The Stiffest, The Starchiest, The Better

Post: Hello! Kelly Clarkson is so loud in my ears, I can’t even think, but lets try. So, lets get down to business. Rollyn Resident has launched a clothing line called Vanguard. The clothing is super glamour, haute couture, and well put together which is a plus with me. Her line consists of several gowns, short dresses, very elegant pieces. I hate when designers photoshop their ads and then when you buy the clothes, it looks crappy and impossibly editable. But, thats not Rollyn’s case. Her main store will be opening soon, but in the meanwhile, her clothes can be bought at the marketplace. The black gown pictured is from Vanguard. I love the way she includes several skirt, to make the skirt thicker. I also adore the top skirt she sends which is kind of like a longer veil type skirt which I feel is very cool.

ISON released a new fur belted vest. Very glam. It’s for project themeory ( i might’ve butchered that) Go pick up! everything else is recycled.

The Model Wears:
Paper Couture
Fashionably Dead
Paper Couture

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