Post: Hello!  I’m not dead yet,  bad people don’t die early, they suffer a dreadful death on earth. Jesus, this morbid talk just gave me chills or maybe there’s a draft in this room. So, I tried to upload a SL look last night but WordPress was being a cuntoris, so I didn’t. And today I have a 3 hour break in between my classes because my lazy whoreful teachers are gone for spring break so I decided to upload something because masturbation isn’t an option. My phone is such tightass, it doesn’t recognize the word “masturbation” even though we all know he likes it when i caress it. Anywho, i was on Google looking for the definition to a chignon and it’s a hairstyle. You part your hair in the middle and then make a low bun, but I want a chignon with a fishnet/veil clasp in the back. I’d be happy with just the clasp, I’ve already got the hair. So on my search I found this picture. I swear i belong in the 30s. I love gloves, A line pencil skirts, hats and veils. I love veils. They’re better than sunglasses. Ugh the agony of being a modern person.
So, someone with artistic somethings make this for me. Vote for me, jayaram 2012 and I’ll feed you peas.


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