Gurl, Mess With Me & I’ll Cruella DeVille Your Ass.

Post: Hello! I’ve been so far away from my blog. It makes me sad, I feel like I’m neglecting it and its wilting. Sad, sad, sad. I had a griefer on my land and it was horrible. I had no idea how nasty they can be. Messy business. I visited Hawthorne the other day where I bought a purse (pictured in cobalt). The purse is absolutely gorge! But I adored the little skybox it’s sold in. The place is small and simple but simplicity is the best in life, especially when it doubt. It had these big windows and it had a city orb around it so when you walked towards the window is looked like it was moving. Yes, Leona, we all know that’s how its supposed to work. Sorry, I just thought it was interesting and I would live there. Anywho, I’m still wearing this hair by Paper Couture and I’ll finally tell you why. I watch a show on the CW called Ringer. The main actress is Sarah Michelle Gellar and she pulls her hair back tightly like that, and I think its gorgeous. So thats my explanation. The show is AMAZING, if you were wondering. Email me and we’ll talk about it, over doritos and tea! The new stuff at Emery is awesome, never any doubt about that. I visited Izzie’s and bought a nice pack of pantyhose. Impeccable work. That’s pretty much a wrap. See ya next time! (New font, how smexy!)

The Model Wears;
Hair: Paper Couture
Skin: Tres Blah
Lashes: Mayden Couture

Jacket: pivaaca
Whippet & Buck

Wrap: Paper Couture
Paper Couture
 House Of Fox

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