Ms. Trampe

Post:  Hello! I’m backish. I’ve had a long hard week so I’ve been lusting for computer time. I actually feel like the computer makes me tenser than unwinding, maybe because my computer is a rock age one that has a mental disability because its always telling me its not responding. Shh, don’t tell him or he’ll shut down on me forever and I really don’t need that right now. I’m chilling and listening to some Lana Del Rey. She’s a cool cat, and her lips! If they’re botox, she better send me over her doctah’s numbah. I picked up some goodies at Collarbor 88. I love this place, 88Ls for a shirt and dress (indiviually that is). I saw an albino asian woman at the mall in the living flesh, I was like, “Rub me, I want some luck.” They’re some cool peeps. I’m sorry about the plain background, I’m not a huge fan of those but I’m a lazy bum. Um, I guess thats all for now. See ya soon!

The Model Wears;
Fashionably Dead
Part of a jacket from The Boutique
Part of a dress from Nylon Outfitters *COLLARBOR 88
Pose: PDA

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2 thoughts on “Ms. Trampe

  1. Lila Quander says:

    The lady is a tramp! Or is that the movie, ‘Lady And The Tramp’? So, what I really want to know is this,… does rubbing an albino really bring one luck? Cuz I don’t want to get arrested for molesting albinos, if it is not going to bring me some luck. Btw, fabulous look! Julia doesn’t stand a chance!

    • Leona Jayaram says:

      What drugs are you on? Who the hell is Julia? Actually I’m not sure if giving albinos a rub down brings luck, but I feel like it should because they’re cool. So cool they live without pigmentation. Thats gangsta. And i wasn’t even thinking about that song or book. I was listening to this is what makes us girls by lana del rey and i think it’s not cute to name pictures after songs. That’s my story gurl.

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