This Train Will Run You Ovah

Post: Hello! How is everyone? I’m a little sick. I had sickness, yuck. Anyways, I went to Vintage Fair. It was messy. I followed Sasy’s tricks for a lag free time but it didn’t work. I was bald, naked, eager to purchase, and hungry. It was a mess. I met fashionboi landar, owner of House Of Fox & muse of my heart, there! I thought they gave designers a back door to smuggle into. I would love to be smuggled in or out through a back door in a gorgeous coat and sunglasses huddled by buff bodyguards with thingies in their ears. Ugh, I’m just living a dream. Anyways, I love the way Harry, owner of ISON, went kinda contemporary vintage with gorgeous blazer, boots, leather, dresses. Everything so gorge. Everyone else kinda went vintage vintage and I like the way he kept it now. I don’t mind my poodle skirts, but I think I have a more modern mind set. Go check out Vintage Fair, now till December sumthang! Bed for me.


The Model Wears:
Tres Blah
Skirt: Epoque
House Of Fox
Earrings: Paper Couture



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