Pleated Cowhead

Post: Hello! I hope everything is just swell. Let me start off by saying that I had the most realest encounter with a skunk. He looked up at me and his eyes said, “Ma’am… please … ma’am, you need to step away from me or I’m going to be obligated to spray you in like ten seconds.” I so stepped away from him. I was terrified. He was so cute, but just the thought of being attacked by him is terrifying. I think thats why I’m super phobic of snakes and spiders. The idea of something like attacking me, oh jesus. And, for the record, I ain’t no damsel in distress. I love killing bugs and I’ve got bigger balls than most men, but these are the few things that scare me. So, lets get to the useful stuff, I bought these cool mesh pants by NYU. I bought the Debut Long Pants, everyone’s blogged the high waist ones, but these are like fancy chinos. I love them but I haven’t found the outfit or strength for me to blog it. They’re manly and loose, love them. Instead, I blogged this little number. The spring/summer is all about bright colors and prints and BODYSUITS! I didn’t blog a bodysuit. Anywho, I added the stole just as a little accessory to play down the summerness of the outfit and to keep up my supermodel status. Nothing says supermodel like a dead animal around your neck. Everything else is pretty much recycled from my enormous inventory, which isn’t too big because I hear that some people have like 70K items, I’m swimming about 32K. Go do something fun. I need for you to come here and save me.

The SuperModel Wears:
Hair: Stereo in Blur Root by !lamb
Skin: Bird Skin in Matte Cateye 5 by Fashionably Dead
Lipstick: Lola Lipstick in Blue by Handmade
Stole: Dark Fur Stole in V by Paper Couture
Sweater: Austen Pullover in Mustard by mon tissu *Rigged Mesh*
Skirt: Short Pleats Skirt in Sea by Toki Doki
Stockings: Day Tights in Cream by mon tissu
Heels: Maitreya Pumps in Magenta *Old Group Gift*
Rings: Shields Rings in Silver by LaGyo
Nails: Classic Nails by Izzie’s
Necklace: Silver Bead Necklace by Paper Couture
Pose: Del May
Glasses: Alphavillain

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2 thoughts on “Pleated Cowhead

  1. Scott says:

    So did you get sprayed by the skunk then?

    • Leona Jayaram says:

      No, I backed away from him. I tried to throw rocks at him from behind the wall but he wouldn’t budge and I had to put my trash cans there. It was horrific. He was such an asshole.

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