Whiskey in a teacup

Post: Hello! I just ate way too much pizza and Spongebob is on way too loud. My neighbors hate me. It’s like living next door to a ten year old. I’m 18 so I have no idea what whiskey tastes like. I’ve had some wine, but I thought it was bitter so I added some sugar to it and ate some chocolate with it. Yum yum. I’ve also had some vodka mixed drinks, like sprite and apple vodka. Teenage stuff. I’ve never had beer or cherry schnapps in the velvet night. I’m more of an herb person, if you follow my drift.  It’s less harsh on my throat and I don’t vomit or act like a disgustingly trashy drunk who’ll put anything in her mouth. That’s not cute boo boo. So what if some of my brain cells get killed? I can spell my name and recognize body parts, what else do you need in life?  But, when I become a drinker, I would like to have all my alcoholic drinks from a tea cup instead of a flask. No, I’m not a Lady Gaga copier or whatever you call those (and she’s stop with the teacup thing and she actually drinks tea). I’ve always been fascinated by tea cups. I love them. They’re so fragile and elegant. Tea party at my place! I want champagne in a teacup instead of a flute. Fuck my anus, my mom’s hollering about me being on the computer at10:22 p.m.eastern time. She hasn’t realized its spring break or that I’m 18. I’m practically a woman. Just don’t bring that up when she starts the “go out on your own speech”. I kinda think she thinks I’m a porn cam star on here. Well mother, I’m not. I don’t come online to rub my kashlopis for little teenage boys or old men. Anywho, Fleshtone has this cute gown on sale (top pictured above) and I love it. The print is gorgeous and so is its design. Also, Ison has released the blazers from the vintage fair. I had thought to drop Harry a memo offering him some cash to make me those blazers in different colors but he’s ahead of my thought process. Might be the herbs kicking in. Oh shut up. Everything else is recycled. Go do something fun.

The Model Wears:
Hair: Epoque *Old hair fair gift, no longer averrable*
Skin: Fashionably Dead
Makeup: La Malvada Mujer
Jacket: ISON
Shirt: Fleshtone *part of a gown*
Pants: ISON
Socks: So Many Styles
Shoes: COCO
Nails: Izzie’s
Earrings: Paper Couture
Scarf: Milk Motion
Pose: Del May

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