Post: Hello! What’s popping skillets? Or is it fresh skillets? Not sure. I’m chilling on my bed with a plate of nasty way too ripe grapes at 10:41 PM Eastern time. I feel like the fruit of the loom, or at least one of them. I also feel like a G, but that’s just mother nature giving me way too much confidence. It’ll all be gone by tomorrow. So, my nipples are staring at you, almost like the way Nicki Minaj stares at you in those Vevo ads for her Starships video and you’re not sure if you’re disturbed or slightly turned on in a disturbing way. That’s the way I feel about the old man at my corner store. He’s so old, but I love oldies. They’re so cute and senile. Hilarious. I might adopt a little elderly senile woman so that I can dress her up and we can wear matching plastic bags over our rollers when we go out.  Ok, no more funny business, let’s get down to business. What the hell is NYX? Well Sir or Ma’am, (I clearly don’t judge), NYX is one of the new skins out NOW at Fashionably Dead, owned and directed by the great buttery Toast Bard. Grr, Toast is such a cool name. Definitely envious. Toast has released a collection of about a gagillion skins and they’re cool. NYX comes in the basic black, blonde, red, brown, and no eyebrows option that the previous skins come in. But, what makes this skin specialier is that it comes with a gagillion different types of eyebrows, broadening your eyebrow selection. You got your structured, arched, unkept, thin eyebrows in different curves and thicknesses. And, this skin has no pubic hair. So, for those that aren’t naturalists like us, you’ve got your wish. The naturalists can add a pubic hair layer from somewhere else. This skin also looks like it has a creamier texture. NYX comes with these cool very natural and realistic nude lips. The shading on this skin is also kick ass, as you can seen around the breasts, armpits, and cheeks. (I always darken these areas with photoshop, but for this picturah only the cheeks and underneath the breasts were darkened very very lightly and I’m wearing blush by LG Concept). The eyelashes are also photoshopped. NYX is pretty much a very nude face skin, except for the eye makeup which is light, so it’s a good skin to have as a canvas for mixing and matching makeups, which are now being sold by Toast as well. I couldn’t decide if I like the color or b&w photo better, so you get both. Here is a link to Toast’s blog where are all the skins are pictured so you can take a look before going out to buy it. http://fashionablydead.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/new-fd-skins-are-out/ . I’ll probably post this tomorrow morning so you’ll be like, it’s definitely not 10:41 PM eastern time, or maybe I’ll post it now. Decisions, decisions. Go pick up NYX or any other one. And of course, always demo skins before you buy them because just because I look like one hot mama doesn’t mean you will.

The Model Wears:
Turban: Fabby Turban in Lemon by Yummy
Brooch: Part of viscus merte dress by equus
Skin: Nyx in Sculpted Black Brows Curved Thick by Fashionably Dead
Lips: Midnight Star Lips by Cheap Makeup
Blush: Blush in Brown by LG Concept

I added a poll because I’m feeling productive and I’m a loser.

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