Fu(n)k your arse!

Post:  Hello! What’s up dawg? Ugh WordPress is already highlighting my words. Annoying! I’m listening to a song called Primadonna by Marina & The Diamonds. She’s so cute and I like her songs. I’ve been high as a kite on that nyquill. Love those. I hate it when i forget my ID to buy them, then they scrutinize me asking me if I’m actually 18. Then I gotta show my boobs and its a mess. Ok, so lets get down to business. Look at those shoes! They are from Hate Me and Eat Me. They are called Fu(n)k you shoes. They come in multiple colors which include emerald (middle) and electric blue (left). The left and right pictures are just hued so the shoes aren’t actually sold in those colors except the left which by conwinkidink is the same as electric blue. They also come in black, gold, and a nice pink nude color. They come with a matchable skin hud. WordPress is fucked, matchable is not a word and they didn’t spell squiggle that. They are so cool and well made. Sorry about the nudity, but sometimes being butt naked is easier than finding a whole outfit to blog and its cooler. Go pick them up. Leave me alone. Night

The Model Wears:
Hair: Epoque
Skin: Fashionably Dead
Earrings: Barcode
Shoes: h.m.a.e.m
Nails: Izzies
Pose: Skin&Bones

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