I Don’t Know Much About ALEGABAH

Post: Gurl, how you doing? I’m not sexist so that “gurl” means chicos as well. How are my little nuggets? I hope everyone is feeling pumped for Halloween! I don’t have a costume yet, but I do have a pumpkin spice colored jacket. So, get at me! You’re probably wondering, the title of this post sounds so familiar. It’s a line from 1+1 by Beyonce. She says, “I don’t know much about ALEGABAH, but I know, 1+1=2.” So, this line is about Bionic B telling the world that she only has 2 tracks of horse hair. We know that’s not true B. But, it’s all good. I want my weave straight from India smelling like wine and curry. I’ve got demands. I have a list just in case I become famous or have at least ten bucks in my purse. Anyways, no one has taught B how to say that because she says that every time she sings this song. Gurl, it’s coool, you from Texas, and your weave is blonde, its all cooh. The picture is horrid but I do love the “Rose just got out of the car that leads her to Titanic”. You know she’s gorgeous, but you can see her face under her hat. The face speaks for itself, its what I always long to see.

The Model Wears;
Tres Blah
Jacket: Lelutka (Without the jacket layer & edited)
Gloves: LaGyo
Jeans: Fab.Pony
Blush: LaGyo
Earrings: LaGyo *NEW*

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