The Man Who Knew Marilyn

Hello! Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! I hope everyone had a good turkey day and if you’re a Brit, Scot, Spanish etc. Hello to you as well! So, I’m obsessed with Shake It Out by Florence + The Machine. First, I love her. She was red hair which I feel is so extremely special, I don’t know why people hate gingahs, I adore them. She also has gorgeous eyes, they’re kinda droopy looking but gorgeous. Second, her voice and music is cool. Love it, it’s been on repeat for way too long. Anywho, I’ve watching/listening to the song on youtube and the teaser for My Week With Marilyn usually pops up. I’m obsessed with that idea. I’ve always wondered what she was like, who’s met her for who she was. It’s just like common day celebrities, I’m not a fanatic, but I would love to follow them for a day to see their lives, their souls. Cheesy I know. But I’ve always wondered who the legend Marilyn Monroe was, why she killed herself, was life as glamourous as it looked. It’s facinating to me and if a man actually got to spend a week with Marilyn, as her lover, knowing who she was inside, learning every inch of her body is mind blowing. Of course, theres no real way to know if the movie’s story is real, but just the idea of it provokes my brain cells. The picture wasn’t supposed to have a cinematic black and white feel to it but it did. So, who was this man who knen Marilyn? What did he discover? I wonder.

The Model Wears:
Tres Blah
Lips: Pididdle
La Malvada Mujer

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