Ruff by Milk Motion
Heels: Revolution Pumps in Pea by Epoque
Nails: Classic Nails by Izzie’s
Ring: Diamond Encrusted Square Cut Amethyst by Paper Couture
Pose: Skin & Bones

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