Chinese Flowers On My Back

Post: Hello! Finally, I got a little time to unwind. My first week back to school and I’m pooped. My eyelids hurt. It’s bad. I’m gonna finish this post, shower, and sleep. Anywho, I’m not a fan of color backgrounds. I love looking at them, but I feel like they’re a bigger hassle to do because of the green screen. I don’t have patience this week to hunt a location and I’m getting sick of the ones I’m using. So, there it is. I also wanted to blog now because I found this GATO sweater in my closet and I just had to blog it. I have a mon tissu skirt that I’ve wanting to blog but I just can’t find the right outfit. Ugh, annoying. Anywho, I’ll see you guys soon.

The Model Wears;
Brunch Queen in Bliss by Epoque
Matte Cateye 5 in Bird Skin by Fashionably Dead
Sofa Jacket by GATO
Abstract Sit Crew in Black by Nylon Outfitters
High Waisted Cigarette Trousers in Cream by ISON
Lucid Belt in Yellow by
High Oxford Shoes in Black by Tesla
Necklace: Eleganzah Pearl Necklace in Chrome by La BlaQ

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