The DeheteMany Woman

Post: Hello! Merry Navidad. I’m watching Love & Hip Hop and eating some baked chips. Baked because I keep my figure tight. And I also ate ten donuts. Shhh, don’t tell Jenny. I visited Tableau to visit Cheap Makeup’s new store and I also visited Fashionably Dead. Did you know Toast has skins out for 250L? AWESOME! Cheap Makeup also has these cute Parisian brows which I love. I love the Frida/ Brooke Shields look. Thick brows….yum. But, they have to be well groomed thick brows, nothing like giant caterpillars. I also adore this hair. It’s by Vive9 and its not new, but its new to me and thats what counts. Jesus, I’m sleepy. I’ll see you guys soon.

The Models Face:
Zina in Platinum Highlight by Vive9
Bird Skin V3 by Fashionably Dead 
False. eyelashes in Fascination by glow studio (Only top ones)
Parisian Eyebrows by Cheap Makeup
Black Tie in Pink Tourmaline by FuLo

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