A Jeweled Kebab

Post: Hello! How you’ve been? I’ve been alright. Getting over my dog. Maybe I’ll get another one in the future. So, what the hell is a kebab and should you put jewels in or on it? Well, according to Wikipedia, a kebab is “is a wide variety of meat dishes originating in Iran (Persia) and later on adopted in the MiddleEast,Turkey, SouthAsia and AsiaMinor, that are now found worldwide. In English, kebab with no qualification generally refers more specifically to shish kebab served on the skewer.” Now, don’t throw rocks at me if thats not right, I have no flipping idea. I bet it’s delicious. I would definitely serve my kebab with jewels but I probably wouldn’t eat the jewels, only if they’re those ring pops. I was a sucker for those. Ha another ironic play on words. I used to wear like five at the same time. I felt like a sticky Liz Taylor. Chic2 is still going on… I think. I should be blogging for them but I wasn’t in the mood and I just had to blog about the new turbans by Yummy. Jesus, I love turbans. Did the Jesus people wear turbans? I sure hope so. I’ve already established that if I were ever cast for a Jesus movie, not that I’m auditioning, I’d be Mary Magdalene. No reason. I just think she’d have swag. I do apologize for seeming blasphemous, but I do have religious faith, so I can say these things. Anyways, I would shave my head and just wear those, just like Catherina Baba. She’s a cool ass chick. She wears turbans and rocks them. The turbans come in white, yellow, and mint for Collabor 88 June. Hopefully new colors and prints will be released pronto. Everything else is recycled except for the semi new Bowie Heels by Fashionably Dead. Go shove a kebab in your mouth.

The Model Wears; (Jesus, I gotta do everything. The model’s me, you know.)
Turban: Fabby Turban in Mint by Yummy *Collabor 88*
Skin: Bird Skin in Matte Cateye 5 by FD
Eyebrows: Anthology of Transition #2 *eyebrows only* by La Malvada Mujer
Lipstick: Lola Lipstick in Pale by Handmade
Blush: Blushes in Brown by LG Concept
Shirt: Oversize Dress in Nude by Vanguard
Pants: High Waisted Cigarette Trousers in Cream by ISON
Belt: Lucid Belt in Yellow by fri.day
Necklaces: Pearl Strand Set & Encrusted Emerald Set by Paper Couture
Earrings: Crystal Chandelier Earrings by Paper Couture
Boots: Bowie Heels in Floral 2 by FD
Nails: Classic Nails by Izzie’s
Pose: Skin & Bones

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