James Dean’s Blue Jeans

 Post: Hello! Happy Easter. I’m so pissed. I was expecting for my mother, I mean the Easter Bunny, to go buy me one of those so super cool Easter baskets that I feel too awkward to buy. The awkwardness comes from I don’t look young enough to buy it for myself and not old enough to buy it for my assumed child. My mom, I mean the dumbasss Easter Bunny, bought me chocolate instead. I love chocolate, but I would love it much more if it were in one of those cool baskets, Mom! Ugh, the agony of being middle aged. So what’s up peeps? Peeps is kinda ironic right now because like peeps are sold during Easter, yeah you get it. I was gonna make a nice plate with cut up construction paper and set it out for the bunny, but I’ve been feeling sick so I popped 300 nyquills and took a nice long nap. So, look at that cool Chantkare skirt. It’s mesh, of course. Everything’s gonna be mesh soon. It’s nice high waist and when you sit, walk, or pose, these cool realistic wrinkles/shadows appear on the skirt which is real cool. It adds that realisitic affect. I also bought this hair from Lelutka that’s also mesh. I kinda like mesh hair. It sits right, moves right, I don’t have to edit it. I don’t know. I made my lips bigger in PS. It looks a bit weird but that’s what it is. Everything is recycled except the cool ring from DDL. The sunglasses are theirs too. She makes nice accessories. Everything else is recycled. Go eat a painted boiled egg.

The SuperModel Wears; (Who the hell am I kidding, I’m the model. It should say supermodel)
Hair: Oops in Marilyn by Lelutka *Roots reinforced in PS* *Mesh*
Skin: Matte Cateye 5 in Black Brows by fashionably dead
Glasses: Raining Inside in Green 2 by DDL
Headband: Novelize Headband in White by LaGyo
Ring: Semi Precious Stone Ring in Opal Gold by DDL
Necklace: Ewa Ram Necklace in Gold by LaGyo
Nails: Classic Nails by Izzie’s
Bracelet: Shield Bangle in White by LaGyo
Belt: Part of Style Dress in Plum by Lelutka
Vest: Distressed Denim Vest in Grey by Vive9
Shirt: Coral Dress by Emery *TDRB item*
Skirt: Pippy Peplum Skirt in Crimson by Chantkare *mesh*
Heels: fu(n)k you shoes in Emerald by h.m.a.e.m
Pose: Jet Plane by PDA

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