Trina, You Bitch!

Post: Hello! Oh Sweet Mary Magdalene, I sure have to pee. I should go to the bathroom, it isn’t healthy for my body to hold in so much urine. It’s probably why I’m bloated. I just don’t have the strength to get up. I worked out yesterday. It was intense. I went during my regular hours and it was raining so there were no Mexicans there. So, anyways, I kinda (because I don’t promise anything) promised a synopsis of The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. It’s a story within within. There’s three stories. The story of Iris as she becomes older and closer to death and how she’s struggling with that. Her part is very comical, made me laugh. She decided to write the story of her life and her sister’s, Laura, life as well. She recounts their childhood, Iris’s marriage to a rich business man who ends up raping Laura and then places her in an asylum and has her baby aborted, she always shares her and Laura’s affair with the same man upto the point where Laura drives Iris’s car off a bridge. Laura is a weird but interesting character. Then, in between these chapters there’s the story called The Blind Assassin, which is about two unnamed lovers who meet secretly. he’s a storywriter and he tells her the sci fi story of the blind assassin that saves the tongueless princess from being sacrificed. The story of the lovers is then published under Laura’s name, even though the story is Iris’s and is about her affair with Alex Thomas. It’s a great book. Go read it. I love this pencil skirt. Great stuff. I was a big fan of MichaMi, but I had forgotten about then. New stuff at MichaMi & Lethal Couture. Go shop.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Paper Couture
Skin:Fashionably Dead
Lips: Pididdle
Shirt: Lethal Couture
Skirt: MichaMi
Stockings: No. 9
Boots: Fashionably Dead
Earrings: Paper Couture
Rings: LaGyo & DDL
Glasses: Priss
Pose: LAP

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