Post: Hello! I’m using the WordPress quick post thing. They add a polaroid border around the picture, I like that. Good job WordPress. I shouldn’t keep mocking WordPress because someday I’m gonna log on and my blog will be gone from the face of planet cyber earth. So, what’s up peeps? This pic is old, like three days old and I still haven’t blogged it because WordPress was being a cuntoris and I wasn’t sure if I like it or not. It’s kinda dark. I like bright deep colors and this picture is kinda without it. I don’t know. I wanted to blog this picture because of this uber super cute shirt from ISON at collarbor88. Harry sent these shirt layers that you should wear under the shirt, but what’s the point of wearing a sheer shirt just for the illusion and not the nipple. Also, Priss released some new stuff that include this uber cute skirt, ugh I sound like a white peers with my uberness talk, and those glasses that are hot. Veyr summer. I’m on spring break. I’m gonna tan on my porch while Mr. Humbert watches me. See ya soon!

The Model Wears:
S h i (Comes with Paper Collar)
Skin: Fashionably Dead
Glasses: Priss (NEW)
Skirt: Priss (NEW (they have them in solids))
Necklace: Paper Couture
Nails: Izzie’s

The Subway Gurl

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