It’s My Birthday, And I’ll Cry If I Want too!

Post: Hello! It’s my birthday. Actually, it’s not until Monday, the 26th of March 1993. But who wants a birthday on Monday? Yuck. If I get a cheery happy birthday on Monday, I might deck someone. So, I’m 19! I’m a woman. Just don’t tell my mom. I can now have sex with BOYS! You can tell my mom that. I love to tell her I’m pregnant. But, I do it on such a regular basis that she doesn’t believe me anymore. I probably won’t have sex with men or little testosterone lacking little giggling boys. I do my homework and it’s easier that way. So, I revisited Cashmere. I had forgotten about this store. I tried to get the hairless photographed for free as a blogging price but the owner wouldn’t do it, but i bought it today. So, upstairs they have a male store called Keane. He or She’s got the cutest stuff eva. It’s all male stuff, but that just adds some urban bagginess to it. I bought some pants and a cool suit and these pants I’m wearing are from Cashmere actually. I’m not sure if the print from the jacket and the pants actually match, but I don’t care, it’s my birthday. I had some cake today. Yummy yum yum. I’ll see ya later. My mom’s hollering like a harlot singing in the garden, kiss me on my open mouth. Bye.

The Model Wears;
Hair: Cashmere
Skin: Fashionably Dead
Jacket: Aoharu *I always butcher this name & I don’t have SL open. Sorry.*
Pants: Cashmere
Shirt: Chantkare
Heels: House Of Fox
Nails: Izzie’s
Glasses: Epoque
Necklace: LaGyo
Pose: Del May

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2 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday, And I’ll Cry If I Want too!

  1. jcb387 says:

    my birthday is the same day. im turning 25 so i will probably be crying for sure. 😛 good luck with the guys lol. i’ve been having a hard time in that department myself. lol. anyways Happy Birthday!! 🙂

    • Leona Jayaram says:

      Cool! I’ve always wanted to meet someone who shares my birthday! 25 is sooo sexy. Boys are dumb, why do you think they invented sex shops? For horny girls like us. You get all the loving without the grueling humping. Anywho, happy birthday!

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