Post: Hello! I’m back. I’ve neglected my dear precious blog and for that I am sorry. My mum’s yelling at me to shut off the computer. She believes in respecting the rain and I kinda do to, especially when the thunder makes me shit myself. So, I just finished East of Eden. Great book. No synopsis from me. It was made into a movie with James Dean in it. James Dean makes me think of Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey, which makes me think of how I would look with collagen in my lips, which makes me think of how I could never afford it, which makes me think of how I should get a job, which makes me think of the Papa Gino’s coupon that’s expiring, now I want pizza. God Lord, I need help. Hair Fair is still going? Not sure, maybe. I didn’t buy anything. I couldn’t afford anything when I was there and I haven’t gone back. I did, however, get this hair demo by Epoque called Edna Mode. It’s a hair demo color demo thing and it’s free and I love free. God this picture is so lame. My nips are hanging out again. Whatever. I’m gonna go shower, I forgot deodorant today, so you know how that goes. Deodorant makes me think of soap, which makes me think about my body wash, which makes me think about how I wanna go to Walmart again, which makes me think of being poor, which makes me fantasize about being rich and sleeping with my gardner, which makes me wonder if I touched myself today. Oh. Ok. Bye.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Epoque
Skin: Matte Cateye 5 by FD
Eye Makeup: Horn Makeup by Handmade
Eyebrows: Cheap Makeupbee
Lips: Priscilla Lipstick in Pale by Handmade
Top: Nylon Outfitters *collabor 88*
Skirt: tres blah *collabor 88*
Ring: Anais Ring by LaGyo
Nails: Classic Nails by Izzie’s
Earrings: Beetlebones

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