Oh These Deep Set Roots Of Mine!

Post:  I have no idea why I write the word post before each post but I just can’t get rid of it. Hello! I’ve been around, but negligent to my precious blog. I need to be inspired to photograph and blog, I just can’t send them out of my tush like these professional bloggers. I need time to style, to shop, to think, to find a location, to relog ten times, to photograph and edit, then finally post. It takes me 5647392039 hours. It’s hard work children. Anyways, I made a friend! Lila Vila is now my friend (her last name isn’t actually Vila, duh!). She’s probably like, this bish just put me on blast. And she might just think I’m some weird ass loner who smokes weed. But, she’s on my list and thats what counts. So, I picked up vive’s weave at collarbor88. It’s cute and I love roots, so thats awesome. I also received this dress from Boom and its so cute. It’s mesh and I had refused to wear/blog mesh because I have the Phoenix viewer and to wear mesh you have to put your preferences on med or high = lag!  But, it’s so cute that I couldn’t resist, and the lag wasn’t dreadful. I figured out that I fit small through large, so I can either squeeze or relax.  Also, I visited DDL. It’s an accesory story by Melina Anatine. She sells jewelry and glasses. Her glasses are bomb. I bought 3 pairs, I couldn’t help myself and neither did the screaming piggy bank in my purse. Her store is also sooo dreadfully cute. I adore it. And last but not least, the Roman Bag 2.0. I love it. It’s so cute and glamourous. Everything is recycled, go check these places out!

The Model Wears:
Tall Tales Pony in Albine w/ Roots by Vive9 @ Collarbor88
Bird Skin V3 in Black Brows by Fashionably Dead (Only 250L, I think)
Lips: Lost My Keys by Pididdle
Glasses: Raining Inside in Green 2 by DDL
Cape: Cape Coat in White by BP*
Dress: Oslo Baggy Sweater Dress in Indigo by *BOOM*
Tights: Large Fishnets by Izzie’s
Belt: Vanessa in Smoky by R.icielli
Earrings: Ewa Ram Earring in Gold by LaGyo
Ring: Anais Ring by LaGyo
Shoes: Move Pumps in Nude by Elikatira
Socks: Knitt Socks in Grey  by SMS
Bag: The Roman 2.0 by HouseOfFox
Pose: Too Young To Burn by PDA

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One thought on “Oh These Deep Set Roots Of Mine!

  1. Lila Quander says:

    I think I am having an “Awwwww moment”! I also think that maybe I will just rock my roots until they are like 6 inches, just because you said it is cool…or something like that. Fabulous styling and def worth wait ^^

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