Peroxided Cuntoris

Post: Hello! Well put me in a suit and call me Pee Wee, I’m shooting posts out of my cuntoris, its like my second post in a couple of days. Crazy stuff. I think I used the Pee Wee joke before on this blog, but just wanted to make sure I was heard. You know, some people just don’t listen when royalty speak. I wouldn’t miss a moment if the Queen spoke to me. I would love to swear in front of her or describe masturbation to her and see what her reflexes would do. So, you might be appalled at all this vulgarity on what should be a pretty fashion blog, well we keep things real here gurlfriend. Gurlfriend is plural for boys and girls. Anyways, let’s get to the blog stuff. The Secret Store has released these cool pants along with a mini cropped structured top in black and white that is a set with the pants.  Picture. I also visited DDL. Now that’s a cool ass main store. I kinda wanna live in it. The jewelry and stuff is awesome, which include the jean top and the ring. The pants and shirt are mesh, of course. Mesh is posh so to be posh you must mesh. Everything else is recycled in the huge recycle bin of my innovatory. Go put some peroxide on your vagina.

The Model Wears;
Hair: Kik
Skin: FD
Blush: DDL
Glasses: Yummy
Shirt: DDL
Pants: The Secret Store *NEW*
Stole: Paper Couture
Socks: Milk Motion
Heels: Epoque
Necklace: Paper Couture
Ring: DDL
Nails: Izzie’s

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