Excuse My Exposed Vahina, She’s Quite Friendly

Post: Hello! I go back to school tomorrow. Sad face. I’m actually slightly excited. I love the cafeteria’s coffee, but the Sodexo people that work there are rude. I also love to hide out in the library during my break. The library isn’t anything special, but I just love the smell of old paper and the secret maze with all those half light bookcases. Ugh, I probably sound like some hopeless romantic. I was reading Agnes Of God before break and I can’t wait to go back and finish the book with my coffee and soft oatmeal raisin cookie. Anywho, I was gonna blog an outfit that I had pulled out from my massive closet. It included the Chung dress from PRISS, which is new, the aztec cardi, a shirt, jean jacket, the necklace work above, heels and stockings and the doctor’s bag from So Many Styles. But, I decided to blog my new skin instead. Sorry about the nudeness, but if you’re offended by my vahina, suck it (literally if you’d like). The new skin is from the new Fashionably Dead skin line called Matte Cateye. I love the soft milk skin look of it, the orange red lips and the cateye. It’s amazing. I love the lips sooo much. Most of my skins are usually straight red or nude and I love this orange red lip. I used to be obsessed with the intense pink lip but I passed that stage. Ugh, I gotta go out to buy some mortadella and bread. I’ll see you guys soon, I’m gonna have to neglect my precious blog for my studies. Why could’nt knowledge just be poured into my brain? Oh, the misery. Go pick up the skin, super cheap and sleek.

The Model Wears:
Parted Hair Bun in Blonde by Paper Couture
Matte Cateye in Bird Skin V5 by Fashionably Dead *NEW*
Oxford Shoes in Patent Black by COCO
 Tumbled Stone Necklace by Paper Couture
Pose: The Whipping Continues by PDA

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